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International Women’s Day gift guide

LG has a few things for all the women out there



It’s that time of the year when we appreciate the women out there who’ve been fighting through bloody days, trying to be heard, and asserting to be taken seriously. Women have powered through a lot throughout history and even up to today. Every single one deserves something that’ll make their lives even a little better and LG has a number of things that’ll do just that:

LG Hombot Turbo+ 

A self-vacuuming robot offers so much help to any busy woman who needs to spend less time sweeping the floor and more time pursuing her dreams and aspirations. The LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ smart robot vacuum provides fuss-free automated cleaning at home. She can also remotely keep an eye on her pets and family with LG’s HomeGuard function wherever she is!

LG InstaView Refrigerator 

For the lady who takes pride in her culinary skills, this refrigerator is the best gift to give. She can check her fresh produce by simply knocking twice on the glass panel so the interior lights up to reveal the ingredients within, without opening the door. This’ll help her keep her produce nice and fresh.

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LG 34UC89G Gaming Monitor 

Every female gaming enthusiast requires equipment that performs just as good as it looks. The LG 34UC89G Gaming Monitor is exactly that. With a 144Hz refresh rate, you can expect her to be kicking virtual butt. Let her immerse explore various fantasy worlds with this monitor’s smooth display.

LG V30+ 

For thought leaders and empowered women, the LG V30+ is the perfect accessory. Aside from being fully functional, this handset will make any woman look amazing with its selfie camera. Plus, with the Cine Video tool, you can turn memories into amazing clips.

LG Styler 

It’s all about the little things — finding ways to make the woman in your life feel even more confident. With the LG Styler, she can step out in style with the refresh and reduce wrinkles feature. This steamy assistant also has a dehumidifying function that can freshen up her walk-in wardrobe, keeping her ready to dress for success anytime.

Cheers to all the great, wonderful and empowering women! Being a woman is tough for too many reasons even to this day, but there’s been some significant progress.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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The Vivo x Benefit Cosmetics blossom pink V15 box set is here and I want it

Making blooming selfies possible



Vivo has just announced a partnership that I am so here for and the resulting phone is oh so pretty!

The smartphone company unveiled a collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics, a makeup brand we all know and love, to release a phone/makeup box set that will definitely excite the ladies.

The highlight of the kit: Vivo’s blossom pink V15 — the phone color I’ve always wanted but rarely got!

Yes girls, this special kit does not only have this beautifully colored handset, it also includes Benefit box o’ powders in two shades: Dandelion Twinkle and the Gold Rush.

I am all for this partnership and the blooming selfies I will most definitely be able to shoot with this.

The Vivo x Benefit Kit will retail for PhP 17,999 starting May 25.

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Honor 20 Pro Moschino edition unveiled

There are Moschino cases, too!



With Honor’s announcement of their Honor 20 series came a fashion collaboration that definitely excites me. The Honor 20 Pro Moschino edition was just announced and I love how extra it is.

The phone itself has the worlds “This is not a Moschino phone” stamped on the back in true Moschino fashion. Of course, there’s a matching wallpaper that says, what else: “This is not a Moschino wallpaper.”

There are also cases that follow that design lead…

My favorite, a case that features similar bold text for that Moschino flair and straps that you can even hook to your bag.

Though all designs are fresh, the partnership isn’t surprising. Moschino’s Jeremy Scott is known for collaboration; not to mention, Honor also teamed up with the Italian fashion brand for the Honor View 20’s design.

No details on pricing and availability for this particular version of the Honor 20 Pro is out yet but one thing’s for sure: I’m loving the fashion-tech partnership and I’m definitely hoping for more!

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A colored, Bluetooth-enabled Tamagotchi is coming

Still very cute!



The cutest 90s pet is back and it’s in full color!

The Tamagotchi Go is a refreshed version of our favorite digital pet. Available in glitter cases and now fitted with colored screens, the 2019 Tamagotchi hopes to capture this new generation the same way they did ours: Through adorable virtual critters!

You still take care of an incessantly needy pet but this device now allows you to connect with other users via Bluetooth so that your Tamagotchi can make friends, marry, and even have more Tama babies. And, good news, there will even be a new Tamagotchi Hotel feature which will babysit your pet on days you can’t just deal — that means less dead pets! (90s kids would know. 😅)

Additionally, there’s an app, to be released later on, that will allow users to connect to other Tamagotchi worldwide.

Despite the advancements, the Tamagotchi Go will still be a straightforward device which runs on AAA batteries and needs no connection to your smartphone or the internet to run. The new Bandai toys will be on sale starting July 28 and it will retail for US$ 60 a piece.

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