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International Women’s Day gift guide

LG has a few things for all the women out there



It’s that time of the year when we appreciate the women out there who’ve been fighting through bloody days, trying to be heard, and asserting to be taken seriously. Women have powered through a lot throughout history and even up to today. Every single one deserves something that’ll make their lives even a little better and LG has a number of things that’ll do just that:

LG Hombot Turbo+ 

A self-vacuuming robot offers so much help to any busy woman who needs to spend less time sweeping the floor and more time pursuing her dreams and aspirations. The LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ smart robot vacuum provides fuss-free automated cleaning at home. She can also remotely keep an eye on her pets and family with LG’s HomeGuard function wherever she is!

LG InstaView Refrigerator 

For the lady who takes pride in her culinary skills, this refrigerator is the best gift to give. She can check her fresh produce by simply knocking twice on the glass panel so the interior lights up to reveal the ingredients within, without opening the door. This’ll help her keep her produce nice and fresh.

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LG 34UC89G Gaming Monitor 

Every female gaming enthusiast requires equipment that performs just as good as it looks. The LG 34UC89G Gaming Monitor is exactly that. With a 144Hz refresh rate, you can expect her to be kicking virtual butt. Let her immerse explore various fantasy worlds with this monitor’s smooth display.

LG V30+ 

For thought leaders and empowered women, the LG V30+ is the perfect accessory. Aside from being fully functional, this handset will make any woman look amazing with its selfie camera. Plus, with the Cine Video tool, you can turn memories into amazing clips.

LG Styler 

It’s all about the little things — finding ways to make the woman in your life feel even more confident. With the LG Styler, she can step out in style with the refresh and reduce wrinkles feature. This steamy assistant also has a dehumidifying function that can freshen up her walk-in wardrobe, keeping her ready to dress for success anytime.

Cheers to all the great, wonderful and empowering women! Being a woman is tough for too many reasons even to this day, but there’s been some significant progress.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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Samsung Galaxy S9 tutorial: How to make AR Emoji

A step-by-step guide, with GIFs!



When the technological advances of 2017 brought Animoji to this world, people lapped it up. (For those uninformed in the ways of millennial technology, that name is short for animated emoji — and it’s exactly that.) All of a sudden, Animoji Karaoke was a thing — never mind how silly you look on your phone, the emoji is singing as you!

Since then, no other useless phone feature has rivaled the cute talking heads that are available exclusively on iPhones and iMessage. Until now.

Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy S9, brought with it the gift of AR Emoji. Basically, you yourself are the emoji. 😱

If you’re wondering how in tech heavens this is possible, fret not. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own AR Emoji.

Step 1: Get to the Samsung Galaxy S9’s built-in camera app and tap “AR EMOJI” on the top of the screen.

Tap “Create my Emoji” and that will bring you to this screen. You will have to choose the gender of your emoji and the scanning begins from there. The phone will specifically request that you smile, but with your lips closed. Also, take hair and glasses away from your face because that will ruin the scan. Hold still and wait until the blue circle fills up.

Voila! You are an emoji!

Well, it isn’t really you just yet, so time to add some finishing touches…

Step 2: You can choose what face type your emoji will get and there’s a toggle bar for your skin tone.

You also have a myriad of hairstyles to choose from, pick the one that looks the best because even your emoji has to look amazing at all times. 💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽

To my delight and relief, there are different hair color choices, too!

And now, on to the outfits! There are preset looks you can choose from and certain accessories you can add. Unfortunately, you can’t mix and match the attires.

Step 3: Be the emoji!

Now that you have your own AR Emoji, just head on over to the camera, tap “AR EMOJI” and tap the emoji you created.

The phone will track your facial movements and translate them to the emoji — this just means the emoji will do everything you do! Make sure you take photos and videos of mini-you; you can do that by tapping on the shutter buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Of course, you’ll still be looking pretty silly IRL, but that is a chance you have to take. Do it for the AR Emoji!

Step 4: As if personalized emoji weren’t enough, creating your AR Emoji automatically produces a set of GIFs ready for sending. Upon creation, you will be prompted to “Save [my] emoji stickers in gallery” — the answer to that should be a resounding yes. From there, you can access your GIFs from your phone’s gallery.

It will also show up on your keyboard for easier sharing. Tap on the stickers tab and you’ll find your face ready for sharing at the tap of a button. 

And yes, you can send your cute face to anyone, no matter what smartphone they’re using. What better way to share the AR Emoji love around!

Ending this article, as I started it: With my AR Emoji GIF. Happy sending!

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Tinder Feed rolls out to users worldwide

Times are changing, and so is Tinder



“Welcome to the world beyond the swipe.

Tinder, as you know it, is about to change.

Last December, the world-famous dating app was testing out a chronological timeline feature. This allows users to swipe around for potential mates with more than just a bunch of photos as basis. On a post, Tinder said: “It’s an exciting new way to see more of what someone is all about by giving you a true glimpse into their world — their passions, their personality, their latest adventure — all leading to better conversations and deeper connections.”

Today, Tinder announced that they’re rolling out the Feed to users worldwide.

For all swipers, expect a different type of soulmate-search experience. More and more, the dating app is moving towards a more social experience through a chronological feed structure similar to what most social media apps used to have. The scrolling list will include user activity and the ability to comment on each of these activities.

Think of it as a Facebook feed solely dedicated to dating. More talk points? Definitely. Will this mean more matches for you? Not necessarily, but you can try!

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Google introduces ‘Pup View’

Like Street View, but…



It’s Google’s Street View like you’ve never seen before.

Heavily rooted in the culture and reality of Ōdate City, Japan are Akita dogs. The snowy, mountainous area, home to the famous Akita dog Hachiko, has many things to offer. What better way to show this place off than through the point of view of this place’s famous furry friends!

With the help of three cute fur-balls, Google brings you 360-degree views of the picturesque Japanese destination. Adorable Akitas Ako, Asuka, and Puuko bring you: Pup View!

The dogs, with cameras mounted on their backs with doggie-approved harnesses, show us their point of view, all the while showcasing the beauty of Ōdate City. You can check it out HERE.

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