MediaTek’s Dimensity is a high-end processor with integrated 5G

Blazing fast everything!



MediaTek announced a new offering called Dimensity 1000 SoC — the company’s new 5G flagship SoC for 2019 and early 2020. Built on the 7nm process, the company claims its new 5G chipset offers the most power-efficient 5G of any other mobile SoC.

It also has dual SIM support with 5G and this comes across as an essential requirement in the south Asian markets. The compact, integrated design also lets brands use the extra space for other features like a bigger battery or larger camera sensors.

Dimensity 1000 has four Cortex-A77 cores running at 2.6GHz alongside four Cortex-A55’s at 2.0GHz. The chip continues to support LPDDR4 RAM along with camera support up to 80-megapixels or multiple sensors with lower resolution.



MediaTek on the rise

While a handful of 5G smartphones are already available today, they are all prohibitively expensive. The next-generation wireless technology is available for public use in limited regions like South Korea. However, demand for 5G enabled devices is sure to rise in the coming year and MediaTek is ensuring it has an edge over the others.

The last time MediaTek launched a high-end processor was in 2017 with the Helio X30. Unfortunately, it barely got any takers and Qualcomm ruled the segment. MediaTek has been on a launching spree and aggressively launching new offerings like the midrange Helio G90 chip. These small steps could soon turn the tides in their favor.

This week, the brand also announced a partnership with Intel to supply 5G modems for laptops. Huawei and Samsung are other big brand names that are deeply invested in 5G technology and MediaTek intends to leverage its expertise as well.

While the chipmaker hasn’t announced any specific smartphones that will come equipped with the new Dimensity 1000 SoC, they say we can expect the first devices to become available during the first half of 2020.


Xiaomi’s 200W charger is coming next year

Production starts June



Xiaomi is reportedly gearing up for the mass production of its 200W HyperCharge next year. This week, the charging wars heated up with iQOO’s rumored 160W charging solution coming out for the iQOO 8. Though the rumor was impressive, Xiaomi’s 200W wired charging solution, which was revealed earlier this year, was always looming in the shadows.

Back in May, the Chinese company official unveiled the charging solution, touting a charge time of just eight minutes for a 4000mAh battery. The solution also boasted a 120W wireless charging compatibility to boot. Naturally, as with most new technologies announced, it takes a while before the company can safely release it for the public. True enough, some reports warned that the blazing fast solution actually degraded batteries.

However, according to Chinese publication MyDrivers, Xiaomi is ready to unleash it to the public. The company is reportedly aiming for production to start as early as June 2022. It will supposedly pair up with Xiaomi’s most premium model next year, the Mi 12 Ultra.

For years, Chinese companies have worked on creating the best charging solutions for consumers. Though most new ones are just experiments at this point, some are already coming out for the market. Besides the impressive 160W charger from iQOO, Samsung is also reportedly working on a much-needed fast charger for next year’s flagships.

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Trials of Mana now available on mobile

Mobile gamers might want to try this!



Since its release in 1995, the Trials of Mana has come a long way. From the 16-bit era to the mobile gaming platform, this game is rich in history spanning 26 years. Now, the 3D remake of the JRPG classic Trials of Mana is now available on mobile.

The mobile version of the game includes many features, including new touch controls,  adjustable graphics settings and cloud save capabilities. Players can also receive two pieces of starting gear to help jumpstart their quest. The starting items are the Rabite Adornment and Silktail Adornment. 

Originally released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu 3 in 1995, Trials of Mana is a remake of the third entry in the classic Mana series. The game features a selectable main cast  with upgradable classes and over 300 different abilities to learn as they discover a world of secrets and mysteries. The series’ action battle system will put players to the test as they encounter enemies. The game was received well by its release on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam platforms.

Price and Availability

Trials of Mana is available on iOS and Android devices via the App Store or Google Play Store. The game is priced at US$ 23.99. 

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Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy is coming to Genshin Impact

Will be available for all players… eventually




Turns out the PlayStation and Genshin Impact collaboration goes beyond PlayStation 5 specific updates. Aloy from the PlayStation game Horizon Zero Dawn will be a playable character on Genshin Impact.

Aloy — a five-star character — will be playable for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 players via in-game mail when Version 2.1 drops. The character can then be played on any platform thanks to the cross-save feature after being claimed from the PS5 or PS4.

Not a PlayStation player? Fret not. Aloy, will arrive to all players who have reached Adventure Rank 20 on Version 2.2. Her weapon, unfortunately, is a PlayStation exclusive.

Version 2.1 and Version 2.2 will also bring other updates that MiHoyo promised to release in detail shortly. Version 2.1 is coming on October 13, 2021 while version 2.2 will arrive on November 24, 2021. Could these also be clues on when the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel will release? We’ll have to wait and see.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world action RPG that brings players to the world of Teyvat. The player takes on the role of the mysterious “Traveler,” who sets off on a journey to discover the fate of their lost sibling.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a PlayStation exclusive game that launched in 2017. It received plenty of critical and commercial success. Its sequel — Horizon Forbidden West — is set to arrive in late 2021.

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