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The Nanoleaf Lines introduces modularity to smart lighting

Configured any way you want it



Smart lighting has always been an important part of smart home technologies. Since the introduction of the first wirelessly controllable bulb, the smart home world has always tried to make lighting more efficient for the modern, everyday home. Now, contemporary smart lighting companies want you to play around with more than just efficiency. The new Nanoleaf Lines encourages homeowners to experiment with how playful they want their homes to look.

The Nanoleaf Lines’ premise is simple: modularity. With a configurable line and connector setup, users can create their own shapes or mount their setups anywhere. Each line can display two colors simultaneously, and users can choose from over 16 million color options.

Further, the lighting’s app can create different dynamic configurations for the setup including modes like Kaleidoscope and Neon Dreams. A built-in Rhythm function can also adjust the dynamic lighting like a music visualizer that can adapt to different genres. The Nanoleaf Lines can also mirror a PC or TV screen, creating another level of immersion for users.

For those struggling to create their own layouts, Nanoleaf also offers a Layout Assistant which uses AR technology to help users manually design their own setups from their smartphones. The app also has a Discover feature which showcases how other users configured their Lines.

The starting kit, which comes with nine Lines, will retail for US$ 199.99. An expansion pack with three additional Lines will retail for US$ 69.99. Starting December, Nanoleaf will also release black/pink skins and flex connectors for getting around corners and objects.

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Touring the the biggest IKEA store in the world

At the size of 150 basketball courts!



The biggest IKEA store in the world has finally risen in the Philippine archipelago.

Situated in the Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, the IKEA store covers a surface area of 68,000 sqm — as huge as 150 basketball courts housing plenty of collections for the perfect home.

GadgetMatch, together with several media outfits, got an exclusive sneak peek days before the grand public opening. Here’s what you can expect inside the new shopping destination in the country.


One of the first collections you’ll get to preview inside the showroom is the IKEA x ASUS ROG collection in the flesh. The partnership delivers desks, chairs, storage solutions, and accessories to help you build your perfect gaming setup.

IKEA for Business

One of the most popular collections IKEA has to offer is its workspaces. Though IKEA is avowed as a consumer-based store, the lifestyle brand caters to business units as well. You can have your spaces tailored to your business, befitting a bespoke charm that’ll surely invite more patrons.



IKEA for Kids

What’s a home without kids, our future as stated by the holy Whitney Houston? IKEA’s biggest store has a dedicated Kids section exhibiting furniture, fixture, set of organizers, and accessories, as well as toys that will make any children smile from ear to ear.


IKEA for Home

Of course, IKEA houses interior-designed home collections in their showroom. Several rooms were styled to show off different personalities, lifestyles, and aesthetics to match various customers. One thing I enjoyed is how IKEA’s stylists decorated rooms while still blending technology and design.

It’s proof that you don’t need lifeless white walls, RGB lights, and the typical wood accents to showcase your smart home. Which are reminiscent of every YouTuber’s home and Pinterest collections.

The showroom serves as a reminder that you can build a smart home while still maintaining a spirit, and parading your story.

IKEA for Plant Parents

The love for planting, gardening, and greenery grew over a span of a year, during the onset of the pandemic when everyone’s stuck at home. But even before that, there’s a market for plant parents and IKEA capitalizes on it — providing a section for those who love their plants.

Soft serve ice cream on an automated machine

How to shop?

Shopping is easy and seamless, especially with all the smart features placed all over the store. However, you need to book an appointment before you can shop. Reserve a slot here.

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MediaTek Pentonic 2000 will power flagship 8K 120Hz TVs

Built for the streaming era



Pentonic 2000

MediaTek is already powering over two billion smart TVs today but they’re taking things to the next level with the Pentonic 2000. The new chip will power future 8K 120Hz TVs.

The MediaTek Pentonic smart TV series is built on MediaTek’s innovative technologies in display, audio, AI,
broadcasting and connectivity. Pentonic 2000 is the world’s first commercial TV chip manufactured using TSMC’s N7 (7nm-class) process, delivering unparalleled performance and power-efficiency.

The all-in-one chip supports 8K 120Hz displays, and can even support 144Hz for gaming PC hardware and the ninth generation of consoles. It’s the first chip with an integrated 8K 120Hz MEMC engine. The chip’s built-in high performance MediaTek APU (AI processor) powers MediaTek’s new 8K AI-Super Resolution technology that intelligently upscales lower-resolution content to the display’s native resolution, while also performing real-time image quality enhancements.

Multiview madness

The Pentonic 2000 supports multiple picture-in-picture (PiP) or picture-by-picture (PbP) screens through MediaTek’s Intelligent View technology. This allows a large 8K resolution display to showcase a display wall of different media sources.

With it consumers can have multiple apps open and stream from different sources, all at the same time. MediaTek’s Intelligent View ensures the video in each window continues to display seamlessly — even when the window size or display layout changes. It also provides the same level of picture quality in each window to ensure the best viewing experience.

Inside the chip is the TV industry’s fastest CPU and GPU, which is fueled by an ultra-wide memory bus
and ultra-fast UFS 3.1 storage. MediaTek Wi-Fi 6E or even 5G cellular modems can be used by device
makers to provide the fastest wireless internet connectivity for 8K streaming media, or up to multiple
streamed sources displayed at once.

Made for streaming

Pentonic 2000 is the first commercial 8K TV chip with Versatile Video Coding (VVC) H.266 media support. It offers improved compression efficiency — an essential in today’s streaming era. It also supports Dolby’s latest imaging and audio technologies to provide the ultimate cinematic experiences in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Additionally, the chip supports AV1 for streaming services and all global TV broadcast standards including the latest ATSC 3.0.


The MediaTek Pentonic 2000 powering next generation flagship 8K TVs that will launch in the global market in 2022.

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Sony BRAVIA Master Series Z9J LED TV model now in PH

Featuring Sony’s XR tech



Master Series Z9J

Sony’s latest flagship model in the BRAVIA XR series line-up, the Master Series Z9J LED TV, is now available in the Philippines.

The BRAVIA Master Series Z9J 8K LED TV is part of Sony’s newest Cognitive Intelligence TVs which seeks to bring entertainment to the next level.

It is powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, Sony’s newest technology that uses a completely new processing method.

The Cognitive Processor XR is basically designed to replicate the way our brains think and respond. The processor is projected to understand the way our eyes see and our ears hear, to make the presentation of on-screen pictures more personalized from a human perspective.

Immersive audiovisual experience

Aside from the Cognitive Processor XR, the Master Series Z9J combines the precision of Full Array LED panel, XR Triluminos Pro, XR Contrast Booster and XR 8K Upscaling to deliver 8K realism with a good balance between deep blacks and intense brightness.

The latest XR Motion Clarity technology will ensure that pictures stay smooth, bright, and clear without any blurs.

The X-Wide Angle technology provides vivid real-world colors from any angle while retaining more color and brightness while the X-Anti Reflection reduces reflection even when the TV is placed in slightly brighter environments.

If customers need a more advanced calibration capability for picture settings, the TV is equipped with Calman Ready for fine-tuning adjustments.

Lastly, the Acoustic Multi-Audio feature allows for cinematic surround sound that accurately “positions” sound based on pictures for a harmonized listening experience.

The Master Series Z9J will only come in an 85” size to let users enjoy 8K pictures with supreme realism and a deep and natural feel.

Outstanding connectivity features

The latest model has quick access to the wide range of Google TV content and services. It also connects to most devices, including Apple, AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.

It also works with Google Assistant, which includes a hands-free voice search for a smarter and hassle-free viewing experience.

When using the device to watch Netflix movies and series, switch to Netflix Calibrated Mode for a studio-quality feel.

The TV also has support for Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos to elevate the entertainment with immersive audio and moving sound, and is HDMI 2.1 compatible, including 4K 120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) 2 , Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and e-ARC.

Elegant design

The Master Series Z9J comes with a minimalist one slate design that embraces the screen in a single pane of glass to keep viewers focused without distraction.

The three-way stand enables a handful of options, including a narrow position for a smaller footprint, hero position to eliminate distractions and sound bar position to elevate the TV and integrate a soundbar system.

Pricing and availability

The new Sony BRAVIA Master Series Z9J is now available in selected Sony Authorized Dealers in the Philippines, like Abenson, Ansons, Automatic Centre, ElectroWorld, Robinsons Appliances, SM Appliance Center, Western Appliances, and even Shopee and Lazada.

For more details on how to avail of the latest BRAVIA model, visit here.

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