Second-generation Nokia 6 (2018) arrives with slimmer bezels and midrange specs



Nokia released several Android smartphones in 2017, but it was the Nokia 6 that started it all for the revitalized brand. A year has passed, and we’re now looking at the successor to that pioneering device.

Although much has been leaked about the second-generation Nokia 6 (2018), it’s only today we have official specifications and images from the phone’s launch in China. The leaks were quite close to the actual product, so we aren’t seeing many surprises here.

The new Nokia 6 is still a midrange handset through and through, primarily because of its use of a midrange Snapdragon 630 processor with 4GB of memory and up to 64GB of expandable storage. What separates it from the pack, however, is the 6000-series aluminum body for improved durability without too much heft.

Its biggest upgrade comes in the form of thinner bezels, but these aren’t as slim as what we’ve come to expect of newer smartphones. While the fingerprint scanner was relocated to the back, the 5.5-inch 1080p screen has the traditional 16:9 ratio found on older devices. This means you won’t experience black bars on the side while playing YouTube or Netflix videos.

Single camera setups still cover the rear and front — 16- and 8-megapixel snappers, respectively. These won’t provide you with any special depth effect tricks or optical zooming, but the Bothie mode (which lets you shoot with both cameras at the same time) was ported over from the flagship Nokia 8.


Users will be glad to know that there’s a USB-C port on board with support for fast charging. On the other hand, you’re forced to use Android 7.1.1 Nougat until Nokia begins rolling out 8.0 Oreo. An adequate 3000mAh battery should provide more than a day of battery life.

As for audio, two microphones are in place for Nokia’s spatial audio technology, but the stereo speaker setup is no more, leaving you with a single loudspeaker for enjoying content.

A price of CNY 1,499 (US$ 230) for the 32GB storage variant and CNY 1,699 (US$ 260) for the 64GB storage version make the new Nokia 6 an attractive offer. Two colors are available: black and silver.

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Samsung Galaxy View 2 leaked renders show upcoming humongous tablet

Samsung’s next bizarre device



Leaked Samsung Galaxy View 2 renders from SamMobile

While Samsung is holding back the release of the Galaxy Fold to the market, there’s another Galaxy device in the making that’ll surely pique the interest of fans. Remember the Galaxy View? Few may know about it, but Samsung is giving it another shot.

The Galaxy View from 2015 is getting a successor dubbed the Galaxy View 2. SamMobile has obtained official renders of the upcoming device which give us an early look into the TV-style tablet.

Based on the leaked renders, the second-generation Galaxy View doesn’t differ too much from the original. Of course, Samsung has to give it extra polishes and improvements to make it a deserving successor.

According to the available information, the Galaxy View 2 will have a huge display at 17.5 inches with a presumed 16:9 aspect ratio. That may seem massive but it’s actually smaller compared to the 18.4-inch panel of the first Galaxy View. The surrounding bezels have been trimmed down as well.

The rear of the Galaxy View 2, which is practically its stand, has been redesigned. The integrated handle and kickstand appear to have been replaced by a simpler hinge and a circular hole in the middle. When closed and placed on a table, the huge tablet is angled at 30 degrees, making it ideal for quick typing.

Specs-wise, the tablet is rumored to have a midrange processor, specifically the Exynos 7885, paired with just 3GB of memory. Storage is unclear, but sources say it’s likely at 64GB.

The Galaxy View 2 is headed to AT&T in the United States. The launch date and pricing information are yet to be announced.

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Vivo starts seeding Android Pie update to V11 Pro and NEX A

Hopefully, it becomes widely available



Vivo V11 Pro | GadgetMatch

Android 9 Pie‘s existence continues to grow slowly with new smartphone releases, but older devices are also getting updated to Google’s newest OS version. Vivo, one of the popular phone makers in Asia, has started to roll out theirs, specifically to the former midrange champs: the V11 Pro and NEX A.

While the V15 Pro is already making waves on the market, last year’s V11 Pro is not getting left behind. The Android Pie update for the V11 Pro is currently live in India. A Delhi-based user managed to receive it and has posted a screenshot on Twitter showing a few details about the update.

The Pie update for the V11 Pro is reported to be about 3.11GB in size and it includes a refreshed UI, upgraded Shortcut Center, and Dark Mode. Basically, the phone will get the new Funtouch OS 9 which is running on the V15 Pro.

Additionally, the NEX A is also being updated to Android Pie in China. Vivo’s rollout is pretty much focused on the Chinese market, so international units may get them at a later date.

It’s unsure if the new Funtouch OS 9 build on top Android Pie that’s currently rolling out to NEX A is a final release, but there’s no mention of it being a beta software either. The update is quite a heavy download at 3.3GB.

Source: ITHome, Gadgets360

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Samsung delays the Galaxy Fold’s launch

Because of the broken screens



Is the future still foldable? After months of building hype, the world’s biggest smartphone makers have laid the foundation for the foldable smartphone. The stage was set for the next big thing. First of the lot, Samsung will launch its Galaxy Fold within the next few days globally.

That, however, isn’t happening anymore. Last week, official reviewers received their early units. As always, the early release helps everyone get an in-depth look into the unknown workings of the foldable phone. To Samsung’s dismay, the Galaxy Fold came with problems.

Almost immediately out of the box, several units broke down. Renowned reviewers revealed the phone’s fatal flaw: an all-too delicate protective layer. When tampered or peeled off, the layer breaks the entire screen, rendering the phone unusable.

In response, Samsung issued a quick statement, stating their intentions to investigate the matter swiftly. At the very least, the company will issue sterner consumer warnings to leave the protective layer alone. At the time, Samsung still set its sights on the promised released date.

Fast forward to today, Samsung has recanted its previous dedication to the set date. The company has issued another statement regarding the matter.

“We have decided to delay the release of the Galaxy Fold. We plan to announce the release date in the coming weeks,” Samsung said.

The delay draws from Samsung’s further investigations into the matter. “Initial findings from the inspection of reported issues on the display showed that they could be associated with impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the hinge. There was also an instance where substances found inside the device affected the display performance.”

The decision is a big step for the global company. By now, Samsung has likely ironed out the logistics for the former release date. With a recall, the company will double their expenses. On the bright side, the recall will also ensure the device’s performance.

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