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OnePlus Buds Pro 2 review: Alert the Armory

Sound the alarm



Put everyone on notice. The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 might just be the best true wireless earbuds that OnePlus has to offer. And it has a legitimate claim to being one of the best at its price point. 

To put things into perspective, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 currently retails for PhP 9,990 / US$ 179. That’s a fraction of the price of more mainstream options like the AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM4. The aforementioned devices both hover around US$ 200. 

At a lower price you’re getting Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Dual Drivers, a promise of up to 39 hours of playback, Hi-Res audio, fast charging, and something rarely found at this price point – Spatial Audio. 

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s take a quick look at the packaging and design first.

“Dim the Headlights” (Unboxing and Design)

It starts with a stare. We’re both well aware. You’re pulling closer. Pulling me in. 


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Quick notes from the unboxing: 

The box still has OnePlus’ signature red. The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 opens like a clamshell. Most other earbuds have a vertical orientation that opens from the top with the stems magnetically sliding into a couple of slots. Only real advantage is that it’s easier to put down on a table or on your palm without it feeling wobbly. That’s great for not losing your earbuds or its case. 

OnePlus Buds Pro 2

Controlling the device is also pretty straightforward. You only need to pinch the stem. Once to play/pause, twice to play the next track, thrice to go back to the start of the current track or go back to the last track.

If you pinch and hold, you cycle through the ANC settings. That’s ANC to shut everyone out, Ambient, to hear what’s going on in your surroundings, and Zen to play relaxing audio that’s stored on the earbuds itself. 

Nope, there are no volume controls. Perhaps that’s the biggest bummer on this pair of earbuds. 

“A Method to Chaos” (Audio Features)

Voices aren’t loud enough. You’re tuning your ears, while waiting for something to hear.”

OnePlus Buds Pro 2

Perhaps the primary reason anyone splurges at all for earbuds is the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature. ANC is implemented a little differently by each manufacturer and has varying degrees of success depending on the price point. 

The best ones use both hardware and software to achieve a credible ANC. The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 does something similar. It promises to shut out up to 48dB of noise, provided you do the whole ear scan thing they have going on.

The ear scanning thing isn’t new at all. If you’ve owned any pair of smart earbuds, many manufacturers do this to help tune the device optimally for your pair of ears. If the more premium earbuds are a 9-10/10 on ANC, I’d say the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 are a solid 7-8/10. Not the best, but not a pushover either. It does enough to drown out sounds, especially when music is blasting. It just doesn’t achieve the same level of quiet when no music is playing. But that’s to be expected for something that’s relatively cheaper. 

OnePlus Buds Pro 2

Spatial Audio is a nice little addition. But the feature on the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 specifically only works on Android 13 phones on YouTube and Disney+. Might seem limited but it’s there and offers a different audio experience. Spatial Audio still feels a little gimmick but it tickles your ears just enough to make it interesting. 

My favorite feature, however, is the support for Hi-Res audio. Specifically, the LHDC 4.05 codec which is the best you can get when streaming via Bluetooth. OnePlus also promised an update to support  LHDC 5.0. 

But I have a rather peculiar experience with Hi-Res audio.

“Evidence” (Pairing on OnePlus vs iPhone)

Caught you in the arms of another. I’ve been dying everyday since then.

OnePlus Buds Pro 2

I used the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 on both the OnePlus 11 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. For some reason, the audio comes out better when paired on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. And this is across many apps: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Netflix, and more. 

I personally can’t give an explanation why. But this happened even after I did the whole audio personalization thing by OnePlus. 

But I’m skipping ahead again. Pairing is naturally faster between OnePlus devices. You get the fast pair option that shows up without diving into the settings. And when the OnePlus devices are paired, you don’t need a separate app to access the more granular settings. That includes EQ, Game Mode, Dual Connection, and more. 

OnePlus Buds Pro 2


When pairing with an iPhone 14 Pro Max, you have to go into the device’s settings first. And to access EQ, Game Mode, and other settings, you need to download the HeyMelody app.

Seems odd but that’s how it is. Also, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you don’t have access to the Spatial Audio settings. 

But like mentioned earlier, Spatial is a nifty trick but one that I don’t think is made for more daily listening. For that purpose, I value the support for Hi-Res audio more. Which, in this case works so well on Apple Music played with an iPhone paired with the OnePlus Buds Pro 2. 

It’s an unlikely combo but it works and one that I’ve been rocking with for the most part of my time with OnePlus’ earbuds. 

Is this your GadgetMatch? 

The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 has cemented its place as my primary in-ear earbuds, relegating my Freebuds Pro 2 as backup (Sorry, Huawei). Personally, it’s the Hi-Res audio that really does it for me. Listening to my favorite tracks, whether that’s rocking out to UrbanDub, dancing to TWICE, or just chilling to my favorite K-RnB titles, it felt like experiencing the music again. 

As for the other features, they’re what you can expect from earbuds at this price point. The ANC isn’t perfect but it’s more than good enough. The battery life hovers around the 39-hours advertised. Naturally, it’ll vary depending on your usage. Personally, I only charge once a week on moderate usage. 

OnePlus Buds Pro 2

The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 is a good pick-up if you can’t splurge for the mainstream choices but want a feel of their premium audio features. The no volume control is a bummer if you plan on using this while working. But that’s a minor gripe on an otherwise excellent value device. 


Apple Vision Pro First Impressions

Plus a dedicated YouTubers’ React segment!



The WWDC 2023 Keynote was packed with incredible new updates to iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS.

Apple announced new hardware including a 15-inch MacBook Air and M2 Max/Ultra-powered Mac Studio and Mac Pro.

But the most ambitious product they’ve ever created? The Apple Vision Pro.

Apple is clear that this isn’t just an AR Glasses. The Vision Pro is the company’s “first spatial computer”.

But how does it even look and feel IRL?

This is our first impressions of the new Apple Vision Pro — plus our YouTuber friends’ reactions.

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Here are two Fancy iPhone 14 cases for the Full-on Fab

Moshi never disappoints!




Already rocking the new iPhone 14 series but looking for cases that are fab and fancy? Well, Moshi is here to save you!

As of this writing, it’s Pride Month — and GadgetMatch is celebrating all genders in the spectrum.

These cases are perfect regardless of how you identify yourself. And even if you’re a guy, you could rock these too.

Heck it’s 2023! Stop putting stereotypes on case designs and colors. Be confident and BE YOU!

Swift unboxing

While Moshi’s set of accessories aren’t limited to the new iPhone 14 series, what we have here are cases that are specially-meant for the new iPhones.

With its clear packaging, you can clearly see the case details including the leather texture as well as the golden touch of its logo.

Right out of the box, it already entices you with its 10-year warranty.

Unlike the previous Moshi iPhone 13 case collection I’ve held last year, the new Moshi cases for the iPhone 14 series now have MagSafe built-in instead of their in-house SnapTo technology which is limited to Moshi cases and accessories only.

For product authenticity, no need to worry as these have ready-to-scratch seals for serial code activation. All you have to do is to grab your iPhone, open the camera app, scan the QR code, and fill-in your necessary details to activate the product.

And if the photos above did not satisfy you at all, here’s the unboxing of the two fab cases caught on video.


@gadgetmatch Shut up and take my money 😭 #iphone14 #iphonecase #moshi ♬ original sound – GadgetMatch

Moshi Napa Slim in Lavender Purple

Most of you were probably looking at that golden camera cutout. Well, it’s not just painted in gold as this camera cover is an aircraft-grade aluminum for better durability when laid out flat on tables or put in rugged pockets.

And as already shown earlier, the back of the Moshi Napa Slim is crafted with a vegan premium leather for that added grip and better texture when held. Speaking of better texture, the inside of the case has a microfiber inner lining to avoid unwanted scratches when putting the phone in.

The Moshi Napa Slim case is lightweight at just 94 grams (or 0.2 pounds). Durability-wise, it features a hybrid shock-absorbing frame that resists shocks when dropped all throughout.

The power button and volume rockers are also made out of aluminum-grade aluminum for that tactile response.

Setting up a pretty lockscreen wallpaper and an #OOTD that adds complement to the case and completes that fab and fancy look.

The Moshi Napa Slim is also available in three more colors including Serene Gray, Midnight Black, and Juniper Green. The regular iPhone 14 and 14 Pro cases retail at US$ 45.95 while the bigger cases meant for the iPhone 14 Plus and Pro Max siblings sells for US$ 49.95.

Moshi Overture with Detachable Wallet in Serene Gray

On the outside, the Moshi Overture isn’t any different from its Napa Slim case sibling.

It features that strong anodized aluminum camera cover that is also raised — also for unwanted camera scratches.

The same can be said with its power and volume buttons — irresistibly tactile to the touch.

Et voilà! With MagSafe built-in onto the case itself, the wallet stand attachment perfectly snaps into place.

Like previously mentioned, this case also has a built-in wallet with up to three (3) slots for your debit, credit, and even transit cards.

And as already teased earlier, the Moshi Overture features this golden circular element when you completely cover your iPhone that blends well to its premium vegan leather skin as well as its microfiber lining and the same shock-absorbing frame.

And just like that, it looks classy and fabulous too — even if you’re a heterosexual male without an ounce of fragile masculinity 🤩

Moshi’s Overture case with Detachable Wallet is also available in a Midnight Black colorway. It retails for US$ 65.95 for the smaller-sized iPhone 14 and 14 Pro while a dollar more (US$ 66.95) for the larger iPhone 14 Plus and Pro Max variants.

SEE ALSO: There’s a Moshi bag for your every need 

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Acer has an eco-friendly mesh Wi-Fi 6E router

The Acer Connect Vero W6m



Connect Vero

Acer isn’t just about computers. The company just unveiled its first ever eco-friendly Wi-Fi 6E router, the Connect Vero W6m. It promises enhanced connectivity, coverage, and security features.

Made with PCR materials on its chassis and an Eco mode for efficient energy consumption, the compact Connect Vero W6m is powered by a quad-core 2Ghz processor.

It supports Wi-Fi 6E Tri-Band AXE7800 while being cyber security compliant. It is also the first Wi-Fi 6E mesh router to pass EU EN 303 645 (RED) cyber security standards.

When it comes to performance, the Wi-Fi mesh router provides speeds of up to 7.8gps to deliver fast and stable internet connections online. It also has a dedicated WPS button for network security setups.

The router can also be paired with up to four units for an incredible network coverage area of up to 465 square meters on a dual mesh system and 930 square meters on a quad mesh system, effectively eliminating dead spots in the process.

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