A number of OnePlus users are getting fraudulent charges on their cards

OnePlus gets a minus one



OnePlus remains one of the biggest phone makers to beat after years of putting out great handsets, and hackers may have taken advantage of the brand’s popularity. Customers are reporting fraudulent purchases on their credit cards after buying their phones.

OnePlus released its latest flagship, the OnePlus 5T, a couple of months ago; the new phone took over the reins left behind by the OnePlus 5. After earning rave reviews for both phones, OnePlus grew to become one of the best bang-for-buck brands of last year.

However, several users are reporting that false charges started appearing on their credit statements after OnePlus purchases. The controversy started after a concerned user posted a poll on OnePlus support forums, asking about any similar false charges from other users.

Days after the poll was posted, users are still flooding the thread with cries of “me too.” The issue also sparked a Reddit thread that drew in similar complaints from OnePlus users.

The original poster clarifies that his intention was not to blame OnePlus, but only to notify. The multiple coincidences, however, pile on to damn the smartphone maker. Some Redditors have even accused the firm for selling credit card information. The news coincides with recent reports that OnePlus is secretly collecting your user data.

The issue currently affects only those who made OnePlus purchases with their credit card from Those who used PayPal are immune from fraudulent charges that stem from the issue.

As of now, OnePlus is still investigating the root of the issue. Without any results yet, the company is neither confirming nor denying the existence of a leak on their part. They only promise that they’ll get to the bottom of things before they get too out of hand.

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Apple iPad explodes inside an Amsterdam store

Three employees treated for minor injuries



It looks like this exploding gadget trend isn’t ending any time soon.

The latest casualty happened in Amsterdam, Netherlands — inside an official Apple store, no less.

An iPad on display burst because of a leaking battery, causing minor injuries to three employees inside the store. Everyone was subsequently evacuated and the local fire brigade checked the scene for damages.

Fortunately, the three employees suffered only respiratory issues based on the latest report. In addition, there was no actual fire involved.

Apple is still investigating the incident and has yet to release a public statement.

This isn’t the first time Apple is facing problems with exploding products, but these cases are still too rare to cause widespread fear or a recall.

At least the device wasn’t bitten this time.

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Netflix is testing engagement by putting ads between episodes

Netflix, no chill



How would you feel if, after a long day at work, you were relaxing and catching up on a series you’ve been excited to binge, and it gets interrupted by “But first, check out…” followed by a trailer of another show? If you’re miffed at the thought then you should sip your most calming tea, because that’s exactly what Netflix has started to do.

The streaming big shot has confirmed to Ars Technica that this move is a test to see whether or not inserting these ads would help speed up viewers’ discovery of new titles that they’ll like. Right now, these ads only appear for some people globally, but Netflix did not confirm how long this test will last.

The move has garnered some backlash from users encountering the ads, but Netflix has said that, although they are aware of the “chatter on social channels,” their focus is more on the engagement to these ads and that this is what will determine a wider rollout in the future.

If you find yourself faced with these ads though, apparently you can opt out of these tests. That way, you’ll still be able to Netflix, chill, and binge watch the night (and/or day) away.

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Huawei’s Nova 3 to go on open sale starting August 23

More than 50 million units have been shipped globally



Just last month, Huawei launched the Nova 3 and 3i in India, and since then the duo has been up for purchase via flash sales in India. The company says the two phones have garnered incredible response globally and more than 50 million units have been shipped as of now.

Huawei has announced that the Nova 3i’s next flash sale will be held on August 21. On the other hand, the more powerful Nova 3 will be available via open sales (not flash) starting August 23, 1 PM. Both phones are exclusively sold on, and Prime members can order the Nova 3 from 12 noon itself.

The Nova 3 is priced at INR 34,999 (US$ 500) and competes against the mighty OnePlus 6. The phone has an edge over the OnePlus counterpart thanks to the beautiful glass backing that has nice color gradients. It features Huawei’s latest processor along with added AI capabilities and a GPU Turbo mode for a more refined gaming experience.

The phone comes with a host of offers including zero fee EMI and screen protection insurance. American Express cardholders are eligible for an instant cashback of INR 3,000, while telecom operator Jio is bundling along 100GB of data worth INR 3,300 along with the phone.

The Nova 3i is a midrange phone that features the same premium glass backing along with a slightly weaker processor. Though, it also houses a host of AI-powered features along with the popular GPU Turbo mode.  The phone is priced at INR 20,990 and competes against the Honor Play, Nokia 7 Plus, and the Mi A2.

The Nova 3i too has many offers bundled along, including an instant five percent discount when purchased via HDFC credit and debit cards. Zero-fee EMI options up to nine months are also available.

The two phones are cheaper siblings of the P20 Pro and feature the same high-end design language along with a suite of smart features thanks to EMUI.

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