Payoneer rebrands ahead of public listing

A universal brand for a universal future of commerce



Payoneer, the commerce technology company powering payments and growth for the new global economy, announced today a rebrand to reflect its current position in the market and its vision to be the world’s go-to partner for digital commerce everywhere. The new brand marks another chapter in the fintech pioneer’s evolution from young disrupter to industry leader, with plans to begin trading on Nasdaq under the ticker PAYO later this month at an enterprise value of approximately $3.3 billion at closing.

A 2005 “pre-fintech fintech”, Payoneer was born on the cusp of the global shift to digital, borderless commerce. Now, the business is very much at the heart of it. Payoneer’s vast networked ecosystem offers millions of businesses – from emerging-market freelancers to the marketplaces and platforms redefining how the world operates – the technology, connections and confidence to participate and flourish in the new global economy.

“This is the era of Open Commerce,” said Scott Galit, CEO of Payoneer, “a time when the entire world operates on a single digital plane, and anyone, from anywhere, has the opportunity to realize their potential. This is the reality we have always been building towards. As we enter the public markets and look ahead, our new brand is designed to keep driving the business forward while keeping us true to our purpose: to imagine, engineer and inspire a universal future for commerce, together with our millions of customers and partners all over the world.”

Payoneer’s new brand color is “universal”, reflecting its promise to be for everyone everywhere. The new symbol is a circle, illustrating its journey to becoming a single destination, unified, and connected in more places than anyone else.

The brand itself was developed in partnership with global brand company venturethree. Creative Director Jason Lowings said of the project, “There are many players in the busy payments and financial services space, but Payoneer is unique in the breadth, depth and integrity of their global ecosystems. It is a truly universal business, with an optimistic global perspective, uniting marketplaces, systems, businesses and entrepreneurs, everywhere in the world. To express and celebrate this, the new symbol of Payoneer reflects the universe of opportunities available through their many products, services and platforms.”

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PayMaya opens crypto feature

Start your crypto journey easily for as low as PhP 1



PayMaya crypto

E-wallet brand PayMaya is finally launching its cryptocurrency feature through its all-in-one financial app.

This allows Filipinos to jumpstart their cryptocurrency journeys without having to register another account as processes and transactions will all be done on the PayMaya app.

All existing PayMaya users will only have to upgrade their accounts to start buying and earning digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for as low as PhP 1.

Other popular coins and tokens available for trading are Cardano (ADA), Chainlink (LINK), Uniswap (UNI), Solana (SOL), Quant (QNT), Polkadot (DOT), Polygon (MATIC), and Tether (USDT), with more coming soon.

PayMaya developed this feature under its Invest platform in connection with Coinbase Institutional, the largest publicly traded crypto company in the world and the trusted bridge to the crypto-economy.

Crypto made easy

After users have upgraded their PayMaya accounts, they may conveniently access the crypto feature to start investing.

PayMaya also offers access to tutorials and guided content to help interested users understand the basics of crypto.

Cashing in is likewise easy with over 90,000 outlets nationwide offering the service for free.

Start your crypto journey

To start buying crypto on the PayMaya app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap Crypto on the PayMaya homepage.
    2. Tap Buy on the bottom of the screen, then select the desired cryptocurrency.
    3. Input the desired Philippine Peso (PHP) amount you want to spend. You will see the equivalent cryptocurrency value based on an estimated market price. Then, tap Next on the upper right hand of the screen.
    4. A Confirm Purchase tab will pop up. On this tab, you will see the amount in PHP you will be spending and the amount of cryptocurrency you will be receiving through this transaction. Once you are ok with the details, you may confirm your purchase and slide to buy.

Once you purchase your desired cryptocurrency, the amount will reflect on your app’s Crypto page.

Selling crypto is just as easy as buying it.

Follow these steps

  1. Tap Crypto on the PayMaya homepage.
  2. Tap Sell on the bottom of the screen, then select the desired cryptocurrency.
  3. Select a percentage value to sell a part of your currently owned asset. You will see the equivalent PHP value based on an estimated market price. Then tap Next on the upper right hand of the screen.
  4. A Confirm Sale tab will pop up. On this tab, you will see the amount of cryptocurrency you will be selling and the amount of PhP you will be receiving through this transaction. Once you are ok with the details, you may confirm your purchase and slide to sell.

You will automatically receive your earnings on your PayMaya wallet. Simply go to your app’s home screen and check the amount.

Once you receive the amount, you can choose to use it for your everyday transactions with PayMaya or transfer it to your bank account instantly.

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Tonik to venture into crypto, more lending services

Buy now, pay later and home loans of up to PhP 2.5M




Digital-only neobank Tonik is looking forward to expanding its lending portfolio after recently celebrating its first-year anniversary.

This includes venturing into buy now, pay later and home loans for up to PhP 2.5 million.

Furthermore, the company revealed that soon, cryptocurrency will be integrated into their proprietary app to provide more opportunities for Filipino users to save.

Record-setting first year

Since its launch, Tonik has been steadily growing, securing over PhP 5 billion in retail deposits in its first year.

Tonik has industry-leading deposit rates of up to 6 percent per annum on top of unique product offerings.

The neobank is recently backed up by their latest Series B funding of US$ 131 million led by Mizuho Bank, assuring customers of more innovations.

Supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and deposits insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), Tonik’s cloud-based solution is also powered by global financial technology leaders such as Mastercard, Amazon Web Services, and Finastra.

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GCash now allows users to buy crypto

Fast, secure, and convenient



Photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash

With more and more people purchasing cryptocurrency, leading e-wallet GCash has now made it possible for users to buy crypto from the app.

For affordable rates, users may buy digital currency across popular crypto exchanges such as Binance, Philippine Digital Assets Exchange (PDAX), and Paxful directly from their e-wallets.

GCash is also planning to add many more soon for the convenience of its over 55 million registered users.

Low fees, secure use

GCash is widely accepted across crypto exchanges for cash-in or P2P (peer to peer) transactions.

On PDAX, GCash is offering a low cash-in fee of only 3 percent, with a fixed PhP 10 cash-out.

Moving forward, GCash plans to accelerate and strengthen its financial services and products to cater to its users’ needs.

The app already offers a wide variety of features, such as GInvest (investment), GSave (savings account), GCredit (credit line), GInsure (insurance), and GLife (e-commerce shopping).

GCash is available for free on both Google Play and the App Store.


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