Personal hygiene an online shopping priority says Shopback

More and more Filipinos are shopping online



New data from Shopback revealed the latest online shopping trends of most Filipinos. This data captures the skyrocketing trend of online shopping which saw considerable growth this year compared to last year. Products relating to personal hygiene top the list of items that Filipinos buy online during Q2 of 2020.

The list of personal hygiene products include daily essentials such as rubbing alcohol, vitamins and supplements, and wellness and beauty products. Included in the list also are home furniture and appliances as more people now spend time inside their homes.

Food deliveries and groceries came in second place along with disinfecting products. As a matter of fact, food and grocery transactions increased by 30% from last year.

The same increase can also be said about the frequency of transactions. This increase all happened during Q2 2020 when most areas in the Philippines were placed under lockdown. In the end, these essentials contributed to 18% of overall online purchases.

The least shopped items by most Filipinos include workout equipment and gadgets. However, these two items still saw an increase in online purchases as more try to keep their workout routine in check.

Gadgets also saw an increase as employees transition to a work-from-home setup. Overall, gadgets contributed 6% to total online purchases from Q2 2020.

Travel-related activities had a negligible contribution, resulting in 0% of the total online purchases. This is not a surprise since countries and governments banned travel. Many are also afraid to travel, considering that the coronavirus has a high risk of transmission.

A boom for e-commerce platforms

The increase in online purchases contributed to an increase in total orders from major e-commerce platforms like Shopback. According to Shopback, they reported a total of 2.1 million orders amounting to an astounding PhP 1 billion (US$ 20.27 million). The increase in orders resulted in 330% growth for the company compared to last year.

Increasing usage of online commerce will continue in the near future as more people change their shopping behavior. After all, most are now wary to do their shopping physically, especially when it puts their health and safety at risk.

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3 style tips when you want to mix things up

Give yourself that long-overdue makeover!



There comes a point in our lives when we crave makeover and start anew. Some start by drastically modifying their hairstyle and makeup, while others pursue a lifestyle change. My girl friends and I have a different way of mixing things up: we play with colors.

After living in neutrals — particularly black, white, and gray — we decided to add a splash of color in our lives. It may be tricky to try a new palette in our style and accessories, but it’s not a life well-lived if we stay in our comfort zones.

Here are a few tips on how to mix things up, especially when you just want to see a change in your lives.

Start with one color

Happy Plugs’ Air 1 Plus in Gold

The first step is owning a single hue which can be seen in every piece of your outfit. For instance, you can wear Tan — apt for that transition between summer and fall — in your dress and accessories.

When you learn the ropes of going monochrome, gradually mix different shades of your chosen hue. You can easily do this by picking colors belonging in the same variation or sitting beside each other in the color wheel.

Tan works well with Gold, Beige, Brown, and other earth tones. You can add some pearls to have that luxe, elegant look in your style, and other essentials.

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Extend your color choices

Happy Plugs’ Air 1 Plus in Pink Gold

When you’re done with your monochromatic lessons, it’s time to expand your horizon. You can pick one color and utilize the colors close to it. For instance, Pink — whether as an accessory or an ensemble — can help you look young, fun, and playful as long you use its lighter tones.

You can pair it with tones close to it such as Peach, Old Rose, Rose Gold, and even loud ones like Fuschia, Scarlet, and Vermillion. With this color combination, you’ll ooze with charm and a flirty allure that might be irresistible to some.

If you find it difficult to apply this palette in your clothes, apply it to your accessories instead!

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Own some metallics

Happy Plugs’ Air 1 Plus in White Marble

Shy away from the usual neutrals and consider metallics — gold, silver, copper, and rust — to make a statement. Some pieces can be bought at an affordable price and you’d still look expensive, thanks to its shiny textures.

You can match it with another bold color or pair it with white for a neat aesthetic. But if you can’t pull it off, make sure to follow a monochromatic style and match your metals to look sophisticated — be it on your watch, electronics, lipstick, clothes, and even purse.

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47Ronin watch straps: Where smartwatch meets Japanese art

Bridging heritage and modern technology



Japan and its culture have drawn people like moth to a flame. It’s incandescently captivating, irresistible, magnetizing. One even embraces and allows it to seep into their lives.

That’s what happened to Tong Cheuk Fung, a Hong-Kong born, Singaporean watch strap artist whose humble beginnings started in Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital.

Living in Japan made Tong love its crafts and culture, giving birth to 47Ronin — Tong’s very own watch strap brand designed and handcrafted by marrying horology, smartwatches, and Japanese art.

Japanese art on your wrists

47Ronin’s name traces back to a chronicle from over 300 years ago, where 47 Ronins — free-roaming Samurais without a master — exhibited bravado and loyalty through vengeance against the injustice committed to their late master.

The watch straps embody this tale to its designs, catering to a certain niche resembling Ronins; free-spirited individuals leading a life according to their own philosophy.

With pieces made and sourced from Japan, 47Ronin wraps the country’s history and beauty on people’s wrists through its watch straps. Most of its pieces were made from exotic materials such as leather, Kimono textile, and Katana elements — all sourced from Japan.

Where future meets history

Traditional crafts are declining; handcrafted straps are already considered a sunset industry. The advent of futuristic wearables made the younger generation prefer minimalist and sleek designs by the likes of Apple, Samsung, and Google.

For the fashion-oriented, hybrid smartwatches are the favored statement often sold by designer brands such as Fossil, Michael Kors, Frédérique Constant, and Skagen.

Yet even with a decline in demand and appreciation, 47Ronin perseveres to preserve the craftsman’s spirit and its culture. The brand cultivated designs that work with analog timepieces and smartwatches, putting the attention to the strap rather than the technology.

The traditional craft’s heritage lives on as 47Ronin forges its historic design into modern wristwatches. The Japanese-inspired Singaporean brand worked with technology companies like Mobvoi and produced bespoke designs for Apple watches.

Personalized, artisanal straps

Since 47Ronin’s watch straps are handcrafted by Tong himself,  ordered pieces are instilled with the artist’s creative thoughts, and tailored to the customer’s wrist and watch’s components.

The Singaporean brand houses multiple collections, too, where customers can pick a design that resonates with their personality.

Most designs retail above US$ 200, entailing a personalized process — communicating to customize the lug width, length, and thickness, and sourcing rare materials — for four weeks and up to two months.

47Ronin certainly pushes itself as an exemplar of art rather than an accessory, creating a unique proposition among leather watch straps.

A heart for the environment and people

Nowadays, sustainability becomes an integral part of a business. 47Ronin partakes in the fight to a sustainable future through its up-cycling program.

The watch strap maker retrieves damaged watch straps and buckets to repair it, preserving an artisanal watch straps’ life. Old watch straps and buckles are also retrieved and reused to create new products.

Moreover, 47Ronin collaborated with 20 local watchmakers in Singapore as a means to lift each other up, as businesses and online sales have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Shop custom, artisanal watch straps at 47Ronin’s online store with free worldwide shipping.

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You Can’t Stop Us: Nike’s new ad is an emotional, visual masterpiece

Celebrating sports and promoting equality



Stop what you’re doing and cry with me!

Nike never fails to create impressive ads that move our hearts. The American company debuts its newest ad entitled “You Can’t Stop Us,” bearing the same name as its campaign, to welcome the NBA’s return.

It’s an inspiring visual masterpiece celebrating the power of sport to unite people, advocating for change, and the pursuit of equality. It’s also reminding us to push ahead amidst all the challenges we face.

An editing marvel, the advertisement repurposed more than 4,000 pieces of footage to combine a stunning montage told through a dynamic split-screen.

Different clips were pieced together by relating kinetic movements of one sport to another, sending a message that our movements, victories, lapses, struggles, and stories are all connected.

The video consists of a stitched, archived footage featuring elite athletes including Lebron James, Naomi Osaka, Eliud Kipchoge, Caster Semenya, Cristiano Ronaldo, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Serena Williams, Colin Kaepernick, and Kylian Mbappé.

It’s narrated by Megan Rapinoe, inspiring viewers to push forward and create change, even if gyms and stadiums are empty. It’s a call to continue working towards a better future because nothing can stop sport or us.



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