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Planning a wedding in the Philippines? Take your gift registry online with Knots and Pans

An ecommerce site perfect for time -and cost-conscious newlyweds-to-be



Two weeks ago, I got married. On January 13, I married my boyfriend of seven years at a garden ceremony and reception in Tagaytay. After being engaged for more than a year and a half, the event itself just flew by, and it was surreal seeing all of the work we put into preparations pay off within a single day.

To cut costs and indulge our pickiness, we decided to book suppliers ourselves and hire an on-the-day coordinator to take over the actual date. Much like handling a long-term work project, finding the right suppliers to trust with our vision was enjoyable, but also exhausting. As the date inched closer, one thing we started handling relatively late was prompted by friends and family asking if we had a wedding registry. Oops.

Enter Knots and Pans: an online wedding registry website, the first and only (so far) of its kind in the Philippines. We discovered it when a friend used it for her own wedding, and we were impressed by the convenience of not having to trek to a physical store for purchases. We waffled about on whether to try it for ourselves until ber-months rolled around, and we realized we didn’t have anywhere to direct guests to whenever they asked about gifts. Not having enough time in our schedule to open a registry somewhere else, we dove in.

Creating an online gift registry on Knots and Pans is simple and straightforward. It’s totally free, and registering is like creating an account on any other ecommerce site. From the get-go, you select the occasion you’re building the registry for — wedding, birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, housewarming, or fundraising — and can use either your Facebook account or email address for logging in. Next, you select your personal aesthetic for product suggestions from a few choices and can then customize your registry page by creating a custom URL and adding a banner image.

Of course, the most fun comes from building the registry itself, which feels just like messing around on Pinterest. Most items come from local brands, and are usually unique. There’s a search function if you’re looking for specific needs (bed sheets or appliances, for example), and guests can find your registry simply by searching your names.

We could always go back to the website and add new things, and even add spaces for monetary gifts with different labels (like travel, home fund, etc.) to be deposited directly into an account. You also have a gift tracker to see which items were already purchased and by whom. Getting an email notification that somebody bought something was always exciting, but I turned that option off because, well, spoilers!

One comment though is that the search function is extremely bare-bones and could do with a few more filters, which reflects how items are organized in the main product catalog, as well. It can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for as categories are too general — although, it isn’t a big problem now due to the limited types of items available.

But there’s a caveat: despite there being a large number of items to choose from, I did feel limited in the look of things we saw (as everything is pre-curated). I’m sure some couples wouldn’t be fans of this site if their personal aesthetic may not match the products.

Despite that, it worked out fine. While we did still receive physical gifts, most came from Knots and Pans. That little blessing manifested itself on the day, when some unlucky circumstances meant we ended up with less car space going home than anticipated. It definitely took a load off us; we didn’t need to spend too much time stressing out on how to Tetris a bunch of gift boxes (and leftover food, leftover wedding cake, wedding gown and suit, and more) for the way back to Manila.

Now we’re here, two weeks after the wedding, and we’ve already received and found places for the first set of gifts our guests purchased from the site. Some friends bought gifts closer to the date, and Knots and Pans’ customer service team was very responsive on Viber, letting us choose whether we wanted to wait a little longer to receive everything in one go or have them delivered in two batches. Delivery straight to our home was free, and all boxes came neatly packaged with custom wrapping paper. A nice surprise was that they took the time to attach printed cards with messages guests could customize while they were buying on the site!

Overall, we had a great experience with this supplier and would recommend it to any engaged couple aiming to save time and money. While ecommerce has become ubiquitous in everyday life, it would be interesting to see what other needs and niches future players in the industry can address, just like this one did for us!


Huawei P30 hands-on: All the cool features applied in real life

How zoomed in is zoomed in?



After all the “oohs” and “ahhs,” and as the dust settles from Huawei’s flagship launch, the question is: What’s so great about the Huawei P30? And no, I don’t want to hear any specs.

To answer this question, I road tested the Huawei P30 to see just what it can do and how I can use those features in real life.

In case you’re having trouble viewing, watch HERE.

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Meitu ventures into AI skincare with MeituSpa

Personalized skincare treatments at home!



Remember Meitu? Yes the Chinese selfie phone brand. Also, yes, the same company behind that awesome makeup app MakeUpPlus. Well, they have more stuff coming your way.

Meitu just announced the MeituSpa, an AI cleansing brush that checks your skin quality and uses tech to cater a specific cleansing routine to your face. To work, the device connects to MeituSkin, a corresponding app, to offer users a personalized AI-based spa cleansing experience.

The MeituSpa is compatible with all skin types and offers four different modes: sonic cleansing, deep extraction, nourishing, and warm massage. It uses sonic pulsations with 12 different settings that adjusts according to your skin readings.

“Though Meitu has always been a major provider of beauty services through photo editing, style recommendations, and virtual makeup looks, we are also working to bring Meitu’s brand of beauty out of the virtual world and into the real one,” explains Meitu CEO Xinhong Wu.

The MeituSkin is available in Coral Pink and Aqua Green. Starting April 23, they’ll be available online for CNY 589. Unfortunately, it will only be in mainland China and there’s no news regarding global availability.

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Plum is a dating app designed for women who want deeper connections

‘Where respect is rewarded’



Tired (of dating apps)? Lonely? Looking for love — well, at least meaningful connections?

One new dating app will try to redefine the dating app experience.

“Where respect is rewarded” — that’s the tagline forwarded by Plum Dating. The dating app aims to reward respectful behavior by men where things other than just looks are factored in.

The brainchild of Jenna Birch, a dating coach and the author of The Love Gap: A Radical Plan to Win in Life & Love, Plum allows women to rate men they’ve encountered on the app and not the other way around. Also, you can only rate the guy, but only after your date. The scoring system revolves around three core values: Profile authenticity, Communication, and Follow-through. As for men, the higher your rate is, the more visible you’ll be in the app.

In theory, this setup aims to scope out the “nice men” as women navigate a safer dating landscape. Think of it: Women have all the control, including if they want the option to message potential mates first, or the opposite, while men legitly just have to be decent people to score well. As to if it will actually work in real life, we’ll find out this spring, which is when the app is slated to come out.

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