4 things you can do with Samsung’s 49-inch curved monitor

Aside from gaming!



Samsung’s newest curved monitor is big — like literally, it’s 49 inches. When it arrived at the GadgetMatch HQ, all the boys pooled around the massive sight and got excited about the games they could play. They then proceeded to play said games and for a good afternoon, the boys were busy “reviewing” the device.

Managing Editor Marvin hard at work testing out this unit

This video, crafted with love, is the result of countless hours spent with the monitor as they tested it out with unparalleled enthusiasm.

Of course, at first look, I didn’t care much about this monitor. Sure, it’s pretty cool, but the only games I really play are Travel Frog and Sims Mobile, so this thing pretty much didn’t register to me as something I’d want or even need. But, since it took up all the space, I got curious: Aside from gaming, what else can we use it for?

I asked members of the GadgetMatch team and these were their answers.

Video editing with a wider view 

Of course, dealing with video is a delightful task if you have all this space on a monitor. Kevin, who makes videos for us, basically took up the whole screen with his editing software. He explains that this screen “fits all the needed windows and tools so they’re easily available when you need them.” Just imagine all the tools and settings right in front of you!

Rodney, who heads social video production on the team, maximizes all the space for his editing, too. He says, “having a monitor this big helps a lot in really seeing all of the details. It’s easier to spot if there’s anything in the video that’s not supposed to be there.”

Multitask because you now have space to do so!

Let’s be real, we all wish we could multitask this well.

MJ, our Associate Visual Producer (or the dude you go to for pictures and graphics), put the monitor to use by working on his illustrations and watching cartoons — yes, both windows side by side. Of course, this isn’t something he could normally do on his laptop. He claims this is a great way to refresh his creative juices as he worked on tasks at hand.

Rodney, on the other hand, chose the monitor to follow basketball highlights as he worked on quick projects on his laptop. “It’s pretty amazing how I can lay them out and kind of just let my eyes dart from one video to another while also checking the stats and standings on another window,” he says.

Finally, I tried out this 49-inch monitor and put its usefulness to the test.

Social media monitoring

We do a lot of live posting and social media monitoring, and handling all these tasks is a dream on this large display. There was literally no need to shift windows as everything was onscreen all the time. Every single tab I had to open had space on this thing and it was glorious.

Online stalking 😂

Honestly, we’ve all done it at some point. If you don’t wan’t to admit you do it, let’s just say that the bigger the screen, the more info you can put on there. The possibilities are definitely endless.

The wider view is amazing. Since the monitor is curved, it gives you a better look at everything at one glimpse. My time with this thing was a definite eye-opener.

And, contrary to popular belief, it’s definitely not something only gamers should be excited about.

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Microsoft’s new Windows 10 May 2019 Update is now available for download

Windows 10’s biggest update this year



Image by GadgetMatch

Unsuspecting Windows 10 users might have been surprised about a new update available for download starting today. Microsoft has started the rollout of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update which includes a number of new features that consumers and developers will enjoy. The update, which was first released to testers last month, is assured to be free of major issues unlike the previous one.

In the update, Microsoft brings a new light theme for its desktop operating system along with Kaomoji support, a sandbox feature, and the separation of Cortana and Windows search. Officially, the May 2019 Update is known as version 1903 of Windows 10.

The update is pretty big, so it’ll take some time to download and install. That’s why Microsoft wants users to manually opt to download the update in the Windows Update section of the Settings menu. Simply select the “Check for updates” button and choose to download and install whenever you wish.

Another notification will pop up once the download has finished and is ready. It’ll ask for the right time (when you’re not actively using the PC) to finish the update since Windows needs to reboot to complete the installation.

For more information about the update, head over to the Windows Blog on Microsoft’s website.

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AOPEN brings their budget-friendly and high-end gaming monitors to the Philippines

Backed up by Acer



With a growing gaming industry, the PC monitor segment continues its increasing competitiveness. The latest brand to enter the Philippine market is AOPEN. With a number of competitors already playing in the field, AOPEN wants to capture a piece of the market with their high-quality monitors sold at a reasonable price.

AOPEN is part of Taiwan’s Acer group. They aren’t new to the game, but it’s their first entry in the local monitor market. From entry-level displays to curved gaming monitors, AOPEN will cater to the needs of new and upcoming gamers. Additionally, they will supply display solutions for small businesses.

Most notably, AOPEN’s lineup boasts a six-color adjustment feature which allows users to “blend” the colors or shades that works best for them. Also, the monitors also come with a Low Blue Light feature that filters blue light to ease the eye strain with prolonged use.

To entice gamers, the high-end models have support for AMD FreeSync. Meanwhile, NVIDIA G-Sync certification is already in the works.

When it comes to after-sales, AOPEN will be supported by Acer’s technical expertise and existing network of repair centers. AOPEN is already available at partner stores in the country. All monitors have a comfortable three-year warranty.

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Acer’s new Predator Orion 5000 goes up to 9th-gen Core i9, RTX graphics

Even more serious power



Acer’s well-received Predator Orion 5000 has gotten an upgrade, and it includes some of the best hardware you can find on any gamer-centric desktop PC to date.

The new Orion 5000 (model name PO5-605S) can now accommodate up to a 9th-generation Intel Core i9-9900K processor with a Z390 chipset and GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card. That’s a seriously powerful combo, especially since the CPU can be overclocked thanks to Cooler Master’s liquid cooling system.

You also get up to 64GB of RAM and an assortment of SSD and HDD options on easy-to-swap expansion bays. 2.5Gbps Ethernet is available, as well as tunable RGB lighting visible through the mid-tower’s see-through panels.

“With the latest gaming technologies like a GeForce RTX GPU and overclockable 9th-gen Intel Core i9-9900K processor, the new Orion 5000 packs enough power to satisfy even the most demanding gamers,” said Jeff Lee, General Manager for Stationary Computing, IT Product Business, Acer Inc.

Acer also announced a new 43-inch Predator LFGD (large format gaming display) which features a 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. Its VA panel offers Adaptive Sync and a wide color gamut of 90 percent of the DCI-P3 color space.

No exact pricing or availability dates have been mentioned, but these two products will definitely hit Asian markets in the coming months.

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