Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 review: Foldable you can afford

All the burning questions, answered



When phones with foldable displays became a thing a few years ago — as could be expected from a bleeding-edge tech of any kind — they came with a hefty price tag.

But it’s been three years and finally, they’re starting to become relatively, more affordable. That’s the story of this year’s new Galaxy Z Flip3 — a foldable phone that more people can afford.

But should you rush out to buy one?

Samsung’s newest and cheaper foldable

This is the Galaxy Z Flip3. TL;DR for those who don’t have all the time in the world: It’s slightly redesigned, built with more durable materials, has a new fast 120Hz display on its inside, a larger, more usable cover screen on its outside, and it comes with a cheaper price tag.

Of course, these “cliff notes” don’t tell the whole story of the Flip3. And they don’t particularly answer the question: Why should you buy the Flip3?


I’ve been using the new Flip3 for about a week now, and I’m really digging this two-tone color scheme.

The black contrasts well against this cream finish, or any of the other colors for that matter.

Be it Green…

… or Lavender.

These three color options feature a frame and hinge that have an improved matte finish and color-match the phone. The glass, however, has a glossy finish to it. Very much unlike last year’s mirror finish which was a huge smudge magnet.

If you want a glass with a frosted matte finish, there’s an all-black model also. And if you’re willing to wait three to five weeks, there are special exclusive colors — Grey, White, and Pink. These options are all matte with a black frame and hinge.

While just about the same size, the new Flip3 looks and feels different. The design features flat lines and edges which reflects the current design trend that favors flat versus curvy. The result is a phone that looks more modern and trendy.

So, why should you buy it?

Across all its iterations, I’ve always enjoyed using the Flip. I love having to open it up and also occasionally slamming it shut. And above all, I think the “coolness factor” is going to be the main reason to buy this phone. It’s a bit retro and futuristic at the same time. Definitely the trendiest phone you can buy today.

Size, of course, is also another consideration. When folded shut, it takes up half the space of your usual candybar phone. Perfect for smaller pockets. Or purses.

For me, that’s never been an issue. But I know lots of girlfriends who struggle with tiny pockets, or only want to carry what can fit inside a small purse. This phone solves that.

And then there’s “perks of the form factor”. When folded at a 90-degree angle, the phone props itself up for say, taking photos sans a tripod. Or being able to lay the Flip3 on a pile of books to take Zoom calls like you would on a laptop.

Challenges of the design

Of course, a foldable phone doesn’t come without its challenges. One of which is durability. While the hinge design is still the same, Samsung is using tougher aluminum. It’s also using a different kind of plastic for one of the layers of the display. One that should be more forgiving to the stress of opening and closing it a lot.

I can’t vouch for this improved durability — only time will tell and I will definitely give you feedback maybe next year in my Flip4 review. But for what it’s worth, Samsung is promising 200,000 cycles which translates to opening and closing it 100 times a day for five years.

On top of that, the phone is also water-resistant with an IPX8 rating. Thanks to the internals being coated with some sort of water-repelling protective film.

Although, I still don’t recommend that you take your Flip3 swimming. Take a look at Samsung’s fine print — water damage is not covered by your warranty.

Not a gimmick anymore

Another challenge is giving the phone purpose while in its folded state so the foldable display becomes more than just a gimmick. In 2021, when you have a folding phone, you want it to be as useful and practical when shut as it is when open.

And that’s the biggest improvement to come to the Flip3. Simply put, last year’s front display was too small to be useful. On the Flip3, the cover screen is 1.5 inches diagonally.

That’s enough space for four lines of notifications, and you can also scroll up to read more. That’s also enough space to be able to compose a selfie, and enough to display the time or some other widget.

Samsung has also made this Cover Display more usable, too. For example, swipe up and you can use Samsung Pay. Swipe down and you can adjust brightness or volume. Although, I’d argue getting to the volume button is easier.

That Cover Display

Actually, while we’re on the topic, activating the cover screen can be a bit cumbersome. While you can have the always-on display showing you the time and date (and if there’s an orange, it’s a way to let you know that you have a notification), getting to the actual notification or any of the other Cover Display features requires you to double-tap to wake up the display.

Only after you’ve done that can you swipe to the right to read your notifications. Or to the left to access music controls or the weather. I know the purpose is to prevent accidental taps and unnecessary battery drain, but I wish there were an easier way.

I’d go a bit further as to say, I prefer the front screen on the Motorola Razr. It’s larger and even more useful like I can even load apps on the display. I’d like to see even more functionality on the next iteration of this device.

By the way, someone asked on Instagram if you can accept calls when the phone is closed. The answer is yes — the call will show up on the cover screen. And when you swipe to accept, it will activate the Speaker mode.

If you open up the phone, it will stay in Speaker mode unless you change it.

Performance and everyday use

With the phone opened, this phone performs just like any high-end Samsung smartphone. With top-of-the-line specs like a Snapdragon 888 processor, performance will be as expected. Powerful!

Whether you’re just using it for social or for gaming, even the display is now a top-of-the-line 120Hz OLED panel. And now, unlike last year, you get stereo speakers too. So it’s good for content consumption also.

One question I get asked a lot is about the crease. It’s still there — really that’s just the nature of the material and the hinge design. You can definitely feel it. And see it. But it doesn’t really bother me.

If you’re worried about it being distracting when watching movies, don’t worry. You’ll barely notice it’s there.


Now let’s talk cameras. The Galaxy Z Flip3 has two on the outside — 12-megapixel wide and ultra-wide-angle cameras. And one 10-megapixel selfie camera on the inside. On paper, the hardware is the same as last year. Meaning, the same cameras and sensors were just carried over.

That said, software improvements will still get you a better picture overall. Of course, I have samples to prove it. I took tons of photos comparing the last year’s flip with the Flip3, and also for the fun of it — versus the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Check it out: Galaxy Z Flip3 vs Z Flip 5G vs S21 Ultra: Camera shootout

But whether you’re using the wide or ultra-wide camera during the day, you won’t notice much of a difference. Except for a much better white balance on the Flip3. The original Flip comes with a yellower hue.

You also get better low-light performance too on the Flip3. And while we’re comparing, this is where the Galaxy S21 Ultra pulls ahead — its camera is still the best on a Samsung phone. On top of that, the S21 Ultra also has a telephoto lens. Meaning, it can take closer shots.

Camera features

Every year, Samsung introduces new camera features too. And the Flip3 gets everything introduced on the S21 series. Portrait Video and Pro Video mode are new.

Night Mode comes to the selfie camera too, and then there’s Single Take Mode. Which is great for when you’re alone and want to take a few frames for Instagram. You can just prop up the phone, start posing, and then have artificial intelligence take a series of photos for you. And what’s impressive is that it does a good job.


Previously on the original Flip, you could take photos using the tiny cover screen. But because it was so small, you almost had to compose a shot blindly. Now thanks to the bigger screen, you can take photos easily. Just double press the power button to launch the camera.

You can swipe down on the screen to switch between wide and ultra-wide-angle cameras. And then, what I like to do is just flash my palm to trigger the shutter. Or you can also use the volume up or down buttons.

New on the Flip3 is the ability to also shoot video while the phone is closed. From photo mode, just swipe to the left to switch to video mode. And press one of the volume buttons to begin a recording.

All of this is great and all but I have a complaint. Photos and videos shot this way all come out square. And there’s no setting that allows you to change that. It doesn’t make sense as using these cameras when the phone is open, you can shoot both photos and videos with standard aspect ratios.

Oh, one more thing. There’s an icon that turns on Cover Preview, which basically lets the person you’re taking photos of preview a shot as you’re composing it.

That way, it’s like looking in a mirror to help them find the right pose.

About its battery life…

The Galaxy Z Flip3 lasted about a full day with moderate use. That’s usually two to three hours of screen-on time. I usually charge it in the morning while I’m having breakfast, and the phone lasts till sometime in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping. But it’s usually dead by the time I wake up.

To be honest, that’s NOT enough for a heavy user like me. I understand that it’s an engineering challenge to cram a bigger battery into such limited space. But I would have loved it if the Flip could last much longer. And to call a spade a spade it’s probably the Flip3’s biggest flaw.

Top-ups aren’t extra speedy either since a full charge takes about an hour and a half on average, using Samsung’s 25W USB-C charger. Wireless charging the device takes even longer.

And speaking of wireless charging, if you’ve got the juice to spare, you can also turn on reverse wireless charging. To charge, say your new Galaxy Buds2 or Galaxy Watch4.

But let’s be honest: With so little battery capacity available, I’m not going to do any of that. Even in a pinch.

Accessories to enjoy

By the way, in case it still needs to be pointed out in 2021, there’s no charger in the box. If you want an unboxing, check this video. But long story short, you basically get a phone and a cable. That’s it.

Guess that’s a good jump-off point to what else you can get for your Flip3. Apart from the 25W charger which comes in white and black and can be had for US$ 19.99, I’m really excited about Samsung’s lineup of cases. There’s a fancy Aramid Cover, a Leather Cover which is what I bought last year, and a Clear Cover.

But what I really like are the new Silicone Cover with Ring and Silicone Cover with Strap.

They’re both trendy and stylish and are useful because both give you a way to securely hold on to your phone. These cases are US$ 39.99 per piece.

Is the Galaxy Z Flip3 your GadgetMatch?

As always, if you own last year’s Flip then the most financially responsible thing to do is wait at least another year before you upgrade. But if you’ve been holding off — just waiting for the right time to snag a folding phone. Then now’s a definitely good time, if US$ 999 for you is affordable.

But is the Galaxy Z Flip3 really worth it? I think so. This phone, for me, is many things. A conversation starter. A cool and trendy gadget. A bite out of the future.

As you all know, I carry an iPhone in one pocket and an Android in the other. And for most of last year — the Flip was my Android phone of choice. And this year’s Flip3 will most likely claim that coveted pocket space. It might not be perfect — battery life for one needs some work. And cameras could be even better.

But there’s something about the Flip3 that keeps me coming back for more. And that je ne sais quoi cannot be denied. I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular phone this year. It’s definitely one worthy of the GadgetMatch Seal of Approval.

WATCH: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 Review: Flip or Flop?

Galaxy Z Flip3 5G — BUY here
Galaxy Fold3 5G — BUY here
Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic — BUY here
Galaxy Tab S7 FE — BUY here
Galaxy Buds2 — BUY here


Xiaomi 12T Pro review: Potential flagship killer

Serious performance



Xiaomi 12T Pro

With the variety of banger smartphones being released, it’s been somewhat difficult for brands to make a statement with just pure specs.

But when Xiaomi unveiled their prices during their 12T Series launch, the cheer and applause from the crowd just brought me back in time. The time when Xiaomi ruled the scene of bang-for-the-buck devices as they offered top class specs at very affordable prices.

Yes my friends, the Xiaomi 12T Pro could just be among those devices.

Let me explain why I think that might be the case.

Specs and performance

Xiaomi 12T Pro

Let’s not beat around the bush — the specs of the Xiaomi 12T Pro is confidently top notch. This runs on the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal Storage. Which means, there’s not much more you could ask for when it comes to its hardware specifications.

This is already packing one of the fastest chipsets that’s currently available in the market. And with our experience, it truly does bring about just as what we expect from it.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

I’ve made a ton of video reels on this doing heavy video editing for social media. Not once did I feel that the phone slowed me down. It simply breezed through most of what I did like it was nothing.

And with specs like these, I’m sure there are already a lot of people who have their eyes set on this for gaming.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

For that, I’d say this also doesn’t disappoint. Maxed graphics and FPS settings on Call of Duty: Mobile wasn’t a problem for the 12T Pro. In fact you can probably max most games on this and still get decently fast frame rates.

This did feel a bit warmer on the hands than I expected but nothing that I think would cause an issue unless you’re really pushing the phone to the limit.

200MP Main Camera

Xiaomi 12T Pro

We’re still pretty new to seeing phones with over a hundred megapixels in camera resolution and here’s Xiaomi giving us double that number. 200MP for its main camera, 8MP for its ultrawide and a 2MP macro on its rear plus a 20MP camera on its front.

That’s looking really impressive if you are judging it on paper. But how does it actually hold up in real world use? 


With the main camera, it’s easily recognizable that this is a decent performer. The new ISOCELL MP1 sensor on this was actually able to capture a night event where I was struggling to get decent lighting.


It’s able to get awesome results under challenging scenarios and even better in well lit environments.

But if you were to ask me if the huge amount of megapixels actually make a difference, my answer to that is yes but it’s not as significant as I hoped it would be.

This would probably win over others in terms of resolution but overall, if I were pixel peeping, I would still slightly prefer the quality of images coming from something like the Sony IMX sensor.

However, the margin does get bigger if we compare the zooming capabilities from a phone that has a dedicated telephoto camera. The digital zoom from the 12T Pro, despite looking respectable, still would not match images coming from a true telephoto camera.

Ultrawide shots from the 8MP sensor also do get decent photos but obviously, there is a sizable difference between this and the main camera. 

The 20MP selfie camera does also perform okay but nothing really outstanding. Just like most phones, in poor lighting, shots also look grainy and won’t look very good.

Design and build quality

Xiaomi 12T Pro

Interestingly, as most recent smartphone releases have been looking similar, Xiaomi still goes on in pursuing their own design.

The Xiaomi 12T Pro has a very smooth and curved back panel with a square cut out for the main camera and two round ones for the ultrawide and the macro. Some might think this looks kind of bland but I prefer calling it looking professional.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

If you’re used to holding high-end phones, having this on your hands, you’ll right away notice that this doesn’t quite have the same feel. You’ll feel a mixture of glass and some parts of the frame that feels plastic. As a whole I think most people won’t really notice this as it still feels substantially solid.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

I did immediately notice that it feels a bit thicker compared to the Xiaomi 12 Pro measuring 8.2mm thick while the 12T Pro being 8.6mm.

But this does have an IP53 dust and water resistance this time so that’s a big plus for added peace of mind.

Display and Speakers

Xiaomi 12T Pro

Xiaomi went with a flat display panel on the 12T Pro which, to be honest, is something that I prefer more when it comes to usability.

It may not look as sophisticated as curved displays but at least it feels easier to navigate with less chances of input error.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

Measuring 6.67 inches, it doesn’t require much effort to reach each side. Given that I don’t have very large hands, I think most people would find this screen size to be ideal.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

This is an AMOLED panel with Dolby Vision and HDR10+ certifications plus a 120Hz refresh rate so this display also looks vibrant and feels really fluid to use.

Combine the display with its stereo speaker setup and we have ourselves a well rounded media consumption device.

This pair of speakers are tuned by Harman Kardon and they sound pretty great as well. They have enough thickness to make the dialogue from the movie you’re watching cut through the mixture of sound effects.

Battery and Charging Performance

Xiaomi 12T Pro

Flagship phones often run on smaller batteries with fast charging capabilities. This is a bit different on the 12T Pro which ships out with a large 5000mAh battery and a fast 120W charger. 

In my charging test, I was able to get the 12T Pro from 10 percent to full in about 42 minutes. This may not be the fastest charging speed around right now, but it’s still incredibly fast. We’re still able to get fully juiced up even if we’ve just plugged it in before heading out for the day. 

And for a phone of this calibre, battery performance is observably good. The 12T Pro averaged me a day and a half on normal use on mostly cellular data connection. Quite different from the usual single day battery life of most flagships.

Is the Xiaomi 12T Pro your GadgetMatch?

Xiaomi 12T Pro

With so many phones to choose from, the Xiaomi 12T Pro might not be the best in the market. 

But for the relatively impressive set of hardware this packs combined with its price, this easily climbs to the top of the list when choosing a smartphone that truly resonates ‘bang for the buck’. 

Offered at PhP 37,999, you’re already getting serious performance, an excellent display, highly capable cameras and hyperfast charging. 

In my opinion, these are qualities it requires for people to consider this as another flagship killer.

You can get the Xiaomi 12T Pro in Silver, Blue and Black from Lazada, Shopee, official Xiaomi stories and authorized resellers. 

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Her GadgetMatch

Why you should upgrade to the Dyson V15

Smart and powerful



Are you someone who gets excited over vacuum cleaners? Why hello there and welcome to adulthood. Vacuuming is definitely one of the most satisfying chores at home. The results are instant and seeing all the gunk you were able to remove from your floors and furniture is always so rewarding. This is why I can be quite particular about my vacuums. I need one that makes the task easier and a lot more interesting — like the new Dyson V15 Detect Absolute.

While the wall mount is a great way to store your Dyson vacuum, I personally prefer the Docking Station. Along with the wand clip, I’m able to neatly store my favorite accessories in one place.

Dyson’s latest release in the floor care department is arguably the most intelligent and powerful cordless vacuum in the market today. The suction has improved and is now at 240 Air Watts. Thanks to a Piezo Sensor, the V15’s screen will also tell you the kind of particles it’s picking up in your home grouped by size. This is something that people will allergies will definitely be thankful for. However, the numbers aren’t just there as a party trick or merely for information. There’s a practical use for it. As the V15 detects – pun intended – the particles, it also adjusts the suction accordingly. Detection is done up to 15,000 times per second. This allows for the adjustment of the suction power on Auto Mode to be quick and intuitive. Now that’s nifty.

The right accessories and attachments for your Dyson V15

The V15 Detect also comes with a whole slew of attachments and accessories. Admittedly, seeing the range of tools and thinking of all the things you can do with them are two of the things that really get me excited when getting a new vacuum. I love how you get multi-use pieces as well as task-specific ones. 

The Digital Motorbar or the V15’s main cleaning head now comes with an anti-tangle comb that clears hair from the brush bar. This is something I longed for vacuums to have as detangling hair from brushes and rollers isn’t something to look forward to. It’s no gimmick either. My hair’s been getting longer and I shed almost as much as our corgi. We tested it here at home and it actually works. 

The laser works well even during day time, showing all the fur and microdust on our hard floor. The culprit, our Welsh Corgi Pembroke Juancho, isn’t very happy about the exposure of his crime scene.

The V15 — both models — come with the Laser Slim Fluffy Cleaner Head which is perfect for seeing microdust and things you may just miss on hard floors. The Hair Screw Tool is the upgrade of the Mini Motorized Tool. It has the power of its predecessor and the anti-tangle technology of the Digital Motorbar. It’s perfect for cleaning upholstery, mattresses, and even in your car.

You also get attachments that were available in previous models like the Crevice Tool for those narrow, hard to reach places, Combination Tool, Mini Soft Dusting Brush, and the Stubborn Dirt Brush. The vacuum still comes with a wall mount where your charger can go through, ensuring tidier storage.

The HEPA model comes with a built-in dusting and crevice tool that hides inside the wand when not in use. It seems like a minor addition but makes it much easier to switch from full vacuum to handheld. Extra attachments like the Low-Reach Adaptor makes cleaning under beds and sofas a breeze and the Fabric and Mattress tool for your in-home cleaning. This frees up your Hair Screw Tool for your car.

Straight from the source. The Pet Grooming Tool will take loose hair, dander, dirt, and other nasties off your pet.

But what I’m really looking forward to is the launch of the Dyson Pet Groom tool here in the Philippines. Set to arrive in early 2023, this piece is a game changer for pet owners. Living with a corgi means having to deal with shedding all year round. We also have to hoover every single day or else we’ll be dealing with fur tumbleweeds throughout our flat which gather more dust and allergens. The new Pet Groom Tool is a brush that you can attach to the main body of your V15. With 364 bristles angled at 35°, you’re able to remove loose fur and dander from your pet. Without hurting them, of course. 

Filtering microdust with the Dyson V15

Dyson vacuums have always been pretty idiot-proof. It’s a piece of technology that marries form and substance — looking great while packing a lot of power for a cordless vacuum. I’ve always loved how Dyson vacuums don’t use bags. Clearing the bin is easy — hold it over the bin and pull the side handle down. Less waste makes it kinder to the environment. 

The V15 also comes with 5-stages of advanced filtration, capturing 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. You’re not only cleaning your home but the air around you as well. There’s no need to keep buying filters and produce more waste because all you have to do is regularly take off the filter, place it under running water to clean, let it dry overnight and put it back. This works for both the regular and HEPA filters.

A real time count of the particles allows the vacuum to adjust suction power on its own on Auto Mode.

Sure, the V15 is a tad heavier if you compare it to the Omniglide and the V12 slim. However, it’s is a more powerful machine and runs longer. At 60 minutes, I’m able to deep clean most of our two-bedroom home. I’ve owned the V11 Absolute Extra Pro (a bigger V11 released in Germany) since 2019 and I’d say there’s not much difference in weight. I’ve enjoyed the power I got from V11 and always regarded it as my favorite vacuum, thinking that it’s hard to top its suction power as far as cordless vacuums go without making it too heavy. I was actually surprised that the V15 was able to achieve just that.

For comparison: (L-R) The Dyson Omniglide, V11 Absolute Extra Pro (EU release), and the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute.

What’s left to improve?

While I’m absolutely smitten by the V15, here’s what I would love to see in the next upgrades. A laser on the Digital Motorbar would be great so that we can also see microdust and hair that tends to blend with the color of our carpets. 

Some people online have complained about the lack of a trigger lock. This means you have to keep your finger on the trigger to keep the vacuum running. I think this is more of a question of preference. I don’t mind having a trigger lock as an option but I rarely used it in my older vacuums. For those who really think it can be an issue for them, the V12 does come with a start and stop button instead of a trigger.

The Low Reach adaptor makes cleaning under furniture a breeze. Its counterpart, the Up-Top adaptor is great for high areas – above cabinets and even the top parts of your ceiling fans by attaching the soft brush.

Price points

The V15 Detect Absolute comes in two variants — V15 Detect Absolute and V15 Detect Absolute HEPA. The main difference is the filter and the colors. The former is in sprayed yellow and nickel and the latter is in a combination of sprayed gold and iron with the HEPA filter coming in a lovely shade of aqua.

The V15 Detect Absolute HEPA variant retails for PhP54,900 and comes with two extra tools (Fabric and Mattress tool and Low-Reach Adaptor) as well as its hidden dusting and crevice tool inside the wand.

The V15 Detect Absolute, meanwhile, is slightly cheaper at PhP50,900. Both models are now available at Dyson stores in the Philippines as well as their official online stores on Lazada and Shopee.

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realme 10 review: It’s a 10!

For what it’s aiming to be



realme 10

The realme number series has been a fantastic sales performer for good reason. The company has remained consistent in offering an entry-to-mid level smartphone that meets the needs of most people. The realme 10 is no different.

Let’s get a few things out of the way. 

Here are the specs:

Display Screen Type: Super AMOLED

Size: 6.4″

Resolution: FHD+1080*2400

PPI: 409

Screen-to-Body Ratio: 90.80%

Refresh Rate: 90Hz

Touch Sampling Rate: 180Hz

Brightness: 600 nits

Glass Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Audio Speakers: 1

Audio Ports: 3.5mm Headset Jack

Audio Certification: N/A

System Operating System: realme UI 3.0, Android 12
Voice Assistant: Google AssistantProcessor: MediaTek Helio G99 Processor
Cameras Rear: 50MP Color AI + 2MP Black & White Lens

Front: 16MP

Connectivity WiFi: 2.4GHz, 5GHz

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.3

Frequency Bands: 2G / 3G / 4G

Dimensions Dimensions (LxWxH): 159.9 mm x 73.3 mm x 7.95 mm

Weight: 178g

Battery Capacity 5,000mAh
Power Supply Charging Wattage: 33W SUPERVOOC Charge
RAM Memory GB 8GB+128GB / 8GB+256GB 

And here’s everything inside the box: 

realme 10

That’ll be the realme 10, a 33W SUPERVOOC Adapter, Type A to Type C USB Cable, Warranty Card, Quick Guide. SIM Ejector Pin, and a Jelly Case.

We understand the urge to use the Jelly Case to protect your precious purchase. But we mostly rocked the realme 10 bare and never felt like it was in any form of danger. Plus it just looks better. The accompanying case completely ruins the effect of the Clash White back panel that we have right here. The phone, by the way, is also available in Rush Black. 

Design, ports, buttons, and feel on the hand

realme 10

Perhaps the most striking thing about the realme 10 is its back panel. Especially the Clash White version, hence our insistence on not using a case with it. If you’re the flashy type, you’ll have a ball taking mirror selfies with this one. 

realme 10

It sparkles and reflects in quite a gorgeous manner. It almost makes you think that it has a different coat of paint depending on which angle you’re looking at it from. The realme 10 is pretty to look at and that’s a “feature” that smartphones in this price segment are starting to really understand. 

Ports and buttons wise, you get the power button and volume rockers on the right hand side. 

On the left, you’ll find the SIM tray which houses three slots: two nano SIM cards and one microSD card slot up to 1TB to really expand your storage. 

Going down to the bottom, you’ll see a 3.5mm headphone jack, the USB-C port, and the single downward firing speaker. The company’s marketing materials amusingly calls the latter “200% UltraBoom Speaker” which isn’t doing it any favors. It’s not bad. In fact, it’s pretty good for a single down firing speaker, but the marketing was really pushing it here. 

Now that we’re on the subject, might as well talk about taking in entertainment on this phone. 

Display and media consumption

realme 10

The LE SSERAFIM girls absolutely slaying this cover of EXO’s “Love Shot”

You can take a quick glance at the specs above for the numbers, but know that in practice, the display is pretty much as advertised. Nothing too crazy here. The colors look good and watching videos are pretty satisfactory. 

realme 10

Curiously, when watching fancams by LE SSERAFIM Kazuha on YouTube, we could only get a maximum of 720p for the resolution. This wasn’t the case when viewing the same fancam on a much more premium phone. It looks fine, especially for a display of this size, but it’s something worth mentioning. 

Also, don’t mind the accompanying photo. We had crappy internet while taking it.

realme 10

Video viewing is enjoyable to the eyes as the colors still pop when you expect them too. The speakers, while serviceable, aren’t the most ideal way of watching. If you have headphones you can use, suggest you do that versus relying on the single speaker. 

Performance and gaming

realme 10

The realme 10 performs just about as expected especially when accessing the usual social and work apps. Jumping from TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and what-have-you was seamless with no hiccups whatsoever. And sure, you can pretty much say that with most phones these days but to have a really smooth performance at an entry-to-mid level price point is still fascinating. 

realme 10

We typically don’t do any heavy work things on our phone. The occasional emails, checking presentations, drafts, and opening a few PDF files here and there all ran smoothly. 

realme 10

Gaming is boosted by both the extended RAM capability as well as the realme’s Game Mode that lets you throttle performance to push all resources to gaming. It also filters out notifications so you can focus on winning. 

Overall, it works as expected. Which is a great thing. 


realme 10

There’s also been plenty of smartphones in this price segment equipped with a 50MP main shooter. And we can say performance is consistent all throughout. 

We took these samples during a gloomy, cloudy day. What your eyes see is literally what you get when taking landscape shots. 

It also does a good job even when there are things in motion. 

On the default camera app, you can easily get to 2X zoom which is a good way to “get closer” to your subject. 

The 50MP shines the brightest when taking up close photos in well-lit spaces. Spot the coffee cup photo above. This was just the default camera and not portrait mode. But there’s a significant separation between the subject and background. The lights on the trees in the background also made for some really nice bokeh. 

The same is true for shots taken at a similar distance. You can create a nice separation by putting more attention to your subject. 

We took a photo of the bread at a different angle and you can see that it also is able to capture it in good detail. 

But like most phones, when the light setting is poor, food shots aren’t as appetizing. 

Is this your GadgetMatch?

realme 10

The realme 10 is solid. It’s certainly a 10 given the price to performance ratio. Oh, right. The price. The phone comes in two variants with the following pricing: 

  • 8GB+128GB – PhP 12,999
  • 8GB+256GB – PhP 14,999

You’ll find more pre-order and availability details here.

So, given all of that, you’re getting a package that may not be stacked, but is undeniably solid. The realme 10 is a head turner, a good performer, and a decent moment capturer. It’ll take care of your needs with no problems whatsoever.

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