Samsung TV offers huge discounts, free premium products for Christmas

Freebies include: Galaxy Note 10, Side-by-side fridge



Samsung TV isn’t holding back at all on its discounts and freebies offerings for the 2019 Christmas season.

The company believes the best moments can be shared during the holidays are shared in front of television, and these moments will be merrier with a Samsung TV in your living room. To make this happen, Samsung Philippines is offering great deals on its QLED, UHD, and Full HD TVs with the Merrier Christmas Gifts promo for TVs. See the full list of discounted TVs here.

You can save up to 40 percent on top-of-the-line televisions with premium freebies from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, Side-by-side Refrigerator, a Dolby Atmos Soundbar, and many others.

Here’s a quick look at the 8K and 4K TVs on promo along with their discounts and freebies:


TV Model Price Freebies and/or discounts
QLED 8K Q900R 98″ PhP 4,990,000 Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) and HW-Q90R Soundbar -OR- French Door Ref
QLED 8K Q900R 82″ PhP 999,999 Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) -OR- 3-door Side-by-side Ref
QLED 8K Q900R 75″ PhP 599,999 Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB) -OR- 2-door Side-by-side Ref
QLED 4K Q90R 75″ PhP 334,999 HW-Q70R Soundbar and PhP 52,000 discount
QLED 4K Q90R 65″ PhP 264,999 Galaxy Tab SE and PhP 42,500 discount
QLED 4K Q70R 65″ PhP 169,999 Galaxy Tab SE and PhP 25,000 discount
QLED 4K Q70R 55″ PhP 114,999 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 and PhP 18,900 discount
QLED 4K Q60R 82″ PhP 319,999 HW-Q70R Soundbar and PhP 56,500 discount
QLED 4K Q60R 75″ PhP 264,999 Galaxy Tab SE and PhP 42,500 discount
QLED 4K Q60R 65″ PhP 119,999 Galaxy A20s and PhP 30,000 discount
QLED 4K Q60R 55″ PhP 84,999 Galaxy A20s and PhP 15,000 discount
Premium UHD TV RU8000 82″ PhP 249,999 Galaxy Tab SE and PhP 50,000 discount
UHD TV RU7100 75″ PhP 134,999 Galaxy A20s and PhP 35,000 discount


Promo runs from November 27, 2019 to December 31, 2019. Registration for redemption of the freebies is from November 27,2019 to February 29, 2020. For more, visit the Samsung Merrier Christmas gifts website.


Samsung’s TV and sound bar bundle is discounted until June

Get a 4K TV + a sound bar for your own home theater



Being stuck at home due to the pandemic doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Those looking to upgrade their home entertainment experience should take a look at Samsung’s latest promo right now. From April 1 to June 30, you can now get a UHD TV and a sound bar with a discounted price — perfect for those setting up their own theater system.

To be specific, Samsung is offering the Crystal UHD TV and Soundbar bundle for less than PhP 29,990. That hefty discount, however, is available only for straight cash or card payment. Still, consumers are getting a true bang-for-the-buck considering what the bundle offers.

With the Crystal UHD TV, consumers can watch up their favorite movies and episodes in glorious 4K resolution. Plus, the TV comes with smart features as a standard so they can access their favorite apps like Netflix, YouTube, Viu, and more. Paired with the Soundbar, everyone can enjoy a truly immersive viewing experience from the comforts of their own home theater.

The TV and sound bar bundle is available on all authorized Samsung dealers and retailers nationwide. To know more about the bundle and other promos from the brand, visit their website today.

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Samsung offers 14-day trial program for the Galaxy S21 5G series

Full refund if you don’t like the phone



Galaxy S21

Samsung is feeling mighty confident about their latest flagship smartphones as they are offering a 14-day trial program for all members of the Galaxy S21 5G series.

How does it work? You’re gonna have to pony up and pay for the device in full. Pricing are as follows:

Galaxy S21 5G

  • 128GB — PhP 44,990
  • 256GB — PhP 47,990

Galaxy S21+ 5G

  • 128GB — PhP 54,990
  • 256GB — PhP 57,990

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

  • 128GB — PhP 66,990
  • 256GB — PhP 69,990

If after the 14 days you find yourself attached to the whatever Galaxy you come in contact with, then hurray, it’s yours to enjoy. However, if you come away unimpressed, you’re free to return the device given that it’s still in very good condition. You break it, it’s considered sold.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series

The Galaxy S21 series features a slightly altered look, improved cameras from a software standpoint, and a host of new features for video-taking. Something entirely new to the S series is the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s S Pen support — a feature previously reserved only for the Galaxy Note series.

The series will also remove charging bricks from the box — a move that Apple did and Samsung previously mocked.

The entire Galaxy S21 series also has UWB or Ultra Wide Band. It lets users point their phone at another Galaxy phone to send files. The feature set has been expanded to include unlocking your car with your phone.

Samsung is also launching an accessory called Smart Tags. These are trackers you can attach to your keys or your backpack. You can then use these to locate your items using the SmartThings Find App.

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Get a freebie for every purchase of XTREME Cool aircons

Available from March 1 to May 31



XTREME is here to cool down the summer with its latest promo on its select appliances. Customers can get a free exclusive item with the purchase of participating XTREME Cool products from March 1 to May 31.

Participating XTREME Cool products include window-type and split-type air conditioners, chest freezers, and refrigerators. The complete list of participating products and bundled items follow:

Bundled with XH-DESKFAN16G (worth PhP 855)

  • XACWT05 (0.5HP window-type aircon)
  • XACWT10 (1HP window-type aircon)
  • XACWT15 (1.5HP window-type aircon)

Bundled with XH-STANDFAN16W (worth PhP 1,055)

  • XACWT10R (1HP window-type aircon with remote)
  • XACWT15R (1.5HP window-type aircon with remote)
  • XACWT20R (2HP window-type aircon with remote)
  • XACWT10i (1HP window-type aircon with remote)
  • XACWT15i (1.5HP window-type aircon with remote)

Bundled with XH-EFTHESILENCER (worth PhP 2,995)

  • XACST10 (1HP split-type aircon)
  • XACST15 (1.5HP split-type aircon)
  • XACST20 (2HP split-type aircon)
  • XACST25 (2.5HP split-type aircon)

Bundled with XMO-20DS (worth PhP 3,495)

  • XACST10i (1HP split-type aircon)
  • XACST15i (1.5HP split-type aircon)
  • XACST20i (2HP split-type aircon)
  • XACST25i (2.5HP split-type aircon)

Bundled with XH-EFTHESILENCER (worth PhP 3,495)

  • XACST10 (1HP split-type aircon)

Bundled with RC55 CUP5 Rice Cooker (worth PhP 795)

  • XCOOL-SD93M (single-door refrigerator)
  • XCOOL-SD151M (single-door refrigerator)
  • XCOOL-DD210M (double-door refrigerator)
  • XCOOL-CF7 (chest freezer)

Bundled with RC55 CUP10 Rice Cooker (worth PhP 995)

  • XCOOL-CF11 (chest freezer)
  • XCF-14D

You can avail of these bundled products on any XTREME concept stores or any participating stores and dealers nationwide. To know more about these products, visit XTREME’s website, Lazada, or Shopee store page.

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