Smartphones cheaper on normal days over sale days, says study

Study by iPrice group



realme GT Master Edition

Online shopping has been a hit among Filipino consumers. Monthly online sales days like 11.11 and 12.12 drive people to e-commerce sites in hopes of the best deals.

The practice includes trying to score on different smartphones at the most affordable rates. These also include the usual discounts and freebies.

However, a study conducted by iPrice group, an e-commerce aggregator with a database of over 7 million products and 8 million sellers across Southeast Asia, reveals a different story.

Smartphones cheaper on normal days

The study collected price data of smartphones from July 16 to December 31, 2021.

It revealed that from August to December, the cheapest median smartphone price falls on a normal day instead of a sales day, as seen in the table below.

Month Smartphone median price on Sales Day Smartphone median price on a Non-Sales Day
August PhP 18, 694.22 on 8.8 PhP 18, 311.75 (August 3)
September PhP 20, 212.80 on 9.9 PhP 18, 298.42 (September 25)
October PhP 20, 450.18 on 10.10 PhP 19, 085.91 (October 26)
November PhP 18, 345.59 on 11.11 PhP 17, 207.41 (December 17)
December PhP 17, 640.64 on 12.12 PhP 17, 478.11 (December 16)

Prices marked up before sale days

Another interesting tidbit the study revealed is that prices were marked up in the days leading to the actual sale day.

For instance, prices started increasing by September 30, 2021 until it reached a median price of PhP 22,100 on October 2, 2021.

It drops by 8 percent — down to PhP 20,500 during the 10.10 sale, but the median price was 15 percent lower on September 25, 2021 at PhP 18,300.

Similar patterns were observed during the buildups to the 11.11 and 12.12 sales across e-commerce platforms.

December still best month to buy smartphones

According to the average of all median prices, December is still the best month to buy a smartphone.

If shoppers are interested to buy a smartphone during a sales day, then 12.12 would be the most ideal date as the median price is lower.

Aside from that, most Filipino workers have already received their 13th month pay by that period.

As has been the case, the month of December has always been filled with clearance and holiday sales as it is definitely one of the most exciting months in Philippine culture and tradition.

Smartphone prices in PH among highest

Lastly, as iPrice also observed the median prices of smartphones in other Southeast Asian countries, it was discovered that the Philippines had the second highest median price at PhP 19,100, just below Singapore’s PhP 23,400 equivalent.

Indonesia had the cheapest median price for smartphones at PhP 13,000, followed by Thailand (PhP 15,400) and Malaysia (PhP 15,500).

This is quite a bummer given that the Philippines also has one of the lowest wages among the Southeast Asian countries, so scoring the best deals on online purchases and buying smart are definitely musts.


Nokia announces new accessories, T20 bundle

Four new earbuds and headphones



Nokia has announced four new accessories to its growing lineup of smartphones and other tech devices.

They are the Nokia Comfort Earbuds Pro, Nokia Clarity Earbuds +, Nokia Wired and Wireless Headphones, and Nokia Go Earbuds 2 Pro.

Both the Clarity Earbuds + (PhP 3,490) and Comfort Earbuds Pro (PhP 2,990) feature Active Noise Cancellation technology and up to 20 hours of playback, making them ideal for workouts and everyday use.

For a more affordable option, the Go Earbuds 2 Pro (PhP 1,790) comes in handy, with low latency mode and sweat- and splash-resistance to boot.

Meanwhile, the foldable wired (PhP 890) and wireless (PhP 1,690) headphones sport big bass for powerful sound. The wireless variant can deliver up to 60 hours of playback.

The four new products will be available exclusively on Shopee until July 11. They may be also purchased in all Nokia mobile official stores and authorized resellers nationwide from late June.

In addition, customers may also avail a limited time bundle starting on July 1: the Nokia T20 tablet will be on sale for only PhP 10,990 — a PhP 2,000 slash from its original price – and shall be bundled with the new Nokia wired headphones.


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PLDT Fast Hub: A taste of (near) 10,000mbps

With the PLDT Fast Hub



PLDT Fast Hub

Fast and consistently reliable Internet speed has always felt like a pipe dream in the Philippines. But PLDT is doing its best to make it a reality. The latest expansion sees the company bringing up to 10,000mbps to select areas in the county. 

The number seems staggering. To show exactly what it can do, we spent an afternoon at the PLDT Fast Hub. Here’s what the experience was like. 

Close to 10,000mbps 

PLDT Fast Hub

We conducted several OOKLA speed tests and never quite got to exactly 10,000mbps. However, the speeds were consistently around 8,000mbps. That’s still more than any other plan in the Philippines at the moment.

Specific hardware required

PLDT Fast Hub

Naturally, something this fast has to come with its own set of specific hardware. Every household is different, so you’ll need to fill-up this form from PLDT to find out exactly what’s required for your setup. Consequently, your setup will determine the full pricing.

How many devices can it handle? Covering up to around 6,000 square maters thanks to the ASUS ZenWifi and a mesh system, the service can accommodate up to 100 bandwidth-hungry devices at once without struggling. With this, you still have room to connect a few more passive smart devices. 

And that’s exactly what was on display on the Fast Hub.

Multiple devices

PDLT Fast Hub

This was the primary computer connected to the service. We loaded a bunch of sites, which, to be honest, didn’t really put too much strain on the service. Imagine 10 more of these in the household and the connection can still handle it smoothly.

PLDT Fast Hub

Is there a gamer in the family? Having consistent and fast bandwidth is key, especially if you play competitive multiplayer games like Valorant. We tried our hand on a few games and while we ultimately ate dust in the game, the internet connection more than held up.

PLDT Fast Hub

To set the mood while taking these photos, we fired up TWICE’s Hello (Performed by Nayeon, Momo, and Chaeyoung). Music streaming typically doesn’t really eat up too much bandwidth, so you can vibe to whatever your jam is to your heart’s content.

PDLT Fast Hub

Some Playstation 5/console games require you to be online. Inside the fast hub, we ran a few races on Gran Turismo 7. Again, the overall experience was seamless. Would’ve loved to be able to test this on NBA 2K’s Park since that’s the mode we consistently have trouble connecting to. Perhaps another time.

Connected Smart Home

PLDT Fast Hub

Other than the aforementioned devices, the PLDT Fast Hub also featured a bunch of smart lights. We can’t recall the exact number but there were probably over 15 lights setup. All of which responded swiftly  after being issued voice commands via Google Assistant.

There was also a smart vacuum in the room which also responded to voice commands. It didn’t quite do exactly what you told it to, but perhaps that’s more the device than the Internet connection.

They even had this smart mirror in the room. With it you can pull up any workouts on YouTube and follow-along the exercise while the video is playing.

A dream

The PLDT Fast Hub delivered a taste of a dream. In fact, the whole setup likely didn’t even push the connection to the limit. But to know that this is now a possibility in certain locations is encouraging. Hoping it becomes more widely available and accessible soon.

To know if it covers your area, again, you may sign up on this form.

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vivo Y76 5G to be more affordable by July

PhP 2,000 off



Starting July 1, the vivo Y76 5G will have a discounted price of PhP 14,999 from PhP 16,999, making the vlogging smartphone even more affordable for customers.

For a refresher, the Y76 was released in January. It is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor and has a 6.58-inch FHD+ (2408×1080) IPS LCD display.

It comes with an ultra-slim design at just 7.79mm thick while weighing just 175 grams. The phone has a 4,100mAh battery with support for 44W flash charging.

A vlogger’s phone

Meant to help creators produce better content, the phone packs flagship-level camera specs and features.

There’s a 50MP main camera, 2MP macro, and 2MP bokeh on the rear, and a 16MP selfie camera.

The Y76 has a Dual-View Video feature which allows users to use both the front and rear camera at the same time when filming.

The phone is capable of recording slow-mos, time-lapses, and taking double-exposure photos.

Other features include AI Face Beauty Algorithm and Smart Softlight Band to enhance selfie captures.

PhP 2,000 off 

The PhP 2,000 price slash will take effect starting on July 1, 2022. 

The vivo Y76 5G is available at all vivo stores and kiosks nationwide, vivo’s official E-store, and official Shopee and Lazada stores.


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