TikTok announces a $200 million fund to pay creators

If you can’t convince the government, lure the people!



TikTok is one of the largest video-based social networks and incumbents like Instagram are scrambling to join the trend. However, not everything is fine for TikTok since it’s now banned in India and the US is inching closer towards a similar proposition.

Amid the uncertainty, TikTok has announced a US$ 200 million fund that’ll help top creators on the platform earn. Officially called the TikTok Creator Fund, it aims to help adults make a living from the platform. A monetary benefit will directly lure users and encourage them to be more active on the platform.

Eligible users must live in the United States and “consistently” post original videos that comply with TikTok guidelines. The app will start accepting applications starting August. Details about the payout are unclear though.

Direct payout will make it easy for creators to earn because most rely on third-party deals to monetize their following at the moment. This process is cumbersome and works for creators who already have a sizeable audience.

Luring users in

With this announcement, TikTok is directly luring the users instead of trying to get cozy with lawmakers. Companies can usually lobby to law makers. However, TikTok doesn’t have that option anymore.

The recent security law in Hong Kong, border conflict with India, and lack of transparency about Coronavirus have put the Chinese company in a very difficult position.

Multiple reports and findings have indicated that the app could pose a privacy risk. The company has exhausted all strategical and diplomatic options.

Owned by China’s ByteDance, TikTok has tried its best to regain confidence by appointing an American CEO. They also hinted at possible corporate restructuring.

The company has a very short window to make its mark because rivals like Instagram are catching up quickly. Reels is Instagram’s alternative for TikTok and it has gained a lot of traction in India where TikTok isn’t available anymore.


Apple launches the Apple Music Voice Plan

Cheaper and exclusive to Siri



With voice technology today, using an interface feels less of a necessity now. The tech world can now control their favorite apps completely hands-free with only the power of their voices. Is it finally time to ditch the user interface? Apple seems to think so. Apple Music has launched a new plan, allowing users to control the app using only their voice.

Subscribed to the new Apple Music Voice Plan, users will have access to the streaming platform’s gallery of over 90 million songs and Apple Music Radio.

To complement the introduction of voice-centric features, Apple Music is also getting a boost of new playlist and mood functions. Subscribers can use Siri to play music customized to specific activities and moods. Apple specifically mentioned examples like “Play something chill” or “Play a playlist for hiking.” Though obviously optimized for voice, the new feature is available for every Apple Music subscriber.


Currently, the new plan will launch for only a selected slate of launch countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The Apple Music Voice Plan will cost US$ 4.99 per month. The regular individual plan costs US$ 9.99. Finally, the family plan (available for up to six accounts) sells for US$ 14.99.

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iShop: One-stop solution for Brother’s products

Get those printers, sewing machines, and cartridges!



Fans of Brother, assemble!

Brother Philippines has just introduced iShop — a new feature on the brand’s Customer Plus App serving as a one-stop solution for all Brother products.

The new feature puts together Brother’s available products. From inkjet and mono laser printers, label makers, sewing machines, to consumables like an ink cartridge. You can access iShop by tapping the shopping cart icon on the Customer Plus homepage, which will allow you to purchase products through Brother’s authorized dealers and partners.

Moreover, you can shop for Brother products on other e-commerce channels, which is also accessible from the feature. Furthermore, you can opt to reserve or purchase products from physical stores. So you can pick it up on your preferred schedule.

The iShop feature is now available on Brother’s Customer Plus App. The app can be downloaded on Google’s Play Store and the App Store.

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Pixel 6 will reportedly have a Magic Eraser feature

It can erase strangers from photos



Taking photos at a crowded location is usually a problem for most tourists. Most of the time, you’ll end up taking photos with unwanted strangers in the background. In worse situations, someone might even bomb your photos on purpose. Luckily, with artificial intelligence now, getting perfect photos is easier. To show its power in AI technology, the upcoming Pixel 6 series will reportedly have a Magic Eraser feature.

Accidentally shared by retailer website Carphone Warehouse (and preserved through Wayback Machine), the upcoming flagship series will sport a flurry of camera features. Though the series will have the standard array of photography improvements, the most notable feature is an upcoming Magic Eraser which will “remove strangers and unwanted objects in Google Photos.”

To anyone familiar with photography software, this is already possible especially through Adobe Photoshop’s healing tool. However, getting the feature natively in a smartphone is a big step especially for tourists who might not have access to Photoshop.

Besides the feature, the accidental webpage reveals a lot of details about the upcoming flagship series. Of course, it’s not a big reveal anymore. Google itself has already shared more about the Pixel 6 series more than the leaks. The series will officially launch on October 19 in a launch event.

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