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Uniqlo shows off 2019 Fall/Winter collection

Look chic and comfortable



It’s the season of changing colors, once again. From lush green and blue skies to earthly tones of red, gold and orange, nature then shifts into a magical sparkle of white and glitter.

Fall and Winter are just around the corner and it’s the time where we splurge ourselves on a nice coat (and layers of clothes). Some people would rather opt for a long down coat — particularly not the classy ones but would keep them warm — but you can always have an outerwear where style doesn’t sacrifice functionality.

Fortunately, Uniqlo is here to save the day. The Japanese fashion brand unveiled its 2019 Fall/Winter collection and you will never have to choose between form and function — because you can have both.

Photo by Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s 19FW collection focuses on a refined and accessible answer to the cold weather that fall and winter brings. Proprietary fabrics such as Blocktech are used in creating a fabulous outerwear — which are packed with water-repellent and wind-proofing technologies to keep you dry and stylish at the same time.

Time to layer it up!

Uniqlo has a new range of coats for you to wear on top of your multiple-layered clothing. Expanding from the elegant and refined Merino and cashmere knits, the brand introduces a new material — the Soufflé Yarn  — which provides bliss through its softness and warmth.

Blue works well with yellow — or any shades of brown and orange. Uniqlo’s new collection features these golden, earthly hues in a range of tops, bottoms, and innerwear. Blacks, whites, and gray stay as the perfect neutrals to balance out the two, bold colors.

Fluffy silhouettes are also in this season! Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down and Hybrid Down series incorporates a perfect balance of warmth and mobility. Despite its bulky look, you can rock the aisles and pavements without being bogged down.

But it’s not even just for wearing around towns. Travelers can take advantage of these fluffy coats to protect them at any season. Coordinating outfits are even more enjoyable!

Uniqlo collaborates with designers in bringing style and elegance. The 2019 Fall/Winter collection features a lineup from UK-born fashion designer Hana Tajima, where her works embody a rich cultural diversity with a graceful and comfortable approach. Her works aim to enhance a woman’s beauty regardless of age, ethnicity, culture, or belief.

On the other hand, global fashion icon Inès de La Fressange features essential wear delivering beauty and comfort to women. Her style draws inspiration from her childhood memories of Megève in France. The fashion icon thinks of the town as a chic winter scene, hence, this new collection screams a timeless French style.

To achieve that Parisian chic look like Inès de La Fressange, splurge on duffel coats and oversized down parkas.

Fleece celebrates 25 years

Uniqlo celebrates fleece’s silver year. Perhaps, it’s one of the most versatile clothing since it’s becoming an integral part of every fashion enthusiast’s fall and winter wardrobe. For instance, you can fleece as a middle layer with your outerwear.

It’s also becoming essential from an ecological standpoint. The fashion industry is being called out for using real fur which is why the fleece is becoming an alternative.

Uniqlo’s fleece lineup currently has full-zip and half-zip fleece, and a fluffy fleece with modern silhouettes. Joining the lineup are the new items sporting Boa fleece (which looks like a fluffy sheep’s wool) offering V-neck zip-up cardigans, blouson-type jackets, tailored coats, and collarless coats.

Style and comfort doesn’t always scream fashion

To people who would rather opt for comfortable clothes, Uniqlo brings in flannels for you to sport this cool and chill season. It can also serve as an innerwear, but flannels are so independent they can stand out on their own.

Photo by MJ Jucutan | GadgetMatch

For instance, patterns can spruce up your blocks of colors when you’re layering. And by far, this is one of my favorite in the 2019 Fall/Winter collection.

Which one are you looking forward to when these come out in their stores? Let us know on our social media channels and sound off your thoughts.


How to wear green: Autumn’s most underrated color

Some tips on how you can subtly incorporate green to your looks this season



Despite everything I see on fashion editorials and on my feed, it’s always this time of the year when I become obsessed with green.  When I think of fall, colors of rustic countryside and foliage come to mind. I imagine deep but vibrant hues — earth tones like rust, mustard, a deep red, and the entire brown spectrum.

This is why there’s no more perfect time to add green pieces to your looks than during autumn to winter — it’s not anyone’s go-to. Here are some tips on how you can subtly incorporate green to your looks this season:

Play it safe with olive

If emerald green is too much for you to pull off, start with moss, olive, or army green first. It’s almost like wearing a neutral but it still adds a hint of color to your outfit. A parka in this color is an easy choice that will go well with a lot of casual outfits. For when you want to look a little bit more dressed up, try wearing a mini bag in this shade.

The girl in the green scarf

Adding a splash of color to a neutral outfit with accessories is the easiest trick to pull off on anyone’s styling book. Make a green accessory the focal point of an otherwise ordinary everyday look. If you have a signature styling item, get it in an emerald green color. I’ve been obsessing over silky scarves lately. I wear them with my ponytail, as a headband, or on my purse.

New phone, new color

If you’re due for a smartphone upgrade, get a new color option instead of black. A lot of smartphones this year come in a new shade of green, including the new iPhone 11 Pro. Like a statement necklace, it can be a great focal point for your outfit. When there’s already too much going on with your look and you’re not confident enough to pull off color blocking, it’s best to cover it up with a neutral case that matches your purse and shoes.

Go green, all-green

Here’s yet another tonal dressing suggestion. While I love an all-nude look to stand out in a sea of tans and blacks this season, all-green is my next go-to — and it’s probably my favorite. It’s what started my love affair with tonal dressing to begin with. An all-green outfit is not as feminine as nude, but it’s just sophisticated. It’s not as much of a statement as wearing red from head to toe, but it will stand out just as much in a sea of blacks and tans.

Green was never something I would wear growing up; my teenager self never saw it to be flattering or versatile. Age changed that. It’s still a tricky color to wear — especially the bolder, more vibrant shades — but when styled right, it can be the most polished look you’ve pulled off in a long time.


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5 ways to instantly elevate your look

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The instax Mini 9 comes with a retro craft bundle for the holiday season

For all your scrapbooking dreams



The holiday season is here!

If you’re still struggling in coming up with a gift idea, Team Instax might have just curated one for you. Fujifilm partnered with Craft Easy to create the instax Mini 9 Craft Kit.

The craft kit comes with a unique, retro tin box that comes in five colors — each with an accompanying message and particular design. Inside you get a Mini 9 camera, a pack of film, as well as crafting materials including wooden clips, washi tapes, and a set of fun stickers. This special bundle could be a great gift for only PhP 4,499 (US$ 89).

instax Mini 9

The instax Mini 9 is an instant camera that lets you take better selfies that you can print thanks to the built-in selfie mirror placed next to its lens. There’s also a close-up lens attachment if you want to photograph your subjects closer. Lighting can easily be adjusted, too, with its brightness adjustment dial. To operate the camera, you only need two AA size alkaline batteries. Happiness is just one click away!

The Mini 9 is available in Flamingo Pink, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Cobalt Blue, and Smoky White. The camera retails for PhP 3,999. It’s available at Fujifilm authorized dealers nationwide.

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Huawei Nova 5T: The phone that lets you be independent

What she needs in life are tools that help her just be who she is



The modern woman is preoccupied with a lot of things: work, spending quality time with family and friends, learning new skills, self-care, maybe even finding romance. She has a lot going on, so what she needs in life are tools that help her just be who she is.

When it comes to smartphones, the Huawei Nova 5T is a phone she can rely on. With its super fast fingerprint unlock and 8GB of memory, she won’t need to do any more waiting than she already does in her day to day.

Having 128GB of storage, she can take as many photos and videos as she wants. And the flagship Kirin 980 processor assures her that she can do anything she ought to do and multitask like the career woman that she is. No compromises here.

Who says a girl needs an Instagram boyfriend? The 32MP selfie camera on the Huawei Nova 5T lets her take wide-angle and beautiful selfies and outfit shots all on her own, without having to rely on anyone else. And those cameras at the back give her professional-like photos, too. No more boring photos.

The modern woman hustles and stays connected and the Nova 5T can stay on with her for for as long as she needs it to be. When it runs out of juice, it gets up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

This feature was produced in collaboration between GadgetMatch and Huawei Philippines.

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