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Uniqlo shows off 2019 Fall/Winter collection

Look chic and comfortable



It’s the season of changing colors, once again. From lush green and blue skies to earthly tones of red, gold and orange, nature then shifts into a magical sparkle of white and glitter.

Fall and Winter are just around the corner and it’s the time where we splurge ourselves on a nice coat (and layers of clothes). Some people would rather opt for a long down coat — particularly not the classy ones but would keep them warm — but you can always have an outerwear where style doesn’t sacrifice functionality.

Fortunately, Uniqlo is here to save the day. The Japanese fashion brand unveiled its 2019 Fall/Winter collection and you will never have to choose between form and function — because you can have both.

Photo by Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s 19FW collection focuses on a refined and accessible answer to the cold weather that fall and winter brings. Proprietary fabrics such as Blocktech are used in creating a fabulous outerwear — which are packed with water-repellent and wind-proofing technologies to keep you dry and stylish at the same time.

Time to layer it up!

Uniqlo has a new range of coats for you to wear on top of your multiple-layered clothing. Expanding from the elegant and refined Merino and cashmere knits, the brand introduces a new material — the Soufflé Yarn  — which provides bliss through its softness and warmth.

Blue works well with yellow — or any shades of brown and orange. Uniqlo’s new collection features these golden, earthly hues in a range of tops, bottoms, and innerwear. Blacks, whites, and gray stay as the perfect neutrals to balance out the two, bold colors.

Fluffy silhouettes are also in this season! Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down and Hybrid Down series incorporates a perfect balance of warmth and mobility. Despite its bulky look, you can rock the aisles and pavements without being bogged down.

But it’s not even just for wearing around towns. Travelers can take advantage of these fluffy coats to protect them at any season. Coordinating outfits are even more enjoyable!

Uniqlo collaborates with designers in bringing style and elegance. The 2019 Fall/Winter collection features a lineup from UK-born fashion designer Hana Tajima, where her works embody a rich cultural diversity with a graceful and comfortable approach. Her works aim to enhance a woman’s beauty regardless of age, ethnicity, culture, or belief.

On the other hand, global fashion icon Inès de La Fressange features essential wear delivering beauty and comfort to women. Her style draws inspiration from her childhood memories of Megève in France. The fashion icon thinks of the town as a chic winter scene, hence, this new collection screams a timeless French style.

To achieve that Parisian chic look like Inès de La Fressange, splurge on duffel coats and oversized down parkas.

Fleece celebrates 25 years

Uniqlo celebrates fleece’s silver year. Perhaps, it’s one of the most versatile clothing since it’s becoming an integral part of every fashion enthusiast’s fall and winter wardrobe. For instance, you can fleece as a middle layer with your outerwear.

It’s also becoming essential from an ecological standpoint. The fashion industry is being called out for using real fur which is why the fleece is becoming an alternative.

Uniqlo’s fleece lineup currently has full-zip and half-zip fleece, and a fluffy fleece with modern silhouettes. Joining the lineup are the new items sporting Boa fleece (which looks like a fluffy sheep’s wool) offering V-neck zip-up cardigans, blouson-type jackets, tailored coats, and collarless coats.

Style and comfort doesn’t always scream fashion

To people who would rather opt for comfortable clothes, Uniqlo brings in flannels for you to sport this cool and chill season. It can also serve as an innerwear, but flannels are so independent they can stand out on their own.

Photo by MJ Jucutan | GadgetMatch

For instance, patterns can spruce up your blocks of colors when you’re layering. And by far, this is one of my favorite in the 2019 Fall/Winter collection.

Which one are you looking forward to when these come out in their stores? Let us know on our social media channels and sound off your thoughts.


5 best makeup filters on Instagram Stories

Nothing like the convenience of virtual makeup!



Since time immemorial, apps and smartphones’ built-in beauty modes have allowed us to apply airbrushing, contour, lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow without lifting a makeup brush. But there’s nothing like the convenience of the virtual makeup we get through filters on our favorite social media apps.

Here we’ve rounded up the best makeup filters you should save on Instagram Stories. Apologies for the barrage of selfies you’re about to see!


If, like me, your go-to everyday look is the winged eyeliner then Francesca is filter you need to save on your Stories. It’s best used when you haven’t drawn anything on your lids yet as it might be difficult to match your wingtip with the filter’s.

Try the Francesca effect here.


If you’re the type who can’t leave the house without mascara, Eyelashes is the one you need to save. It won’t curl your lashes in real life, but any selfie you post from here on out will look like you made the effort to look nice even when you just got out of bed. There are 3 different styles of lashes because one size does not fit all looks!

Try the Eyelashes effect here.


Want to look fresh at 5pm even without retouching? As its name suggests, Natural will remove blemishes and blot oil from your face and the resulting selfie will still look as natural as possible. It also adds a little bit of tint to your lips without going overboard.

Try the Natural effect here.

Glitter Lips

Smudged lipstick after a greasy meal is a problem we all deal with. Get that selfie on point even without a trip to the powder room with Glitter Lips. Choose from 7 different glossy shades — there’s nude, pink, even gold!

Try the Glitter Lips effect here.

+2 Vintage*Blush II

This filter adds freckles and blush to your cheeks, and smoothens your skin out. But +2 Vintage*Blush II isn’t just a makeup filter — it also changes the mood of your entire photo to something warmer. You get a total of 4 different looks, with two adding noise to the entire image for more of that vintage feel.

Try the +2 Vintage*Blush II effect here.

We all get by with a little help from friends and technology. As with anything, use makeup filters in moderation and with the best of intentions.

Do you use makeup filters on Instagram Stories? Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below.

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Spotify’s Disney Hub lets you listen to everything Disney

Make music a part of your world



You’ve got a friend in me — I mean, in Spotify and Disney. Together, they created a dedicated Disney Hub which includes playlists, soundtracks, and podcasts for Disney fans of all ages.

To find Disney Hub, open your Spotify app and search “Disney.” You might encounter a barrage of suggested playlists, but make sure you click Disney as a genre.

Among the curated playlists, you can find Disney Hits which are comprised of top songs from popular Disney and Pixar films across the world. You can also play Disney Favorites, Disney Classics, and Disney Sing-Alongs featuring nostalgic songs we love.

Speaking of love, Disney has a Disney Princess playlist for those currently in love and obsessed with their crushes. It’s complete with love ballads. Action-oriented fans can also treat themselves with Marvel Music and Best of Star Wars.

As we all know, music is one of the key ingredients why we all love Disney. Music makes every film memorable and magical, and now we can bring the experience to a whole new world. Now, let’s see how far we’ll go into the unknown. Let’s make music a part of our world!

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The future of shopping solves a common fashion mistake

It’s like having your own stylist and personal shopper



One of the most common shopping mistakes we all make is buying clothes that don’t fit well and don’t look flattering on our bodies. This is nothing new, but it’s easier said than done.

When shopping, you should not just take into account sizing and fit, but also the fabric, cut, and style of a clothing item, as well as your own body type. All these factors affect how something looks like when worn. With the ThinQ Fit, LG hopes to solve these shopping woes, and more.

The ThinQ Fit Collection Zone allows visitors to virtually try clothes on, without having to step into a typical fitting room. It’s an evolution of LG’s original Smart Mirror concept, and uses 3D cameras to get your height, accurate measurements, as well as your body type. It will then suggest styles that would look best on you.

While virtually trying clothes on, you can check the fit map. It’s essentially a heat map that shows you which parts are too tight or too loose. This can also help you check if you should go a size up or down.

With the lookbook mode, you can get a virtual “feel” of the clothes to check the fit and texture. With taps and swipes you can see how a flowy blouse falls on your body. You can also see how an outfit would look like if you tucked it in or rolled its sleeves up.

With tailor mode, you can virtually hem your clothes. Jeans too long for your legs? Just swipe up to see how they look like when altered before even going to the tailor.

It also allows you to virtually style an outfit before buying. When you edit your avatar you can try on different accessories like shoes. This makes it easier to see if your outfit will work with existing items you already own.

The technology is far from final but the idea of having a tool that will help me in my journey of finding my personal style is exciting, to say the least. Seeing what’s flattering for my body type, as well as cuts and textures that look best on me without going to a physical store takes the joy out of retail therapy; but if the future of shopping means saving so much time and being wiser about my purchases, sign me up.

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