vivo V19 series arrives in the Philippines

Two peas in a pod




vivo has been pretty quiet in the Philippines since the launch of the NEX 3. That changes today with the release of the vivo V19 series composed of a pair of midrangers — the vivo V19 and V19 Neo.

These two are like two peas in a pod. Both sport a 6.44-inch FHD+ SUPER AMOLED display, a quad-camera setup, and 4500mAh of battery capacity. Naturally, both also run vivo’s Funtouch OS 10 that’s based on Android 10.

Both phones also have a headphone jack. Neat! The rear cameras are also the same: 48MP main sensor, 8MP wide-angle, 2MP bokeh, and 2MP macro. However, there are of course some differences.

The vivo V19 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 chip with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The vivo V19 Neo has the same RAM and storage but is instead powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 AIE.

While both phones have the same display tech they hold different cameras. vivo calls it an “Ultra O Screen” because of the punch-hole that holds the selfie shooters.

The v19 Neo looks like an actual “O” with a single 32MP front-facing camera with a bunch of software features such as Super Night Selfie, Portrait Light Effects, and many more AI things.

The v19, on the other hands, has two front-facing shooters. A 32MP main and 8MP wide-angle shooter. As one can expect, it has all the aforementioned software features with an additional Super Wide-angle Selfie (with wide-angle distortion correction for portraits).

Pricing and availability

The vivo V19 Neo will retail for PhP 17, 999. Pre-order period is from June 13-19. It will we be available in all vivo stores starting June 20.

Customers who pre-order the vivo V19 Neo will get a PhP 4,599-worth limited-edition gift of wireless noise cancelling premium earbuds and six months extended phone warranty. The freebie bundle package is exclusively available on vivo flagship stores in Shopee and Lazada until supplies last.

Meanwhile, the vivo V19 is coming soon. We’ll update this page when we get more details.

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Apple’s Tim Cook is now worth a billion dollars

Officially a billionaire



A few years ago, Apple earned the highly distinguished status of becoming a trillion-dollar company. Without pausing to catch its breath, the company is already barreling towards the 2-trillion mark. Coinciding with his company’s success, Apple’s Tim Cook is now worth a billion dollars.

According to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index, Cook’s net worth has just passed the US$ 1 billion mark just as Apple’s shares substantially grew last week. Just recently, the company announced a 4-in-1 split for its stocks due to the success.

The Apple CEO’s new position in the success column is an interesting one. Unlike his peers in the industry, Cook is one of the few CEOs who did not found his own company. The current leader took over the reins from the late Steve Jobs back in 2011. Since then, Apple’s success skyrocketed to its current status today. Back in 2015, amidst all the riches he acquired, Cook promised to give away most of his money to philanthropic endeavors.

Apple’s recent success is a stroke of good news compared to other big tech companies in the US. Last week, the biggest tech CEOs faced an onslaught of antitrust issues surrounding the tech industry. For example, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg failed to defend his bullying and acquiring tactics to stomp competitors down. Though surviving this barrage, Apple is currently facing its own set of issues worldwide, including antitrust issues in the EU and a strange branding lawsuit in Canada.

If the current trend continues, Apple is set to ascend even further up the ranks of tech companies in the near future.


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WeChat ban can sink iPhone sales worldwide

Sinks by up to 30 percent



Last week, President Donald Trump signed an official executive order banning TikTok and WeChat starting September 15. Though the spotlight is on TikTok, the pending WeChat ban can also impact the technology industry quite heavily. According to an analyst’s report, the WeChat ban can sink iPhone sales worldwide.

According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors), the impending ban will determine the iPhone’s fate in the Chinese market. WeChat, a platform owned by Tencent, is a popular messaging app in China. While the app’s presence is drastically lesser in other territories, Chinese immigrants also use the platform to stay in touch with relatives back in China.

If the ban passes, Apple’s App Store can potentially remove the app for all users around the world. Currently, the executive order’s wording is still vague. No one knows if a ban will remove WeChat from American iPhones or all iPhones all over the world.

In the best-case scenario wherein it’s only the US, global iPhone sales will likely drop by up to only 6 percent. This likely pertains to Chinese immigrants in the US. However, in the worst-case scenario wherein iPhones everywhere lose the app, Apple’s sales will sink by up to a whopping 30 percent.

Despite the overwhelming dominance of Chinese brands in China, Apple still retains a sizable share in the country’s market. Compared to last year, the American brand’s market share actually grew in size. If Kuo’s more pessimistic scenario comes to pass, Trump’s orders might have inadvertently doomed Apple’s business in China.

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Huawei is working on a bezel-less laptop

Coming on August 19



Removing bezels on a smartphone is now an almost perfect art. Bezel-less phones are so ubiquitous that it’s almost expected today. Though smartphone displays are getting bigger, laptops are falling behind. Compared to their more portable companions, laptops and notebooks still have relatively larger bezels around the screen. Apparently, this might soon change. According to a new report, Huawei is working on a bezel-less laptop.

Reported by a few Weibo sources, the Chinese company is developing a new laptop with minuscule, practically invisible bezels. In fact, Huawei is calling it a “floating full-screen,” echoing the same branding exuded by the television industry like in Samsung’s The Wall. Additionally, the laptop will supposedly put out images in 3K resolution.

Compared to their struggling smartphone business, Huawei is still chugging along in the laptop industry — in terms of component availability, at least. Huawei’s laptops regularly come out in a more assured schedule. According to the leak, the bezel-less laptop will launch on August 19.

Of course, a laptop’s display is only one aspect of the device. Though the device has already leaked its most touted feature, no one knows what else is in store. Further, no one knows how durable the screen is. With a potentially revolutionary form factor, we have to wonder if that makes it more fragile than other laptops in the market.

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