Dual-display ZTE Nubia X survives durability tests

Both the front and back displays are tested



Before the NEX Dual Display from Vivo, ZTE already launched their own dual display smartphone last October. The Nubia X is pretty neat and it’s one of the better-looking phones in the market. Two reasons: It doesn’t have an unsightly notch and it has an extra display on its back which can either be useful or for showing off.

One of the initial questions we have when we see a new design approach is: How good is its build quality? Thankfully, Zack of the JerryRigEverything channel on YouTube can answer the question for us.

If you haven’t seen any of Zack’s videos before, you’ll either have a satisfying or stressful feeling..

As always, the scratch test was done first. Like with other flagship phones with tempered glass, the Nubia X’s body (both front and back) scratched at a level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The flame test came next and it got interesting in this part. The main display of the Nubia X is an LCD panel, so after it was exposed to an open flame, the pixels were able to recover slowly. The rear AMOLED panel, on the other hand, exhibited a different behavior. The rear display’s pixels went white and never recovered.

Finally, the bend test was painful to watch as always. Spoiler alert: the Nubia X survived.

Here’s the full video for your pleasure:

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Samsung brings The Frame to the Philippines

Space-saving for art enthusiasts living in small spaces



Image by Samsung

This isn’t just a picture frame. It’s a TV.

Looks cool, right? Launched in Paris back in 2017, Samsung’s The Frame finally makes its way to the Philippine archipelago.

Countless times, we’ve found it difficult to arrange and decorate our spaces due to humongous televisions that seem like a huge block of a black panel. This picture-frame looking TV innovates one of the centerpieces of every home.

The Frame — with its elegant and modern frame — blends smoothly into your wall, just like an art decor. This looks astonishing when you surround yourself with paintings and other artworks. It also has interchangeable bezels that you can customize into different colored frames, depending on your liking.

You can hang it on your wall with its no-gap mounts and hide the cables with One Invisible Connection, or you can put it on a TV stand to match your style and interior.

Art Mode

The Frame prides itself with Art Mode, a feature where it previews artwork or personal photographs when the TV is not in use. It curates your favorite art pieces, easily learning what you like, and hands out recommendations. Samsung rolls out software updates, so expect new artwork releases.

Through this feature, you can create a personalized gallery of your favorite artworks, or exhibit your photographs and family portrait. This can easily be done using your phone or a USB flash drive.

Art Mode allows you to use seven different types of layout and a palette of ten different colors. The Frame ensures your artwork and photographs will look great, wherever it is placed.

Smart features that are really smart

The Frame promises to be a smart TV that complements your lifestyle. It houses nifty and smart features that will make your watching experience stellar and immersive. For starters, it has Brightness Sensor which optimizes the screen depending on the lighting condition.

There’s also Motion Sensor which detects your presence and showcases artworks when you’re not watching. When you leave, it automatically turns off, thus, saving energy.

Samsung’s popular Ambient Mode comes to The Frame, as well. You can set it up so you decide what you see on-screen, or you can make The Frame match your walls to virtually blend in. No more big, black panels!

The Frame also analyzes your room’s lighting, the video’s content and audio, as well as the surrounding noise in your area. The Frame then adjusts your audio-visual experience to make it natural.

Samsung makes it easy to connect with The Frame, too. You can mirror content by pairing your phone, or by tapping it on The Frame. You can also connect your Galaxy phone, and split The Frame’s screen, allowing you to watch on TV and check your mobile device on one screen. No more looking away!

Furthermore, The Frame comes with Samsung’s QLED 4K technology, providing users an immersive experience that’s incredibly realistic and rich in detail and texture.

Price and availability

Samsung is bringing The Frame to the Philippines — together with the new QLED 8K TV — as part of Samsung’s 2020 TV lineup. The Frame will come in three sizes: 32-inch (PhP 31,999), 55-inch (PhP 79,999), and 65-inch (PhP 109,999). Starting July 1, The Frame will be available in Samsung Authorized Dealer stores. Every purchase will come with one free Frame Bezel, redeemable through Samsung’s Redemption website.

The Art Store also comes with one-month free trial, giving you access to classic and contemporary art. If you opt for the full subscription, you can choose from thousands of artworks from international galleries, such as Royal Collection Trust, Art Space, Saatchi Art, and Lumas.

The Frame is one of the three lifestyle TVs Samsung offers. It’s still unsure whether The Serif or The Sero will come to the Philippines.

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Editor’s Note: This story was published on April 17, 2020. It has been edited to reflect Samsung’s official pricing and availability for The Frame in the Philippines.

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Samsung accidentally leaked Galaxy Note 20 Ultra images

Most accurate render so far



Recently, Ice Universe leaked what we previously thought was the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. However, after a follow-up tweet, the alleged photos were apparently just photos of the Galaxy Note 10+ used as representations. Despite the clamor for the Galaxy Note 20, we were left in the dark, as far as the form factor goes.

Fortunately, Samsung has apparently solved that problem themselves. The company’s Russian website has seemingly leaked unreleased images of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. At the time of this writing, the website had already taken down the official page. Thankfully, Ishan Agarwal, a notable tech leaker, has preserved the images in all their glory.

First and foremost, the images are crispy clean, potentially confirming the legitimacy of the leak. The depicted model shines in a pinkish copper color. According to the renders, the Ultra variant will come with a triple-rear camera setup and a sleek S Pen.

Secondly, Ice Universe has recently tweeted again about the upcoming series, revealing the pinkish tint of the copper variant. Other tweets have also revealed potential smartphone cases and screen protectors for the series.

Regardless, the leaker’s tweets are the cherry on top. In this particular case, Samsung’s latest blunder has revealed the best possible look at the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra before the official launch. Given the company’s usual launch schedule, Samsung will likely launch the device sometime in August, following a reported three-device launch window from August to October.

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Anonymous attacks TikTok as ‘Chinese malware’

“Delete TikTok now.”



If you believe the recent string of reports, TikTok is a bad China-run egg. However, if you’ve seen where the latest reports are coming from, you might have noticed a stark similarity: the US government. Unsurprisingly, the government is explicitly concerned about the platform’s potential as a Chinese espionage tool, likely stemming from its long-standing war with Huawei.

However, the battlefield is growing. Now, another major party has declared war on the short-form video-sharing platform: Anonymous.

Most recently, the iconic hacker group targeted PLDT and its lack of adequate internet connectivity across the Philippines. Since the initial attack, the group promised to attack Globe, too.

Of course, Anonymous isn’t a Philippine-exclusive group. Rather, the group responds to topical issues all over the world. With the aforementioned attack on TikTok, they are adding their voice to the mounting cybersecurity concerns surrounding the platform.

Instead of the traditional hacks, Anonymous posted a statement on one of its affiliated Twitter accounts, making their stance more accessible for everyone. “Delete TikTok now,” the tweet goes. “If you know someone that is using it, explain to them it is essentially malware operated by the Chinese government running a massive spying operation.”

Further, the tweet quotes a Reddit exposé on the platform’s treacherous practices against privacy — including stealing your phone information, your apps, your IP address, your GPS location, among other sketchier practices. Recently, Apple also caught the platform copying from your phone’s clipboard.

According to a Forbes report, the group is also responding to misrepresentation on TikTok. Apparently, an account falsely identifies itself as an official Anonymous account, which the group vehemently denies on Twitter.

Even without the vendetta on misrepresentation, the argument against TikTok is steadily mounting. Anonymous’s message is simple: uninstall TikTok now.

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