Yesterday, ASUS claimed the title of having the world’s thinnest convertible laptop. Today, the same company launched the ROG Zephyrus, which may very well be even more of an amazing engineering feat.

Check it out: It has a profile measuring only 16.9mm at its slimmest point and 17.9mm at its thickest. Doesn’t sound so impressive at first, but then you notice its NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics chip inside and you wonder how ASUS pulled this off.

Yes, that’s one of the best graphics processing units (GPU) you can find anywhere. It’s only a step below the more powerful GTX 1080 Ti. What’s more astounding, however, is how the notebook manages to prevent itself from blowing up with so much power and so little space.

ASUS calls its cooling system Active Aerodynamic System (AAS), and it works by lifting the rear part of the notebook while it’s opened up. This increases airflow by 20 percent, preventing the need for liquid cooling or a separate system.

It goes without saying that it’ll have the absolute best Intel Core i7 processor, memory, and storage upon release, but let’s focus on the display for now. The 15.6-inch screen has a refresh rate of 120Hz and NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology, meaning games will run extra smooth without any tearing or stuttering, which is essential in fast-reaction gaming.

Pricing and availability are still mysteries, but we’ll let everyone know once we find out.

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