Ride Sharing App Allowed People to Book A Valentine

Signed, sealed, delivered - he's yours.

All the single ladies, put your hands up!

Valentines day is also known as “single awareness day” (aka S.A.D.).

The holiday of hearts bring out the best and worst in people and for those without a valentine’s date, it’s usually the latter.

One ride sharing app took notice of the predicament this one particular day of the year put single people in. So, they decided they’d do something about it. From Feb 13-14, Grab Philippines offered an extra service to its users. Instead of just booking rides, users could book a #GrabBae.

One date, coming up!

I experienced this one of a kind service first hand when our Creative Director, Chay Lazaro, saw me slumping around in the office (I was never one to celebrate this awful day) and decided she was having none of me being a valentine’s grinch. She got on her phone and proceeded to book me a Bae.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door:

#GrabBae’s to my (valentine’s) rescue!

Chocolate, flowers, and a Valentine’s serenade

My new Bae’s weren’t only pretty on the eyes, they were pretty on the ears, too! The Valentine’s starter pack was complete: flowers, chocolate, a serenade, throw in a pick up line or two, and two lovely dates.

My small heart grew 3 sizes that day.

And I lived happily ever after

At least until the next Valentine’s day.

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