The Huawei P10 is a solid step up from the P9, and it continues to sport a Leica camera promising good photos on a pretty well-rounded device.

Huawei’s follow-up to its “9” phones (the P9 and Mate 9) takes a little bit of something from both smartphones and delivers a handset that has better internals along with other improvements.

Like the Mate 9, the P10 will have machine learning that’s supposed to make your phone adapt to your usage. What it will then do is become faster the more it learns your usage patterns. A little creepy, but it could come pretty handy, too!

But before anything else, check out our unboxing.

P.S. The box doesn’t open up like most other boxes do.

PRODUCER: Michael Josh Villanueva
VIDEOGRAPHER: Sascha Mehlhase
EDITOR: Chay Lazaro

Huawei P10, P10 Plus improve on an already solid phone