After ditching Friends from its previous flagship, LG is embracing single-handedness with its new top smartphone, the LG G6.

The LG G6 is a huge step away from its predecessor. Aside from leaving its companions behind, LG has decided to go unibody — a first on an LG flagship. This perhaps is the end of replaceable batteries on flagship smartphones.

However, the biggest difference is the display. LG’s objective was to create a phone that’s comfortable to hold in one hand. To do this, it not only lessened the bezels on the phone, but introduced a new aspect ratio of 18:9.

LG explains the departure from the usual 16:9 aspect ratio makes sense since most high-definition content is available in that wider screen resolution. And wider screen is exactly what the LG G6 has.

The form factor also paved the way for new and fun ways to shoot square images and videos meant for Instagram, and all other social media platforms. Find out more about the phone in our LG G6 Hands-On.

LG G6 touts large display, single-hand use

PRODUCER: Michael Josh Villanueva
VIDEOGRAPHER: Sascha Mehlhase
EDITOR: Chay Lazaro