Early today, some spy shots of a Xiaomi phone said to be a minor update to the company’s bezel-less flagship, the Mi Mix 2, popped up. But something’s not right.

What is this set of photos on Chinese website Weibo trying to show us? Is Xiaomi following the exact footsteps of Apple with an alleged Mi Mix 2s in the works which has an iPhone X-style cutout on top? Check them out:

This so-called Mi Mix 2s, which is available for preview on Weibo, has a similar cutout to the iPhone X’s. It’s so alike that one would have second thoughts believing it, because why would Xiaomi ruin the Mi Mix 2’s notch-free display?

Of course, having a notch on top the Mi Mix 2s would mean that the front camera will now be in a more natural position and not in the bottom where it takes selfies under your nose. This would also allow the phone to have a smaller bottom bezel which is (skeptically) not in sight. The end result would be a direct copy-cat of the iPhone X, and we wouldn’t want that.

Software-wise, Android developers would have to adapt this design to their apps, too. Android apps don’t play well with such cutouts like with the Essential Phone. Even iPhone X users are trying their best to hide the notch as much as possible with a simple wallpaper fix.

Back in September, we found an app on the Play Store that gives our Mi Mix an iPhone X cutout called XOutof10. Double-checking the alleged photos from Weibo and the cutout the app makes on phones, we’d say they’re just the same, which likely means the Mi Mix 2s is not the real deal. Sorry, guys!

Our Mi Mix with the same cutout. LOL!

If ever this were true though, we’d have a hard time accepting it.

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