Samsung’s most interesting midrange smartphone in recent memory, the Galaxy C9 Pro, will soon reach Indian hands — that’s if they’re willing to spend a little extra for it.

Launched last October in China, the Galaxy C9 Pro is best known for its 6GB of memory, which is a first for any Samsung smartphone, even beating out all of the company’s flagships. The rest of its specifications are great too for its price of CNY 3,199 ($470), such as the relatively new Snapdragon 653 processor, 6-inch Full HD display, and large 4000mAh battery.

That’s a good deal for a handset that also comes with stereo speakers and a 6.9mm-thick full-metal body, but for the planned Indian price, local fans might want to rethink their options.

For INR 36,900 ($542), it’s $72 more expensive in India than in China; that pushes it away from midrange territory and more towards the flagship segment. You could easily find a premium Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge at that price point, which would be a far better deal.

If you’re still interested, the Galaxy C9 Pro will be available towards the end of February, but it can be pre-ordered as early as January 27. Color options are black or gold — no pink this time.

Midrange Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has 6GB RAM

Source: Indian Express