11,000 people lined up for $50 iPhones and discounted Apple products

200 stocks can’t accommodate 11,000 buyers



It’s not every day that you can get Apple devices for such a cheap price. If you happened to be in Malaysia during the weekend, you might have witnessed the chaos a sale event did inside a mall. What was up for grabs? Just US$ 50 iPhones.

As reported by The Verge, a Malaysian Apple reseller was supposed to have a warehouse sale over the weekend but had to cancel it due to the overwhelming crowd that lined up for the sale.

The retailer, Switch, planned to sell excess stocks of (mostly display units) iPhones and other Apple devices. As usual, there was only a limited number of discounted units: 10 units of iPhone 5s for US$ 50, and only one unit each of the 16GB iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi) for US$ 77, 2011 MacBook Air (64GB) for US$ 128, and a 24-inch iMac for US$ 255. They were selling a total of 200 sale items including iPhone models 5s to 7, iPad minis and Pros, Apple TVs, MacBooks, iMacs, and iPod Touches.

Situasi semasa di Switch Mytown, Cheras. Ada yang masih sanggup guys! Jom redah! #OnzxOnz #kasiOnzlah Credits : Nurul Nabilah

Situasi semasa di Switch Mytown, Cheras. Ada yang masih sanggup guys! Jom redah! #OnzxOnz #kasiOnzlahCredits : Nurul Nabilah

Posted by SantaiSini.Asia on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Of course, these kinds of events attract buyers, especially those who are into massive discounts, even though the available products are relatively old. Interested buyers lined up at least 19 hours before store opening and the line (or maybe lines) circled the complex before reaching the parking lot. An estimate of 11,000 people wanted to get their chance of purchasing discounted Apple devices. To accommodate the early birds (those who can actually buy the stocks), the retailer handed out queue tickets. But when they opened, a lot of people still wanted to get in and avail of the items.

To the store’s credit, they did post the price and number of units available online ahead of the sale, although that didn’t prevent people’s high expectations. Despite the event being canceled, the retailer still offers discounts on new MacBooks and iPhone Xs.


OPPO going after 5G, IoT with new central hub in Malaysia

Promises smart devices, “intelligent connectivity”



OPPO is positioning itself as more than a smartphone maker. The company kicked off this initiative when they introduced the OPPO AR Glasses in China and is now further strengthened by the introduction of more smart devices at their new Asia Pacific Hub located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With the region accouting for 50 percent of the company’s global smartphone sales, it makes sense for its new central hub to be in the rising tech space of the region. This move is also part of OPPO’s “Think Globally, Act Locally” strategy — a move that many other companies have also been slowly adopting.

The company says its investing over US$ 7 billion to its research and development initiatives that involve 5G, 6G, AI, AR, and big data. A huge amount of resources will be poured into developing both software and hardware to go beyond the Internet of Things (IoT) and into “Intelligent Connectivity.”

Speaking of 5G, the company has already made it known that the OPPO Reno3 Pro will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765. That’s Qualcomm’s latest chip that comes with 5G integration.

The company also promised that its next flagship will also feature the more powerful Snapdragon 865 which also has support for 5G. The company’s primary 5G partner is telecommunications company Maxis.

New devices launched

To further show their commitment to 5G, OPPO launched the OPPO 5G CPE T1. It’s a connection hub built for both the home and the office. Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 modem, it is one of OPPO’s first devices that will help shore up its 5G efforts.

Also announced during the event is the OPPO Enco Free true wireless headphones. This, alongside the OPPO Enco Q1, means the company is broadening its product portfolio way beyond smartphones which is what they have been primarily known for in recent years.

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Huawei Mobile Cloud will have free storage for some users

5GB free for users in APAC



In an attempt to get more people to use Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), Huawei is offering a treat for users in Asia Pacific.

Some time in the middle of November, HMS users located in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand will be the first in the region to enjoy free 5GB storage of Huawei Mobile Cloud. You’ll just need to login using a Huawei ID.

In addition, Huawei and Honor users can enjoy one month of 50GB Mobile Cloud storage at a massive discounted price from today until December 31, 2019.

Countries Original Price per month Discounted
Philippines PhP 49.00 PhP 1.00
Singapore SG$ 1.28 SG$ 0.10
Thailand THB 35.00 THB 1.00
Malaysia MYR 3.90 MYR 0.10

Exclusive deals for Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro users

Those who already own or who plan to own Huawei’s latest smartphones — the Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 pro are entitled to three months of free 50GB Huawei Mobile Cloud storage along with two years warranty and free screen replacement from Huawei HiCare.

They’re also incentivizing users who will download the Huawei Member Center app from the AppGallery. Users from the mentioned countries can redeem free Huawei Points and Lazada shopping vouchers available on the app. This will be available by the end of November 2019.

Countries Huawei Points Lazada Vouchers Vouchers
Philippines PhP 1200 PhP 500 N/A
Singapore SG$ 30 SG$ 12 Up to SG$ 20 off
Thailand THB 850 THB 300 Up to THB 250 off
Malaysia MYR 100 MYR 40 Up to MYR 30 off

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First ever Mobile Legends championship is here

Prizes worth US$ 250,000 are up for grabs



“Gaming” is a very diverse word today. We now have the option to game on a console, PC, laptops, and smartphones. And in the last year, mobile gaming has been the most trending segment thanks to pure multiplayer games like PUBG and Fortnite.

Game developers have more room for improvement because phones are getting extremely powerful. One such game that’s trending right now is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The game’s developer Moonton has announced MLBB World Championship, also called “M1”. It’ll be held from November 15 to 17 at Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The championship will have 16 professional MLBB teams from 14 countries, competing to win a US$ 250,000 total prize pool. Out of the 16, 8 teams will be directly selected and 8 will go through the qualification rounds.

Qualifier rounds will be held for teams from Brazil, Cambodia, Japan, Thailand and Laos, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, and the US.

You can visit and experience the championship live by purchasing tickets which are already up for sale.

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