4 Free-to-Play Mobile MOBAs: Which game is for you?



There’s no way you can play PC multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video games with ease. Besides the obvious factor of portability, the amount of time it takes to play, accessibility, and barrier of entry are just a few things that make mobile MOBAs a popular alternative.

Baby steps

I never got into MOBAs, and probably won’t be as into it as other games. But aside from facets of real-time player versus player gameplay and the typical map, I’ve learned to enjoy the genre through its simplified mobile alternative.

The advantage for mobile MOBAs is that they sustain the backbone of the genre and practically test what they can strip off and alter. With mobile MOBAs, you get to experience a relatively lower barrier of entry (in comparison to PC versions), quicker plays, and quirkier characters that developers integrate.

Here are some of the best mobile MOBAs you can try out without having to sink your teeth too deep into the more technical and mechanical parts of the game:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is, by far, the most friendly mobile MOBA I’ve encountered. With quick and easy virtual joystick controls, convenient tap-to-equip system, and automated targeting, the game pulls through with the fundamentals of the genre. A feature that makes Mobile Legends: Bang Bang distinct from the others would be its Artificial Intelligence Assists when anyone disconnects from the game. On the downside though, I still find the automated targeting annoying and skins (that are acquired through in-app purchases) boost hero performance.

Pros: Quick and easy play, AI Assists

Cons: In-app purchases affect hero performance, automated targeting

Garena AOV: Arena Of Valor

Garena AOV: Arena Of Valor is not too different from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With the skeletal structures of the genre down pat, Garena AOV: Arena Of Valor has thirty playable heroes, virtual joystick controls, and fun custom games. The game is simple and easy to learn; its charm comes from how it manages to patch the flaws of targeting in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. I think this follows for the games that come after this one, but automated targeting is just an irritating handicap. Unfortunately, from its early release, it does have a ton of glitches.

Pros: Quick and easy play, targeting

Cons: Early-release glitches

Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved features over 40 heroes, a clan system, short match options, and more. Besides the obvious basics, Heroes Evolved heroes has relatively faster cooldowns making for quicker gameplay compared to other mobile MOBAs. If there’s anything strange I found with the game, it was that it integrated a teleport ability with a cooldown instead of the regular recall and observer wards.

Pros: Quick and easy play, quick cooldown

Cons: Unfamiliar features


It’s one of everyone’s favorite mobile multiplayer online battle arena games. Having quickly built a community after its initial release late 2014, Vainglory manages to integrate the MOBA playing style and compact it into a snug mobile game. You can play the game on casual, quick-play, or ranked. Vainglory stands out with touch controls instead of the typical virtual joystick, as well as in-game item boosts that require you to return to base or drop by the shop.

Pros: Quick and easy play, touch targeting

Cons: Learning curve for stubby fingers, average barrier of entry

Which is your game match?

Each one has its own charm from hero variety and out-of-place characters, to the streamlined controls and designed interface. I personally played all four not just for this article, but also from genuine curiosity. If I had to pick my top two, I’d pick Vainglory and Heroes Evolved

I started playing Vainglory early this year, and it has warmed me up to other mobile MOBAs. It can be a bit tough since I’m now getting more used to the virtual joystick to move around in the games, but first loves die hard — at least in this case.

Heroes Evolved sustains the ease of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang but patches up the nasty bits of targeting and the unfair purchasing of better skins for boosted heroes, plus it adds interesting features.

If you want the quickest and lowest barrier of entry, go for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It doesn’t pry you on customizing item boosts, targeting is automated, and it has smart AI Assistance whenever someone disconnects from the game.

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How to get NBA League Pass with your telco provider

There are two package options



NBA action is in full swing. In fact, it has been since August when the season restarted following a shut down that was caused by the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic. As of writing, we’re in the thick of the Conference Finals series. If you want to catch all the action, here’s how you can get NBA League Pass through different telecomm providers in the Philippines.

It’s now easier than ever to get access to the games legally. All of Smart, PLDT, and Globe are offering the same price packages.

PhP 85 — Watch any three games of your choice
PhP 485 — 30-day pass for all games including live and on-demand

Here’s how to get the subscription for each provider.

Smart Postpaid and Prepaid
(Also works with TNT and SUN Postpaid)

  • Download the NBA app (iOS / Android /APKPure)
  • On the app, click on the icon at the top-right corner
  • Click sign-in
  • A banner on top of the page will appear for Smart, Sun and TNT subscribers
  • Click ‘Get Started’
  • Enter mobile number for verification and a one-time PIN which will be sent to your mobile number
  • Choose your provider: Smart, TNT or Sun.
  • Choose your NBA League Pass Package (3-game or 30-days) and enter mobile number
  • Confirm your payment by entering the one-time PIN sent to your mobile number
  • Click NBA logo and start watching


  • Go to
  • Select your preferred package
  • The amount will be added to your next bill
  • PLDT will give a voucher
  • Download and sign-in to the NBA app
  • Enter the voucher in the promotion code field
  • Click NBA logo and start watching


  • Open the GCash app
  • Go to Buy Load
  • Look for the PayTV tab
  • Choose your preferred package. (Note: The chosen package is valid for 90 days).
  • Confirm payment
  • Open the NBA app and enjoy!

As mentioned earlier, we’re no in the Conference Finals with four teams remaining. Dueling in the West are the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets. Meanwhile in the East, it’s a battle between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics.

A new NBA champion will likely be crowned in the next 30 days so now is the best time to subscribe!

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Twitter is probing its AI’s racial bias in picture previews

They’re working on improving it



Twitter uses a neural network to show you relevant previews of all the pictures that are posted on the microblogging platform. If the image contains text, the area is prioritized for a preview. Similarly, human faces are also given preference.

The preview makes it easier for the viewer to get a gist of the tweet without the compulsion of opening the entire picture. Although, the feature isn’t up-to mark since a lot of users have complained about the AI’s racial bias.

Several users posted a picture that has both, a white man and a black man’s face. But the preview often shows the white man’s face only. Users noticed the difference after a similar anomaly was observed on Zoom, where the facial recognition technology failed to identify a black man’s face, but had no trouble when the skin tone was changed.


Liz Kelley from Twitter’s communication team said they had tested the neural system for bias, but didn’t come across gender or racial bias during testing. She also confirmed that they’ve got more analysis to do and shall be open-sourcing all the work for others to review and replicate.

Twitter’s Chief Design Officer Dantley Davis and Chief Technology Officer Parag Agrawal were quick to acknowledge the shortcoming and said they’re “investigating” the neural network.

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TikTok and WeChat will be banned from app stores in the US

So, did the Oracle deal go through?



After months of escalating, the US Commerce Department has announced it’ll ban business transactions with TikTok and WeChat. The two apps are owned by Chinese giants ByteDance and Tencent, respectively.

Practically, you won’t be able to directly download the app via stores like Play Store and App Store. Furthermore, companies are also barred from hosting these apps in the US. Essentially, the user won’t be able to download the app from third-party websites that are hosted in the US.

It also blocks US companies from providing services through WeChat “for the purpose of transferring funds or processing payments within the U.S.”

However, it remains unclear whether the announcement means the Oracle-TikTok deal won’t be going through. The Trump administration wanted ByteDance to sell its local TikTok operations to an American company.

In the last few months, multiple American giants like Walmart, Twitter, and Microsoft were interested in getting their piece of TikTok. But things haven’t moved smoothly and the Chinese government isn’t keen on handing over TikTok’s algorithm to an American company.

While Oracle has been chosen for a deal with ByteDance, the latter continues to maintain that the ongoing process isn’t an acquisition and Oracle shall be a technology partner. This is in stark contrast to what President Trump envisions as a business takeover.

The app ban could be a tactic to pressure the Chinese, but we can’t be certain of that right now. Going by the latest statements, it’s clear that the administration wants to completely block user’s access to these apps and is willing to go the extra mile.

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