The airasia Super App lets you book flights, hotels, and more

It’s called a Super App for a reason!



Capital A, formerly known as AirAsia Group, launched its digital venture called the airasia Super App in the Philippines. It’s Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing integrated digital travel and lifestyle platform.

Following its success in Malaysia and Thailand, the app is expected to change the local e-commerce game in the Philippines. Especially with the country’s efforts gearing towards its post-pandemic recovery.

One-stop-shop travel and lifestyle app

Currently, the airasia Super App is the first and only one-stop-shop travel and lifestyle app in the country. It allows users to compare and book flights to more than 3,000 destinations with over 700 airlines to choose from.

For example, you can only visit El Nido — one of the most beautiful islands in the world — through a direct flight via AirSWIFT. Meanwhile, AirAsia doesn’t have a direct flight to El Nido. This means passengers should get off in Puerto Princesa and take land travel up north to reach El Nido. Through the Super App, you have the option to book AirAsia’s flights or even AirSWIFT.

Book hotels and more

The airasia Super App lets you find accommodations. It offers a roster of over 200,000 hotels to help you secure the best deals. Moreover, the Super App aims to take a jab against the likes of Grab and Klook. It also has services such as car rides, parcel deliveries, travel packages, and activities in the nearest future.

In the coming months, expect to see a ride-hailing service called airasia ride and digital food delivery called airasia food.

“With the reopening of borders across the region, we are sure that Filipinos will find the best travel deals on our super app, and enjoy other lifestyle offerings such as airasia food, airasia ride, airasia xpress and more when they travel to other countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and when they’re introduced in the Philippines soon,” says Tony Fernandes, CEO of Capital A Berhad.

The Super App also presents a digital tax-free shopping platform called TravelMall, which will allow users to shop for food, clothes, and other products at lower prices in just a few taps.

Full-on support from the Philippine government

Cabinet officials graced the launch of airasia Super App, welcoming the app and discussing its promising growth.

“With innovation, it’s all about introducing new ways of doing things, processes, products and services. Obviously, that kind of mindset is what we need with or without pandemic. What Super App is doing is definitely one step and probably many steps towards innovation,” says Mon Lopez, Secretary for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Emmanuel Caintic, acting secretary for the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) also congratulated Capital A on the launch.

“airasia has once again proven itself to be a digital company that evolves with time and is committed in developing relevant business solutions for the people. The official launch of the airasia Super App is a remarkable milestone as it makes technology in travel, lifestyle and financial services more understandable, affordable and flexible,” Caintic stated.

Further, Caintic described the Super App as “a testament to pivot to digital economy because it’s the best driver for growth.”

Celebrating the milestone with a month-long Super Sale

The airasia Super App offers a Fly Home to Vote Promo. Users can book from April 3 to 10 and travel from April 3 to September 3, 2022. The promo encourages Filipinos to practice their right to vote in the May 9 elections.

There’s also a SNAP (fly + stay) promo at Amorita Resort in Bohol for only PhP 10,199 per person for three (3) days and two (2) nights. The booking period is from April 4 to 10 and the travel period is from April 4 to September 30, 2022.

If you’re flying domestically, get airasia Super App’s Online Travel Agency 20% discount with promo code PHSUMER20. The airasia TravelMall also offers a special promo from April 1-30, 2022 for those flying back home. Simply use the promo code PASALUBONG50 to slash as much as 50% off of TravelMall items.

The airasia Super App is available in the App Store, Play Store, and the AppGallery.


Instagram is using facial recognition AI to verify your age

Currently testing



For kids of the early 2000s, the biggest lies everyone told were whenever websites asked if they were 18 years old. Because of how limited technology was, a website’s age prompt was about as useful as blowing into a flat tire. Now, the internet has more tools at its disposal. Marking the next step in this evolution, Instagram is testing a tool that supposedly identifies a user’s age by scanning their face.

Though it’s not readily apparent with the number of children who have social media accounts, Instagram is one of those sites that require users to be at least 13 years old. But, like those old websites from yesteryear, the policy isn’t really useful for keeping children out.

Now, as reported by The Verge, Instagram wants to make the platform more secure. When a teenager wants to change their age to 18 years old or older, the app will prompt them to verify their age using one of three verification methods — at least in the United States.

The first method is simpler: submitting photos of official ID cards. The second method is a bit more complex: asking three of the user’s above-18 followers to verify the age change. On the other hand, the third uses an AI tool called Yoti.

With Yoti, users can submit a video of themselves for verification. Artificial intelligence will then analyze facial details, taking sex and race into consideration, to estimate the user’s age.

Naturally, it’s not a perfect system. There are ways to bypass it, including using someone else’s face. Regardless, it’s a bigger evolution than just simple yes-or-no prompts.

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Android used a Drake song to diss Apple

Google doesn’t like the green bubble



iPhone users have a certain term for Android users: the green bubble. Though it’s more known among Apple users, it’s become such a huge thing now that pop culture already makes references to it. And, due to its prevalence, Apple’s main rival, Google, has just used a popular song to diss Apple.

Users who don’t usually interact with the iPhone ecosystem might not know about the term, though. The term “green bubble” refers to how Android is visually represented on Apple’s system. Whenever an Android user joins a conversation on iMessage, the speech bubble’s color turns from the traditional blue to green. It’s become a popular way to discriminate against Android users.

On a more technical level, the change is a result of the two systems using different messaging standards. While Google uses RCS, Apple uses a proprietary system to send text and media to each other. When the two interact, Apple’s system detects this and conveys it with the green bubble.

Released in an album last Friday, Drake’s new song “Texts Go Green” takes a light-hearted approach to the phenomenon. And naturally, Google is all for it. In an unofficial lyric explainer video on their official Twitter account, Android called on Apple to fix the issue and adopt RCS.

As of late, Apple has been called out for refusing to play ball with the others in the industry. In the European Union, the company is facing an impending decree to adopt USB-C across all its devices to contribute to a universal standard in the region.

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What I’ve been waiting for: An integrated Starbucks digital experience

Earning Stars through Grab and Lazada? Sign me up!



Hold up! Starbucks is expanding its Rewards program, as part of the company’s digital innovation initiatives for this year and beyond.

Earlier this year, Starbucks Philippines announced its expansion to digital services to enhance the coffee experience. The company launched its rehashed in-app feature called Mobile Pay & Order 2.0, and a partnership with Grab, Lazada, and GCash.

Now, the coffee company wants to push for a more connected future.

An integrated partnership with Grab

Earlier this year, Starbucks announced an integrated partnership with Southeast Asian superapp Grab. The partnership aims to provide a more seamless experience across Grab’s six Southeast Asian markets.

First in the market is the Philippines, where Starbucks is bringing the experience starting on June 23, 2022. Through the Grab superapp, customers can connect to their Starbucks Rewards program and earn 1 Star for every PhP 40 spent on Starbucks orders.

If you’re a member of the Starbucks Rewards program, you’d know that every 100 Stars collected can be converted to a free Starbucks beverage or food reward, redeemable in stores.

Starbucks Grab

With the partnership, customers will be able to enjoy the Starbucks experience through Grab’s services:

  • Pay your orders via GrabPay e-wallets both online and in-store
  • Order online for in-store pick-up via GrabFood
  • Instant delivery via GrabExpress using GrabFood’s self-pick-up feature

Together with Lazada

It’s not just Grab, though. Back in February, Starbucks announced the expansion of its Rewards program through Lazada. Rewards members can link their accounts to Lazada and start earning Stars — the same way as Grab — for every purchase from the Starbucks LazMall Flagship Store.

To link a Starbucks Rewards account, members can click the ‘Member’ tab found in the Starbucks LazMall Flagship Store. Sign-in using a registered Starbucks Rewards email and password, and voila!

Gifts for your loved ones

Previously, Starbucks teamed up with GCash to allow customers to order and send eGifts through GLife, starting at PhP 300. As the company expands its digital services, eGifting is also now available through GrabGift, starting at PhP 100.

eGifts from GLife can be used to pay in Starbucks stores. Meanwhile, eGifts from GrabGifts can be used to purchase orders from Starbucks on GrabFood.

FoodShare is here to stay

Starbucks FoodShare, a program established in the United States a few years ago, made its way to the Philippines early this year. The program capitalized on Starbucks and Grab’s partnerships, where participating stores can connect with Grab drivers to pick up and deliver food donations daily.

Donations are donated to the Philippine Food Bank Foundation, a local non-profit organization, to be distributed to select beneficiaries within Metro Manila.

The program started with 40 stores in Metro Manila and has expanded to 238 stores as of writing. To date, Starbucks FoodShare has served over 50,000 meals. The company is looking to make the program a long-term commitment, with the goal of expanding the program to stores outside Metro Manila and hopefully, serving more communities.

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