Apple diversifying OLED supply, LG and BOE challenge Samsung

LG is still alive and kicking in the smartphone market, indirectly.



iPhone 13

It’s a widely known fact that Samsung makes top-notch screens and has enjoyed dominance for the last few years. The OLED displays are used in Galaxy-branded phones and supplied to other phone makers like Apple, OnePlus, OPPO, and more.

However, this dominance is now being challenged by LG and China’s BOE. The two companies are well-known component suppliers globally, and many phones like the Pixel 3 sport display panels that LG makes.

According to The Elec, Apple wants to diversify its supply chain and is considering LG Display (sub-company of LG for display components) and BOE to be suitable candidates. Based on data from Omdia Research, Samsung will continue to be the lead supplier, but the two rivals will eat up a considerable share.

For the next iPhone, Samsung will get 65 percent of the total order while LG will rake in almost 30 percent, followed by BOE at five percent. A total of 169 million OLED panels are expected to ship.

Apple depends on Samsung for its share of OLED screens, and despite their rivalry in the finished phone segment, they’ve enjoyed cordial relations since the start. Samsung isn’t just a phone maker but a true electronics giant that makes everything — processors to camera sensors.

The revelation comes at a critical juncture because LG has shut down its smartphone segment. It’s now focusing on verticals that promise future growth like IoT, electric and autonomous cars, and consumer appliances.

LG has massive production capabilities that can help ramp up component supplies. It may have stopped making phones but intends to capitalize on the segment’s growth by indirectly contributing to it.

It’s also worth noting that the world is undergoing a semiconductor shortage, and companies have realized that they shouldn’t depend on one supplier too much — in this case, TSMC. It’s always better to have redundancy and competition in the market.


iPhone 14 series might use titanium chassis

Stronger and lighter




A stronger iPhone is coming. An investor’s report recently released hints at a new chassis material coming for the iPhone 14 series next year. The company’s current flagship models, the iPhone 12 series, are made out of aluminum and stainless steel. If the latest rumor is true, Apple is going for something different for next year.

According to JP Morgan Chase’s China office (via Apple Insider), Apple is reportedly adding titanium as an option for next year’s iPhone 14 series. The lighter metal also has the added benefit of being stronger than the usual metals used for smartphones today. The iPhone 14 series might have a model positioned for durability.

The report, however, doesn’t indicate how the titanium will be used. Besides using it for the chassis, Apple can also use the metal for the phone’s insides. They can also mix it with other metals to make a hybrid alloy.

Of course, because of its premium offering, titanium might end up landing only for the flagship series’ Pro models. Additionally, since the report explicitly mentions Pro models, the upcoming series can potentially still have the same four-model structure that Apple has today. However, as previous reports indicate, the four models likely won’t include an iPhone 14 mini owing to the iPhone 12 mini’s poor performance.

Of note, Apple already uses titanium for the Apple Watch. If anything, the metal isn’t anything new to the company.

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BlackBerry resurrection teased once again

It’s coming this time



BlackBerry’s rumored comeback might finally happen soon. OnwardMobility, the current owner of BlackBerry’s licenses, has teased the upcoming smartphones once again. Since their last “departure” from the smartphone industry, BlackBerry has been passed on to new owners in hopes of a future resurrection.

Last year, BlackBerry’s previous owner TCL backed out from making BlackBerry devices. The departure signaled another end for BlackBerry. However, soon after the announcement, a few companies announced the purchase of BlackBerry’s licenses, potentially hinting at a return. Notably, Huawei supposedly bought 90 patents from the company. Nothing came of the announcement yet, though.

Besides Huawei, another tech company OnwardMobility announced the most substantial news surrounding BlackBerry’s potential return. Announcing a licensing deal with BlackBerry, the company also promised an upcoming device for the next generation of smartphones. Despite the promise, we still don’t have a new BlackBerry smartphone.

However, OnwardMobility wants to keep the hype train rolling. Recently, the company launched a new “pre-commitment program” wherein subscribers can get information about upcoming products, the actual products themselves, and updates first before non-subscribers. The program specifically lists a BlackBerry device as part of the program. A new smartphone is likely coming soon.

Once upon a time, BlackBerry was one of the most popular handsets for consumers, along with Nokia. However, as slab phones became the norm, the phones of yesteryear either died out or adopted the new norm. Whereas Nokia found its place in the current industry, BlackBerry is still struggling to find its niche.

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Netflix is reportedly producing a live-action Pokémon series

With Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson



Pokémon remains one of the most popular franchises today. From the ever-popular video game series to the still-ongoing anime series, the creature collector franchise still going strong. Even then, the franchise is reportedly working on another addition to its repertoire: a live-action Netflix series.

According to Variety, Netflix is in the early stages of an upcoming Pokémon series on the platform. Much like the widely successful film Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Reynolds, the series will star actual humans in a live-action format. Beyond that, the report does not go into detail into how the creatures will look like for the series.

Likewise, the report does not indicate when the series will launch.

Lucifer’s Joe Henderson is reportedly helming the series. He is also known for adapting Stephen King’s 11.22.63 for Hulu.

Over the past few years, Pokémon has tapped various segments besides gaming and anime fans. The company has tapped lifestyle with branded accessories and lifestyle-oriented apps. Adding a live-action series will tap into the thriving Netflix market.

For Netflix’s part, the popular streaming platform has considerably increased the variety of genres it is producing. Besides the live-action Pokémon series, Netflix is also releasing an anime version of its popular original, The Witcher.

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