Apple Watch keeps wrongfully detecting heart problems

According to newly published medical study



Apple Watch

This year, smartwatches became a lot more health conscious. For example, both Apple and Fitbit unveiled more health trackers to help users detect unseen medical conditions. Of course, early technologies also come with a few glitches. According to a new medical report, the Apple Watch keeps wrongfully detecting heart problems.

The scientific study states that only around ten percent of the Apple Watch’s detections resulted in actual heart conditions. As a result, most of the users mistakenly went to the hospital after the Apple Watch’s warning, ending up with unnecessary hospital fees. In a statement to The Verge, the false positives also result in an overburdened healthcare system.

The false positives came from the Apple Watch’s tracker for atrial fibrillation, one of the more recent additions to the fitness tracker ecosystem. As such, some of the detections came from those already diagnosed with the condition.

The study monitored findings between December 2018 and April 2019. The monitored users came from several states: Arizona, Florida, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Though the study is in the United States, the fitness tracker community spans across the globe.

Despite the study’s findings, it’s difficult to ignore a warning pushed on your wrist. Despite the burgeoning of current technology, a fitness tracker or a smartwatch primarily focus on activity during physical activities like working out. It still remains unknown how accurate a fitness tracker can help a user’s healthcare program.

That said, the study’s monitoring period ended last year. Since then, Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 6; Fitbit launched the Fitbit Sense; and Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 3. Only further studies will tell if the current generation is more accurate.

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5 reasons why you should consider the OPPO Enco W11

Transition easily to the wireless lifestyle!



Anyone can hesitate to step on a wireless journey if everything you see is all godd*mn expensive. Unbeknownst to many, there are pairs of wireless earbuds that are affordable and perform exceptionally at the same time.

One example is the OPPO Enco W11. If you’re considering switching to the wireless side, here are five reasons why the Enco W11 would make the perfect fit. In your ears and life, probably.

20-hour battery life

The Enco W11 lets you enjoy up to five hours of playback time on a single charge. Use the charging case and you can extend that to 20 hours.

Moreover, the charging case can recharge your pair of wireless earbuds for only 15 minutes, and you immediately get one hour of playback time.

Fits snugly

Depending on the form factor, some wireless earbuds can be a tad uncomfortable. Thankfully, the Enco W11 comes with an exquisite design that goes along with the shape of the ear. Plus, there are three sizes of soft silicone ear tips to choose from.

It also weighs 4.4g so you won’t feel the weight in your ears, allowing you to listen comfortably while you’re on the go.

Dust and water resistance

Get that extra peace of mind knowing that your pair of wireless earbuds have an IP55 dust and water resistance. It means that you can bring it to the gym, sweat it out, or even run through the rain — and you don’t have to worry about your device. It can stand splashes of water and dirt if you accidentally drop them.

Stable connection, lower latency

Most people are hesitant to switch to wireless earbuds because of the latency issues. With the right technology, the connection can be stable. Such is the case for the Enco W11 which receives signals on both sides to reduce latency. Unlike ordinary true wireless earbuds that receive signals on one side before sending them to the other.

The Enco W11 also uses a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip to help you enjoy uninterrupted audio. It’s perfect for those virtual meetings or just tuning out to your favorite playlists or podcasts.

Easy controls

Lastly, the Enco W11 doesn’t require a lot of brainpower to use. It pairs easily and resumes connection instantaneously within 10 meters.

Further, it comes with touch controls that are easy to navigate. You can play or pause your music with a single tap, or move to the next song by double-tapping.

The voice assistant can be activated by triple-tapping, and you can adjust the volume when you touch and hold the wireless earbuds.

Should you buy the OPPO Enco W11?

The OPPO Enco W11 makes it easy for users to transition to the wireless lifestyle, albeit at a cost that won’t hurt their pockets. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and intelligent enough to make navigating the controls smoothly. It has an SRP of PhP 1,690.

On January 27, 2022, Shopee is offering an exclusive deal — a bundle of the OPPO A55 smartphone and the Enco W11 wireless earbuds for only PhP 10,988.

The supply is limited so if you won’t be able to snag the deal, you can still get the OPPO Enco W11. Shop here.

For more exclusive deals, check out Shopee’s Brands Spotlight Festival.

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Garmin vivomove Sport comes to the Philippines

Hybrid smartwatch for health and wellness



Garmin’s new vivomove Sport hybrid smartwatch is now available for pre-order in the Philippines until February 7, 2022.

The latest addition to the vivomove lineup features a full suite of health and wellness tools. There are built-in sports apps connected with GPS, and more.

Health and wellness

The vivomove Sport is equipped with an extensive range of tools from Garmin’s industry-leading health features.

The latest smartwatch monitors respiration, Pulse Ox1, stress, advanced sleep (with stages), hydration logging and 24/7 heart rate. There’s also user-configurable alerts for high or low readings.

Body Battery energy monitoring shows the body’s current energy level. It can help with scheduling workouts and knowing when it’s time to rest and recover.

Women’s health features include menstrual cycle and pregnancy tracking, allowing women to log and record symptoms and other health and wellness data via the Garmin Connect app.

Health and fitness data are all stored in the Garmin app too for convenience and easy access.

Fitness and sports features

Like its name suggests, the vívomove is like a gym at home that allows users a more active lifestyle.

It includes built-in sports apps for yoga, strength, Pilates, cardio, treadmill, cycling and more.

Users may also connect it to a compatible smartphone’s GPS to accurately track distance and pace during walks, runs, or bike rides.

Usual monitoring functions like step counting, calories burned, intensity minutes, and more are likewise included.

Fashion and function every day

The vívomove Sport is designed with real ticking watch hands and a hidden display that only appears when needed. Interacting with the touchscreen automatically makes the clock hands dynamically move away. 

Inspired by the luxe comfort trend, the smartwatch features a silicone band and color-coordinated watch dial in warm colorways, while its refined metallic accents add a sleek, contemporary feel.

The smartphone boasts of a battery life of up to five days in smartwatch mode, with up to an additional day for hands only mode.

Safety and tracking features also include sending a message with the user’s location to their emergency contact for additional peace of mind wherever.

The vivomove Sport can be used with either Android or Apple smartphones, unlike many other smartwatches.

Pricing and availability

The vivomove Sport is available in the Philippines for pre-order for PhP 9,595. It is available until February 7, 2022.

Garmin officially partnered with Penny Pairs for the pre-order promotion where buyers can get a free set of Penny Pairs jewelry and Garmin manicure set.

Customers can receive either Figaro Gold Bracelets, Trina Gold Studs or Gabbie Huggies for each watch purchase, limited to the first 25 purchases only.

Pre-0rder here.

Additionally, Garmin PH will have a #WhatDoesTimeLookLike social media contest with details available on their social media accounts.

Official launch

The vivomove Sport will officially launch in the Philippines on February 8, 2022 at all Garmin Brand Stores, official online Garmin stores (Lazada, Shopee, Kinetic.com.ph) and the Garmin PH Viber Community.

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Google is working on an AR headset called Project Iris

With its own processor and OS



Understandably so, a good portion of the world is strongly resistant to Meta’s push for a metaverse based on virtual and augmented reality. However, though people are still hesitant to try on Facebook’s VR-tinted goggles, other companies are more than happy to take on the technology themselves. Google, joining Meta and Apple, is also working on its own AR headset called Project Iris.

According to sources from The Verge, Google is getting back into the augmented reality stage. The company is reportedly working on an AR headset with the current codename. The Project Iris headset is supposedly targeting a 2024 release date.

Inside the mysterious headset, the device will supposedly have its own processor and OS. Given Google’s feats recently, an in-house processor and operating system are within the realms of possibility. Google recently launched its first in-house chipset for smartphones, the Tensor chip. The company is, of course, still the thriving developers of Android, currently tailoring its latest Android version for different form factors.

Plus, it’s not Google’s first time with an augmented reality project. Remember the ill-fated Google Glass? The revolutionary wearable had all the potential but ultimately fizzled out into oblivion. At the time, analysts cited the device’s poor timing. Now, especially with other companies vying for dominance, Google does have more initiative to reestablish itself in the augmented reality market.

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