ASUS ZenFone 3 preview: Everything we think we know



Taiwan’s Computex 2016 trade show will run from May 31 to June 4, and one of its key moments will be the announcement of the ASUS ZenFone 3, which we’ve discussed on more than one occasion (see here and here, for example). A lot has been said about the phone, and yet ASUS has largely kept mum about its features and specs, leaving us to speculate what’s in store for us come May 30, when it makes its first appearance.

To that end, we’ve sifted through months’ of hearsay and published a video outlining everything we think we know about ASUS’ upcoming signature smartphone line.

Enjoy! And as always, drop a line in the comments section to let us know what you think.


OPPO Reno8 T: Ultra Night Portrait

Taking the Reno8 T on date night




OPPO Reno8 T
@gadgetmatch OPPO has a new phone and we’re lovin’ it 😉 #OPPOReno8T #ThePortraitExpert #OPPOGoldenHour ♬ Pebbles – Official Sound Studio

We’re taking a closer look at the latest OPPO Reno8 T. A modern and sleek-designed smartphone that’s sure to turn heads. 

OPPO Reno8 series has been making waves in the market for its impressive camera capabilities. So I wanted to see for myself how well it performs in different light situations.

We went to a rooftop cafe that I’ve been wanting to visit, where we watched the sunset and spent a lovely night out.

We chose a spot with minimal light since I really wanted to see how the Reno 8T would handle shooting portraits in low-light conditions.

I took a few shots on the same spot trying out the portrait, photo, and the night mode. 

I was totally impressed but not surprised by the results. The background was well-lit, giving out a more professional look. 

Even in these busy surroundings, I’m still amazed by the clarity and popping color of these photos. Of course, foodie shot for my instagram updates. 

Aside from the outstanding camera performance, I’m loving the upgraded orbit light and fiberglass-leather design finish plus the new leather stitching. And oh, look at that dazzling sunset orange color which adds a bit of personality to the phone. it feels comfortable to hold this since it’s also lightweight.

Another night well spent captured by the ultra night portrait feature of the oppo reno 8T—really a game-changer.

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YouTubers React to Samsung Galaxy S23

Hear and watch from your fave Tech YouTubers



If you’ve been an avid viewer of GadgetMatch on YouTube, you would remember the last time Michael Josh did a YouTubers React video — and that was the Samsung Galaxy Note9 from almost half a decade ago!

Fast forward this 2023, he finally made it again to the first in-person Galaxy Unpacked event this pandemic.

From first impressions, the new custom-made Snapdragon for Galaxy chipset, 200MP camera, Nightography, epic 8K videos, and even their fave color in the lineup, get to know more about the newest Samsung Galaxy S23 series with answers from your fave Tech YouTubers (aside from Michael Josh, ofc in no particular order):

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Apple M2 Mac mini Review

More Affordable, More Powerful



Apple silently revealed the 2023 M2 Mac mini to the world.

Back in 2005, the Mac mini G4 was the cheapest Mac you can buy for US$ 499.

Almost 18 years after, the Mac mini still is the cheapest Mac at just US$ 599.

That’s still a lot of savings versus buying a US$ 1299 iMac.

The biggest difference? The newest Mac mini runs two of the most powerful chips right now — the M2 and M2 Pro.

But is it actually the right Mac for you?

Watch our Apple M2 Mac mini review now!

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