Fast Forward: Samsung and OPPO are launching unique phones, Hyundai has something new

Boring phones are out!



Curious about what to expect in the tech world? Here’s a quick roundup of upcoming events and launches happening next month!

OPPO to launch new smartphone lineup

OPPO has been investing a lot in camera innovations. Since showcasing their 5x lossless zoom technology two years ago, we knew OPPO has been making bold steps in smartphone photography. While that tech didn’t make it to the consumer market, OPPO didn’t stop in improving it to 10x zoom.

The prototype device we were able to play with during MWC 2019 in Barcelona was OPPO’s new Reno phone. The external design of the handset wasn’t final, but it’s practically the Reno in a different casing.

Basically, Reno is the company’s new flagship lineup. It should be in the same league as last year’s Find X. Aside from its awesome zoom capabilities, the Reno will also have a pop-up selfie camera which is more of a peekaboo style, rising from only one side.

The phone will be formally introduced on April 10 as the Chinese teasers suggest.

Samsung will finally give us the Galaxy Fold

While Samsung initially unveiled the Galaxy Fold during the Galaxy S10’s event, the foldable smartphone wasn’t quite ready for the market. But, the South Korean company did set an official date for the Galaxy Fold’s rollout: April 26.

Samsung Galaxy Fold | GadgetMatch

Of course, a modern piece of mobile technology won’t be cheap. If you’ll be lucky enough to reserve one, the Galaxy Fold can be yours for US$ 1,980 before taxes. For that price, you can already get two Galaxy S10 phones, or a Galaxy S10 plus a separate tablet. Still, they won’t be as cool and futuristic as the Galaxy Fold.

While we wait for the Galaxy Fold, you might want to check out this short video from Samsung assuring consumers that their folding screens will stand the test of time.

Hyundai has an all-new Crossover Utility Vehicle

The month of April won’t be all about phones. Car enthusiasts also have something to look forward to and that’s the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). A number of car manufacturers will be present, but Hyundai has something exciting at the show floor. They’ll launch an all-new Crossover Utility Vehicle called the Venue.

The Venue will be Hyundai’s smallest in the segment, just below the Kona. Hyundai has been teasing their new vehicle, but not many details are disclosed.

Rumors suggest that it will have vertically stacked LED lights and a rectangular front grille. It would most likely rival the likes of the Ford Ecosport.

Fast Forward is our roundup of upcoming news, launches, and events. It’s a monthly feature to give our readers a heads-up on what is happening in the tech realm. It’s sometimes difficult to keep track of the calendar, so we do it for you.


A journey to self-love: How to set your financial goals straight

With CIMB Bank’s help



Image: MJ | GadgetMatch

There was a point in my life when adulting hit me hard: my romantic relationship suddenly ended, which coincided with my resignation from my full-time job of three years. The thing is, I had a plan before everything happened, but life is indeed full of unexpected moments.

I decided to take a rest first to clear my overwhelmed mind. I ended up doing what most young adults like me would do: travelled to different places, went out with friends, volunteered for several causes, and spoiled myself with my favorite things and experiences — everything that involved doing what I love and seizing life’s great moments.

I was busy indulging myself in this idea of “self-love” until I realized that my bank account was draining every single week, and I was close to maxing out my credit card limit. That’s when it hit me: I wasn’t financially prepared to sustain this kind of lifestyle. 

Self-love is more than just showering yourself with pretty things

We all have this idea that “self-love” is about indulging in life’s best comforts, and doing whatever sets our soul on fire. Newsflash: real life is much trickier than these scenarios we see in rom-com films.

For me, I had to take more extra work to do these things I love, while still being able to pay bills. I regretted not being able to save up more and use my money wisely. I eventually found myself living life from paycheck to paycheck, and I realized that this is not the life I wanted to live. I couldn’t fully enjoy life’s moments, since my financial restrictions were always at the back of my mind. 

I have come to understand the real concept of self-love — that it is actually about creating a life that is prepared for whatever life’s challenges throw at us. Instead of treating ourselves to short-lived thrills, it’s much better to manage our finances first so we’re always ready for the next big thing. Being smart with our finances is indeed a great form of self-care. 

Seize life’s moments by being financially fit

CIMB Bank, the “Best Digital Bank” in the Philippines is a great choice for people like me who want to save up for life’s next moments. The best thing about it is I can open an account seamlessly in just 10 minutes — no need to personally enroll in a branch and wait for weeks to secure an account. No wonder they have been recently awarded as the “Fastest Growing Digital Bank” as well.

Through the CIMB Bank PH mobile app (iOS/ Android), managing and accessing my money is also much easier compared to other banks. They offer great perks and services such as transacting with other banks for free, withdrawing in over 25,000 ATM machines nationwide without penalty charges via Visa pay, wave debit card, and not be bothered by maintaining balances.

I can also access my cash 24/7 in just a few taps, and it’s connected to other local payment gateways I frequently use like GCash and dragonpay, so it greatly fits my flexible lifestyle.

True to its commitment to helping Filipinos achieve financial inclusion and freedom, this all-digital, mobile-first bank offers an interest rate of four percent (4%) per annum available all year round, with no restrictions, via its UpSave account offering. It’s the best-in-market savings rate, which makes me save more money without worrying about security. They also offer up to Php 2 million worth of life insurance coverage!

With CIMB Bank, I can track my savings easily and invest my money in experiences that will allow me to feed my passions. When the time comes that life throws more unexpected moments, I know I’m financially secured to handle it. And that is one of the best forms of love I can give to myself.

To know more about CIMB Bank PH, click here.

This feature was produced in collaboration with Her GadgetMatch and CIMB Philippines.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing, Setup, Photos & Q&A

What to expect when you buy the Galaxy Z Flip



Today is Galaxy Z Flip Day! Thankfully I have fast fingers, and was able to snag one before it ran out online. In this video I pick up in store, unbox and set it up, and answer some of your questions.

This is our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip unboxing.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Hands-on

Samsung isn’t giving up just yet



It’s been a year since the first foldable of Samsung was released. Fast forward today, we have another foldable on the track.

Say hello to the Galaxy Z Flip! Unlike the Galaxy Fold that turns into a tablet, this one is so compact, it can even fit inside your coin purse.

Head on to the video above to know more or click the link here.

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