GadgetMatch’s most-watched videos of 2018

A few brands dominated the charts



Ah, videos — GadgetMatch’s bread and butter. It’s been another great year for our YouTube channel, and we have the numbers to prove it.

These are our most popular videos of 2018, arranged from least to most viewed. Can you spot any patterns?

10. OPPO F9: All about that notch

Like it or not, OPPO is here to stay. While not the first to sport a tiny notch, the F9 definitely popularized it in 2018, and people loved it over the overly wide variety.

9. iPad Pro (2018) Unboxing

As the only tablet-centric video on this list, it certainly proves how iPads are still popular with the masses. The new iPad Pro in particular looks great right out of the box.

8. Huawei P20 & P20 Pro Hands-on

Was there any doubt about these two phones making the list? The flagship P20 pair set the standard for smartphone photography in 2018, and continue to dominate entering 2019.

7. ASUS ZenFone 5 Hands-On

Without a doubt, the ZenFone 5 brought redemption to ASUS’ lineup. It fixed everything that was wrong with the ZenFone 4 and came at just the right price.

6. Vivo V11 Unboxing & Review

Under-display fingerprint scanners are one thing, but to see them on a midrange phone is another. The V11 was a hit with this implementation, giving it enough reason to shine on this list.

5. OPPO F7 Review: Surprisingly powerful

Yup, another OPPO video! With a surprisingly fast processor and strong selfie game, the F7 made waves both on sales charts and our YouTube channel.

4. Vivo NEX Unboxing & Hands-On: The future!

When Vivo said the future had arrived, so did the views on this NEX video. We couldn’t get enough of its pop-up camera; no setup matches its style till now.

3. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Review

Sliding smartphones are so in right now! The Mi MIX 3 impressed us with its manual slider, and the fans came in droves. So much so in fact that this next video had its own boost in popularity.

2. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Unboxing: Comes with what!?

Yes, another Mi MIX 3 video! Xiaomi proved how much can be packed into a smartphone’s box without jacking up the price. We thoroughly enjoyed this unboxing and viewers wanted more.

1. Vivo V9 Unboxing and Hands-on

Surprised? Vivo’s V9 was a surprise hit for everyone. While it doesn’t have any unusual features like the last two smartphones on this list, viewers simply wanted to know if it was a good investment.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing, Setup, Photos & Q&A

What to expect when you buy the Galaxy Z Flip



Today is Galaxy Z Flip Day! Thankfully I have fast fingers, and was able to snag one before it ran out online. In this video I pick up in store, unbox and set it up, and answer some of your questions.

This is our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip unboxing.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Hands-on

Samsung isn’t giving up just yet



It’s been a year since the first foldable of Samsung was released. Fast forward today, we have another foldable on the track.

Say hello to the Galaxy Z Flip! Unlike the Galaxy Fold that turns into a tablet, this one is so compact, it can even fit inside your coin purse.

Head on to the video above to know more or click the link here.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Hands-On

Unpacked features just for you



2020 is a year where Samsung is taking a leap of faith by getting out of its comfort zone. The Galaxy S20 may look like last year’s Galaxy S10, but it offers double the power and features than its predecessor.

But does that mean the prices also doubled? Find out more by watching the video above or through this link if you can’t access it.

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