Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut: Expanding a legend

The definitive version



Ghost of Tsushima is already one legendary experience, but that same experience is elevated further with PlayStation 5 improvements and a new tale exploring Jin Sakai’s past with Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut.

Prominently featured in this expanded version of the game is the Iki Island story arc. The island is located Southeast of Tsushima and is being conquered by another Mongol invader named The Eagle. Throughout the story, you’ll learn that the Eagle’s methods are a little different from Khotun Khan. This particular method sets the story of Iki Island in motion.

The Eagle

The PS5 upgrade 

Right from the get go you immediately feel the difference between using the DualSense vs the DualShock controller. Whenever you’re running, whether that’s on foot or on your horse, you’ll feel each step and each gallop on the DualSense controller.

Certain things also respond differently. For instance, if the DualShock controller can only vibrate a certain way, the DualSense provides a gamut of vibrations that immerse you even further in the game. The different vibrations provide a different sense in certain story moments that was just brilliantly executed.

Ghost of Tsushima_20210818002242

In terms of loading times, I thought the original game on the PS4 was already pretty fast and only really suffered from the different outfits loading. The load time on the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is certainly faster but the different outfits still took some time to load in some instances.

There are also different controller layouts available so you can play the game the way it would make most sense to you. There’s also now an option to lock-on to a target which wasn’t in the original game.

Iki Island is no vacation

Iki Island is a sight to behold

For those who have already completed the main campaign, the Tales of Iki will immediately be available in your journal. For those who are starting the game from scratch, the Tale opens up as you enter Act 2 of the main game which is the Toyotama region.

While this may be the case, our advice is to complete the main campaign first before heading to Iki Island. Why?

  1. Some story beats might not make sense if you haven’t finished the main campaign
  2. The enemies on Iki Island will waste you in no time if you don’t have enough skills unlocked. The game warns you about this.
  3. You won’t be able to freely go back and forth between Iki Island and the main Island of Tsushima until you get to a certain point in Iki Island.

There are a few new enemy types. Mostly brutes with multiple weapons. But the most promiment one is The Shaman which boosts the bloodlust of the Mongols. They will relentlessly attack you and deal more damage while the Shaman is still around.

The Shaman

More skills to unlock, more animals to pet

Your horse joins the fight on Iki Island. Previously just a spectator, you can now have your horse charge at Mongols. It’s easily one of the most satisfying gameplay additions on Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. Running over oppressors is this writer’s kink.

Speaking of animals, Iki island is more biodiverse than the main Tsushima island. Previously, you only really encountered a bird that guides you from quest to quest and foxes that lead you to a shrine to improve the charms that aid you in battle.

Yes, you can pet cats now

Iki island is also home to three important animals you’ll encounter — monkeys, cats, and deers. Each one has a shrine that will give you charms and charm upgrades. You also don’t simply bow to the shrine to gain these upgrades. You have to play the flute for these lovable creatures.

The flute playing mechanic is done by tilting the DualSense controller to follow the pattern on the screen. It’s a mini, and really easy, rhythm game that adds depth to the overall gameplay.

Play the flute for the monkey

Mythic and other Tales

To preserve the experience, we won’t say much about this part. Just know that yes, there are Mythic Tales available in Iki Island. The first two that you’ll encounter will yield armor that will prove to be very useful in completing the Tales of Iki campaign.

Get ready for some flashbacks

Just like the main game, the many Tales of Iki build upon the main Iki Island campaign. There’s several of them throughout the island and there will be plenty more to explore should you decide to finish the main story first before tackling the other Tales or sidequests.

Iki Island and The Eagle

I don’t think there’s any way to discuss the main campaign story without divulging some spoilery details. So, let this be your warning. Read on if you want to be cued in on some mild spoilers for story details. 

As mentioned earlier, The Eagle isn’t exactly the same type of conqueror that Khotun Khan is. Where the main game’s antagonist is more direct with his brute force approach, The Eagle dabbles more in the chemical and psychological.

Through these methods, The Eagle is able to coerce the people of Iki to join the Mongols’ cause. Make no mistake, this leader is still bloody and brutal, just in different ways.

A bloody beheading

Jin Sakai is immediately exposed to these methods and while the mission is still to free the people of Iki, The Ghost will also deal with other matters about his relationship with his past.

Overall, it’s a solid story that sees our hero grow in ways that are different from the main game’s original narrative. While the Ghost of Tsushima main game has Jin adapt to the situation despite it being against the ways of the Samurai, the Tales of Iki will have him dealing more with grief and guilt. =

Expanding a legend

Ghost of Tsushima

The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is a wonderful expansion on an already masterpiece of a game. The additions are worthwhile and enjoyable, and the new story is mostly tightly told that it only adds to the legend of Jin Sakai — the Ghost of Tsushima.

The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will be available starting August 20.

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SteelSeries adds world’s lightest gaming mice to Aerox series

The Aerox 5, Aerox 5 Wireless, and Aerox 9 Wireless




SteelSeries continues to expanded its award-winning Aerox series, adding three new ultra-lightweight gaming mice to the collection.

The new Aerox 5, Aerox 5 Wireless, and Aerox 9 Wireless mice are now available, offering gamers even better precision, speed, and comfort.

Dubbed as the world’s lightest multi-genre and MMO/MOBA gaming mice, the latest peripherals come with customizable features.


These include programmable buttons for instant access to a gamer’s preferred shortcuts, as well as syncing RGB lighting for a more personalized gaming experience.

Pricing, availability

The three new Aerox mice are now available at SteelSeries’ official Lazada and Shopee stores, as well as Challenger, Courts, Endless passion, Tec Drome, Xtreme, and other major channels.

Refer to the table below for the prices and specs.

Model Specs Price
Aerox 5
  • 66g
  • 9 programmable buttons
  • TrueMove Air sensor
  • 100 percent Virgin Grade PTFE feet
  • 3 RGB zones with Brilliant PrismSync Lighting
  • Water-resistant AquaBarrier with IP54 safety rating
SG$ 149
Aerox 5 Wireless
  • 74g
  • Up to 180 hours of battery life
  • 40 hours of use on a 15-minute charge
  • TrueMove Air Sensor
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SG$ 229
Aerox 9 Wireless
  • 89g
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  • Quantum 2.0 Wireless and Bluetooth
  • Golden Micro IP54 Switches
SG$ 249

In addition, any purchase of SteelSeries entitles customers to a free one-month GeForce NOW cloud gaming subscription.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II release date, official artwork revealed

There’s also a hint for a giveaway contest



Modern Warfare II

The wait is finally over for gamers as new details for the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II have finally surfaced.

First, the release date of the much-anticipated sequel of the 2019 reboot, Modern Warfare II is on October 28, 2022.

As if that’s not enough to get people excited, Activision also had a massive cargo ship sailing at Port of Long Beach in California for the game’s official artwork reveal, teasing enthusiasts even more.

The ship contained an image of the Operative Ghost, as well as more characters on cargo containers. The entire reveal may be watched here.

New characters, giveaway

Aside from the release date and official artwork, new characters are also expected to join Task Force 141, which includes key members like Captain John Price, Sergeant “Soap” MacTavish, Sergeant Kyle “Gaz” Garrick, Simon “Ghost” Riley, and Colonel Alejandro.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II was announced earlier this year, with details for the storyline set to follow, that’s why fans are urged to stay tuned.

Developers have also hinted at a potential giveaway contest, mentioning that soon players will have “a chance to own a piece of this dock-spanning art and be a part of our history”.

Interesting, huh?

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Sony’s Days of Play sale for PlayStation peripherals, titles is on

Get up to 80 percent off on gaming titles



Days of Play

Just in time for mid-year sales, Sony announced the start off its sixth annual global Days of Play sale.

Happening until June 8, 2022, the sale offers special promotions for customers on various PlayStation peripherals like the PlayStation VR and DualSense Wireless Controllers.

Furthermore, selected PS5 and PS4 Blu-ray Disc version titles will sell for up to 80 percent off on the PS Store.

Offers will be available at all PlayStation authorized dealers and Sony stores.

Sales offers

For all Days of Play offers throughout the 15-day sale, refer to the table below.

Product/Title Special Price
PlayStation VR with PlayStation Camera PhP 14,990
DualSense Wireless Controllers


  • Original White
  • Midnight Black
  • Cosmic Red
  • Starlight Blue
  • Nova Pink
  • Galactic Purple
PhP 3,490
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition (PS4) PhP 990
The Last of Us Part II (PS4) PhP 990
God of War PlayStation Hits (PS4) PhP 550
Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

PlayStation Hits (PS4)

PhP 550
Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS4, PS5) PhP 1,490
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5) PhP 1,990
UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection (PS5) PhP 1,490
The Nioh Collection PhP 1,990


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