Honor FlyPods and FlyPods Pro are AirPods that come in better colors

There’s Robin Blue and Charm Red



Honor’s slew of releases included another device that will bring color and great music to your life, quite literally.

This is Honor’s recently unveiled FlyPods and I’m going to say it: They look just like Apple’s AirPods but in a nice better shade called Robin Blue.

Just look at how pretty that looks when worn! I mean, white is fine but this shade is just giving me life.

These wireless earbuds aren’t just lookers, though. These cute things connect to your phone via Bluetook 5.0 and, on top of music-listening capabilities, can answer calls and respond to touch control.

The left bud activates Honor’s YoYo voice assistant while the right one controls music playback. The best part? If you lose one bud, you can just use another bud from a different pair, place it in the case, and it will work as good as new.

If you don’t like this blue-green hue, Honor also announced the FlyPods Pro which come in Charm Red.

The red FlyPods Pro boasts of BoneID technology which uses both voice recognition and bone sound pattern recognition (apparently bone sound is something that’s unique to each person) as biometrics. This means that you can give secure voice commands to the buds.

For example, making payments via WeChat or AliPay with voice command is a feature these earphones support. It also has the YoYo smart assistant built in so you don’t even need gestures (a feature this pair doesn’t support) to give it instructions.

Both FlyPods have an IP54 rating and 420mAh battery capacity which lasts for three hours on a single charge while the carry case has 20 hours more worth of battery power. They charge wirelessly and via a USB-C port.

Funny enough, both the FlyPods and the FlyPods Pro also come in white which Honor has dubbed “Lily of the Valley White.”

The FlyPods will be available online starting November 6 for CNY 799. The FlyPods Pro, however, has no release date as of writing, but they are priced at CNY 999.


Pixel Buds suffer from laggy audio and uneven battery, users complain

Google responds to one problem



Contrary to the technical superiority of wired earphones, wireless earbuds are now as commonplace as smartphones themselves with every brand coming up with their own branded version of the popular device. Among these are Google’s new Pixel Buds released earlier this year. 2020’s Pixel Buds successfully blends audio performance and Google’s suite of functionalities inside a Google-friendly package.

However, all is not right in Google’s wireless world. Spread across social media, numerous complaints are piling up on the device’s various flaws. For one, the audio can apparently cut out if you move or shake your head too vigorously. Naturally, the flaw completely deflates the Pixel Buds’ effectiveness for runners and joggers. Additionally, some users are reporting that the audio in one bud lags behind the other, creating a garbled distortion.

Further reported by Forbes, the battery drain can also differ from bud to bud. The difference can get as high as 30 percent, wherein one bud is considerably more drained than the other. However, Google has already replied to this particular concern. Apparently, the Pixel Buds can optimize battery drain by limiting some features to only one bud, prompting the uneven battery drain. As soon as the affected battery reaches a certain threshold, the device taps the other earbud for the feature, eventually leveling them out.

In any case, the company does not have an explanation for the uneven audio issues yet. Affected users can turn in their defective devices for a replacement. If the replacement device is still faulty, Google can issue a full refund.

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vivo introduces TWS Earphone Neo

Joining the TWS party!



Another one has joined the TWS party!

vivo is launching its TWS Earphone Neo — a companion to the upcoming X50 series. It’s built to provide a stellar audio experience for everyday music lovers. It also features voice-activated smart controls and AI noise cancelling for clearer phone calls.

Neo runs Qualcomm’s 4th-generation TWS platform named QCC3046, offering low latency, high precision, and stable listening experience. Moreover, it’s equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology, reaching a maximum of 10-meter range.

This pair of wireless earphones carries a design-centric compact body. It has a 14.2mm ultra-large driver unit and a bio-fiber composite diaphragm, promising to deliver enhanced audio and powerful sound.

In 2012, vivo pioneered the Hi-Fi chip technology, being the first smartphone to incorporate the chip to deliver unparalleled audio experience. Together with the X50 series, the TWS Earphone Neo is the realization of vivo’s decade-long investments and commitment to improving consumers’ lives with their devices.

Pricing and availability of the TWS Earphone are yet to be announced.

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Redmi Earbuds S are the most affordable TWS offering

The price is unbelievable



In India, Xiaomi’s Redmi division looks after the affordable segment while Mi-branded products are for the premium segment. On the side, POCO is now an independent brand. Continuing with the new strategy, Redmi today announced the launch of their new TWS earbuds, the Redmi Earbuds S.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 were announced in the country but they are far from affordable. To bridge this gap, the Redmi Earbuds S has been unveiled. It’s worth noting that they are the same as the Redmi AirDots S, which were launched in China earlier.

The Earbuds have 7.2mm drivers and are IPX4-rated for water resistance. The individual buds weigh only about 4.5g each. The company’s marketing has focused on how good their bass is, but we’ll be able to confirm that in our review later.

For connectivity, it leverages SBC codec, a commonly used protocol via Bluetooth. However, a low-latency mode has also been added to aide gaming. The earbuds are said to deliver four hours of playback on a single charge and the case can extend this to 12 hours.

The Earbuds S also has a physical button on either side to control media playback or skip tracks. The gaming mode can be triggered by pressing the function key thrice.

The Redmi Earbuds S will cost INR 1,799 (US$ 23) and will go on sale starting May 27 via and Amazon.

These earbuds are an entry-level option for someone who’s looking for a pair of TWS earbuds. Instead of rich features, the point of this product is to offer an affordable option to the end-user.

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