HTC Philippines Smartphone Price List



Here are the latest prices of HTC smartphones in the Philippines. We listed the devices according to their category.

Last update: November 9, 2017

Premium (PhP 30,000 and up)

Midrange (PhP 15,000 to PhP 30,000)

Budget Smartphones (PhP 15,000 and below)

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Lightweight king: Razer unveils Viper V2 Pro

20 percent lighter than the Viper Ultimate



Viper V2 Pro

One of the world’s lightest gaming mice is now available in the Philippines. Razer has announced the release of the ultra-lightweight and wireless gaming mouse Viper V2 Pro.

The Razer V2 Pro sells for Php 8,990 via Razer’s official website, official Shopee and Lazada stores, and through its authorized sellers.

The package box will include additional grip tapes pre-cut to the mouse’s shape, a Razer Speedflex charging cable and 2.4GHz HyperSpeed USB dongle extender.

Peak performance at your fingertips

The Viper V2 Pro is 20 percent lighter than the Viper Ultimate, and comes with cutting-edge tech features, such as:

  • Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3
  • better battery life
  • all-new Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor

Determined to make the Viper V2 Pro the new standard for gaming mice, Razer designed it hand-in-hand with feedback from esports pros.

This includes 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Grand Finals MVP Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen of OpTic Gaming.

For the pro

Viper V2 Pro

Razer’s new Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor helps achieve a complete resolution accuracy of 99.8 percent.

The powerful new sensor is equipped with AI functionality such as Smart Tracking, Motion Sync and Asymmetric Cut-off for the ultimate performance at the highest levels of play.

The Viper V2 Pro also features the new Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3 for absolutely zero double-clicking issues and no debounce delay.

These new switches are rated for a click lifecycle of up to 90 million clicks, an increase of 25 percent from the previous generation’s lifespan.

Other aspects that will benefit gamers include support for USB-C charging and DPI control button on the bottom of the mouse.

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ASUS reveals newest 2022 Zenbooks, Vivobooks

Exciting lineup of high-performance laptops



ASUS unveiled its newest lineup of high-performance series laptops during an online launch event called The Pinnacle of Performance.

The all-new 2022 lineup includes laptops from the following series:

  • Zenbook Pro
  • Zenbook S
  • Vivobook Pro
  • Vivobook S
  • Vivobook 13 Slate Artist Edition

Redesigned for performance

The comprehensive lineup of new Zenbook Pro and Zenbook S laptops include standard, convertible, and dual display laptops ranging from 13 to 17.3 inches, all with the latest features like:

  • 12th Gen Intel Core H-Series processors (depending on model)
  • AMD H-Series 6000 processors (depending on model)
  • Improved cooling with ASUS IceCool, IceCool Plus, and IceCool Pro
  • Up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs
  • NVIDIA Studio ecosystem
  • Wide range of performance and productivity innovations

Zenbook Pro 16X OLED: Most powerful yet

Bannering the Zenbook Pro lineup is the Pro 16X OLED which is NVIDIA Studio validated with up to a 12th Gen Core i9 12900H processor and NVIDIA RTX 3060 laptop GPU.

When it comes to visuals, the Pro 16X OLED comes with a 16-inch 4K OLED 60Hz 550-nit Dolby Vision touchscreen that is PANTONE Validated.

Other advanced features include:

  • White-RGB ASUS Intelligent Lighting System
  • ASUS Dial rotary controller

Zenbook Pro, S series additions

Aside from the 16X OLED, ASUS has released the following laptops, which come with virtually the same specs and features:

  • Zenbook Pro 15 Duo OLED (UX582)
  • Zenbook Pro 14 Duo OLED
  • Zenbook Pro 15 Flip OLED (UP6502)
  • Zenbook Pro 17 (UM6702)

When it comes to versatility, ASUS has also introduced these units for the Zenbook S series:

  • Zenbook S 13 Flip OLED (UP5302)
  • Zenbook S 13 OLED (UM5302)

The Zenbook S laptops feature:

  • 2.8K OLED HDR NanoEdge Dolby Vision touchscreen
  • Up to 19-hour battery life
  • Ultrafast Thunderbolt 4 USB-C ports
  • Full connectivity, including USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C
  • Up to an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor with AMD Radeon 680M graphics

Vivobook Pro, S series

Aside from the Zenbook Pro and Zenbook S series releases, ASUS’ high-performance yet affordable Vivobook Pro series for creators also take centerstage.

The five new products which feature top-notch specifications are as follows:

  • Vivobook Pro 16X OLED (N7601/M7601)
  • Vivobook Pro 15X OLED (K6501/M6501)
  • Vivobook Pro 14X OLED (N7401)
  • Vivobook Pro 16 OLED (K6602)
  • Vivobook Pro 15 OLED (K6502/K6500/M6500)

For optimum performance and convenience for users, the new Vivobook Pro laptops have:

  • Up to12th Gen Intel Core i9 12900H or AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processors
  • Up to 32 GB of DDR5 RAM
  • Studio-grade NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics
  • Ultrafast 2 TB PCIe 4.0 SSD
  • ASUS IceCool Pro thermal technology
  • OLED display technology with refresh rates of up to 120Hz

Meanwhile, the sleek and stylish Vivobook S series laptops also have four new additions.

Vivobook 13 Slate OLED Artist Editions

Completing ASUS’ vast lineup of 2022 laptops are the Vivobook 13 Slate OLED which come in the Philip Colbert and Steven Harrington Editions.

Both products are designed in collaboration with the two world-renowned artists, and feature themed hardware, exclusive accessories and packaging, and more.

To complete the collection, an optional artist-designed ASUS Marshmallow mouse may also be purchased.

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Campaign putting seizure, epilepsy warnings to YouTube gaming content initiated



Seizure Warning

Whenever on YouTube, people tend to have the urge to skip annoying or uninteresting ads.

But Digitas Philippines is trying to change that with an all-important online campaign that puts the safety of the gaming community first.

With the Seizure Warning Pre-Rolls project, Digitas Philippines turns YouTube’s 6-second pre-rolls before videos play into dedicated spaces, where instead of ads, PSAs get played.

Digitas will focus on showing warnings that effectively alert viewers of possible adverse of conditions such as seizures and photosensitive epilepsy.

To ensure that such warnings draw the attention of YouTube viewers, Digitas’ team included flashy animations, fast and mind-bending gameplay, and vivid, ultra-colorful visuals.

Such components make gaming content extremely visually stimulating, yet can also seriously affect those who have had seizures or epilepsy in the past, as well as those who have not had them before.

Avoiding risk on YouTube 

With more than 40 million active gaming channels, users definitely have a chance of running into possible seizure risks.

This pushed Digitas to jumpstart the campaign, trying to address the lack of warning signs before the start of videos and more.

Through their campaign, notices will be placed before anyone views gaming-related content to boost safety and lower the risk of getting a seizure or epilepsy.

The initiative will already cover all YouTube videos with gaming content tags in its initial phase. It will feature highly-targeted and specific warning messages for viewers’ protection.

The group is also in the process of partnering with more institutions to follow up and go beyond the first phase.

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