Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Apple iPhone XS: Which is the better deal?

Battle of the tech giants!



Without a doubt, the rivalry between Huawei and Apple gets more fierce with every new generation of smartphones. Now that their best hands of the year have been shown, it’s time to make a detailed comparison.

For this shootout, we have the Mate 20 Pro and iPhone XS — both giants in their own ways. Not only do they offer the most advanced smartphone chipsets to date, but also a whole host of high-tech features.

Let’s see how they fare in each category.


While they both have a beautiful display, the Mate 20 Pro’s is larger at 6.39 inches compared to the iPhone XS’ 5.8 inches. In addition, the former has curved edges and a more dense 1440p resolution, making it more suitable for overall media consumption.

To the iPhone’s credit, its AMOLED panel is curved inward at the bottom, leaving a slightly smaller chin on the surface. This gives the Apple product a nice, compact feel from top to bottom.


The phones offer powerful facial scanning features to unlock the phone without much fuss. Apple has its complex Face ID system, and Huawei has its equally impressive 3D depth-sensing array, so we’re more or less even here.

What Huawei does better, however, is provide an alternative to this. There’s an under-display fingerprint scanner on the Mate 20 Pro, and even though it’s not the fastest way to log in, it’s better than not having one at all.


Apple rarely reveals specs such as for the battery, but it’s safe to say that the Mate 20 Pro has the advantage with its massive 4200mAh capacity. It’s enough to get through two days with moderate usage and over six hours of screen usage. With the iPhone XS, you can expect about an entire day of moderate to heavy usage with approximately five hours of screen-on time. As for watching videos, the Mate 20 Pro lasts around four hours longer with Wi-Fi turned on.

Another strong suit of the Mate 20 Pro is its fast charging. Not only is the 40W SuperCharge adapter included in the box — something Apple missed out on with the iPhone XS — but it can fully charge the phone from zero to 100 percent in about 70 minutes. That’s much faster than the 150 minutes needed for the iPhone XS and its much weaker 5W charger.


This is where things get more interesting. Both manufacturers are proud of their camera implementations, and the results show how great they are.

The Mate 20 Pro has a solid combination on the rear: a high-resolution 40MP main camera, 20MP ultra-wide-angle shooter, and 8MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom. In front, we have a 24MP selfie camera.

As for the iPhone XS, it’s equipped with two rear cameras: one regular 12MP sensor, and another 12MP shooter with 2x optical zoom. The front camera has a standard 7MP sensor.

Impressions here are always subjective, so we’ll let you gauge which photos suit your taste better:

Signature Features

The Mate 20 Pro is absolutely jam-packed with special features as mentioned earlier, plus it has wireless reverse charging so you can charge other Qi-enabled devices on its glass back and a gorgeous selection of colors to choose from.

The iPhone XS, on the other hand, benefits from excellent software support, receiving the latest iOS updates directly from Apple as soon as they roll out. In addition to the robust ecosystem, moving from one Apple device to another is easier than any other combination.


Because the Mate 20 Pro and iPhone XS were released in different continents under different currencies, we’ll choose the Philippine pricing for this comparison to be more precise.

Currently, the Mate 20 Pro retails for PhP 49,990, while the iPhone begins at PhP 67,990 for the lowest storage configuration. It’s a rather large gap, but Apple has always been known for its extra premium prices.

Whichever phone you choose, whether it be for specific features or simply preferring one ecosystem over another, you’re guaranteed to receive the best each brand has to offer.

This feature was produced in collaboration between GadgetMatch and Huawei Philippines.


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Huawei nova 8i: Huawei’s awesome SUPER midranger

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Midrange smartphones have been the middle ground for people who want the premium of a higher end smartphone but don’t want to burn their pockets. Huawei gives in to this demand and claims the title of midrange king as they dethrone all other midrangers with their new nova 8 series — the nova 8 and nova 8i.

Here, we’ll put the spotlight on the Huawei nova 8i.

Build and design

Inheriting the Huawei P Series’ signature stylish aesthetic, the Huawei nova 8i has a fancy and premium design. It is slim, sleek, and has exquisite curved edges, which makes it really easy to grip.

Checking out its back, you’ll definitely notice the quad camera setup that’s surprisingly not bulky at all. It also has a noticeable resemblance with the Huawei Mate 30. But we’ll talk more about the cameras later on.

What also caught our attention is the gradient finish of this Moonlight Silver variant that we have which is absolutely stunning.

Fantastic display

The Huawei nova 8i has an edgeless 6.67-inch display with ultra-narrow bezels around it. This results in an immersive viewing experience for browsing your social media pages or watching your favorite music videos.

The Huawei nova 8i also sports full HD+ resolution and DCI-P3 color gamut, giving us that rich and vibrant color reproduction. Once again, Huawei taps on Tuv Rheinland for certification on low blue light emittance to ensure eye comfort for long hours of work and play. It also has a natural tone feature which automatically adjusts the colors on the display depending on your surroundings.


Just as you would expect from a midrange phone, gaming is also something you can do with the nova 8i. With its 180Hz touch sampling rate, your favorite mobile games feel very responsive, making the gaming experience really enjoyable.

When you’re deep into gaming, the last thing you want is to be interrupted by a call or message. Well, you don’t have to worry about that since the Huawei nova 8i has a gaming assistant. You can enable settings so you won’t be disrupted and you can indulge yourself fully to the game.

But the experience is not the only thing that’s fast with the nova 8i. The 66W Huawei SuperCharge can juice up this phone up to 68 percent in just 20 minutes and can fully charge it in just 38 minutes. You can literally stare at your phone as your battery indicator rises.


Here’s where the fun part starts. Cameras: 64MP f/1.9 main, 8MP f/2.4 ultra-wide, 2MP f/2.4 macro, 2MP f/2.4 depth, 16MP f/2.0 selfie.

The nova 8i has a quad camera setup with a 64MP main camera which uses a big 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor. It means its camera sensor has the ability to let in more light. This results to a cleaner image and better low light performance.

And we’re telling you, this sensor is not messing around.

It lets you capture the highest resolution images you could probably ever need. Different from the usual software upscaled images typically seen on an ordinary smartphone. This gives you the capability to zoom in and crop your captured image yet still maintain a tremendous amount of details.

With the powerful cameras that the nova 8i has, you can definitely maximize its features to create your content whether just for leisure, a passion project, or social media content for your business.

EMUI and multitasking

As for its software, the Huawei nova 8i runs on EMUI 11 bringing in a bunch of convenient features that boosts your efficiency. For one, if you’re someone who loves multitasking, the multi-window feature is perfect as it lets you operate multiple apps on your screen.

Speaking of apps, Huawei’s app gallery is loaded with great ones from top shopping apps like Shopee and Lazada, to the most trending ones like TikTok.

And if in case you’re having trouble finding the app for you, Petal Search has got you covered. Just type in the app or whatever it is you’re looking for and Petal Search looks it up for you on different sources making sure you get the absolute best results.

Taking screenshots has never been this easy. You can do so by just swiping down using three fingers.

And for security, a new safe sharing feature has been included on the nova 8i. We now get the option to delete information of your phone and other details before sharing your photos or screenshots.

nova 8i — easy to recommend

Jam packed with features, the nova 8i just enables you to do so much. From capturing great photos and videos to having a seamless gaming and online experience, the nova 8i is an easy phone to recommend. At its price point, it is truly worthy of its crown.

The Huawei nova 8i retails for PhP 13,999. It’s available via online Huawei Store, Lazada, Shopee and Huawei experience stores.

This feature is a collaboration between GadgetMatch and Huawei Philippines.

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