No smartphone manufacturer has pushed the boundaries of mobile photography more than Huawei in the past few years. With the goal of once again rewriting the rules of photography, the newly launched P30 Pro is set to take its place at the top of the charts like its predecessors.

Before you decide to buy the new device, here’s a peak at what comes in the box. This is our Huawei P30 Pro unboxing.

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Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Flip are getting holiday colors

Spread the holiday cheer



Are you still wondering what to get your significant other for Christmas? If you’ve already run out of ideas, Samsung has a new set of options for you. Right in time for the holidays, the Galaxy Note 20 5G and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G are getting new holiday colors soon.

Starting today, the Galaxy Note 20 5G will come in the festive Mystic Red. With the holiday-themed color, the flagship will now ship in Mystic Bronze, Mystic Green, Mystic Gray, and Mystic Red. On the other hand, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will now come in an also-festive Mystic White, joining Mystic Bronze and Mystic Gray.

Besides the new color options, Samsung is offering the two smartphones for insanely tempting trade-in options. Through, trade-in buyers can get an instant US$ 150 rebate and up to US$ 500 trade-in value for the purchase of a new Galaxy Note 20 5G, plus a US$ 100 eCertificate.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G can save potential buyers with up to US$ 1,000 with an eligible trade-in.

For reference, the Galaxy Note 20 5G usually retails starting at US$ 999. The Galaxy Z Flip 5G sells for US$ 1,449.

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iPhone 12 series coming to Smart, Globe via Postpaid plans

The latest handset made more accessible!



Merry holidays! The most-awaited iPhone 12 series is coming to the Philippines officially via postpaid offerings from Smart and Globe.

Both telcos teased their subscribers through an announcement posted on their social media platforms.

In a tweet, Smart confirmed the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available soon with Smart Signature Plans. We can only assume that it will still be available in Plan S 999 with a huge one-time cashout.

For Globe, the iPhone 12 series will be offered via ThePlan and ThePLATINUM PLAN. We’re also expecting Globe to offer the handset as low as ThePlan 999 albeit with a huge one-time cashout same as Smart.

Currently, the price for the latest iPhones start from PhP 43,990 for the iPhone 12 Mini (64GB); PhP 49,990 for the iPhone 12 (64GB); PhP 62,990 for the iPhone 12 Pro (128GB); and PhP 68,990 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB). For the full price list, check here.

iPhone 12 Mini review

iPhone 12 review

iPhone 12 Pro review

iPhone 12 Pro Max review

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Samsung is working on quirkier Galaxy Z phones

Including a rollable phone



If all the previous rumors will prove true, Samsung’s future is simplifying into a diverse duality between the traditional Galaxy S lineup and the experimental Galaxy Z lineup. While the Galaxy S series is grabbing a significant chunk of the spotlight, the Galaxy Z is content with its current foldable variants. For now, at least. According to some teasers, Samsung is working on quirkier Galaxy Z phones, including a rollable smartphone.

On their official blog, Samsung Display, the company’s screen development branch, officially teased two alternative visions for their foldable segment. The first variant, a modest reimagining of the current lineup, predicts a Galaxy Fold with another fold, effectively creating a much larger screen. With two hinges, the potential smartphone creates more configurations between folds.

The other alternative is a surprise but doesn’t come without precedent. The device rolls out a screen from a capsule, creating an easy layout for keyboard functionality. Most recently, OPPO launched its own rollable prototype, the OPPO X 2021. With Samsung’s own tease, the industry is likely moving into a rollable future.

At the moment, neither of the two smartphone concepts are available for public consumption. Further, Samsung’s tease is hardly confirmation of development. However, it is likely. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Galaxy Z lineup releases a similar smartphone in the future.

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