Huawei Watch 3 blends connectivity, productivity in a stylish package

The health-centric smartwatch finds its way to the Philippines!



Huawei announced an expansive list of devices for the Asia-Pacific region. Leading the charge is its latest wearable flagship, the Huawei Watch 3 — the first in the Watch series to sport HarmonyOS.

It promises new, high-end technology features while maintaining the same sleek-looking health and fitness companion as its predecessors.

Connected at all times

The Huawei Watch 3 sports an eSim technology. This means you can connect your mobile number from your current network subscription, without the need for a SIM ejector tool.

With this technology, you can now receive calls, messages, and access your apps on your wrist without your smartphone. You can also conduct MeeTime calls and connect select apps to your smartwatch.

The smartwatch also focused on user convenience, introducing an interactive grid launcher and watch phases, accentuated by a smooth UX animation.

Stay on top of your health

Like its predecessors, the Huawei Watch 3 packs over more than a hundred workouts. Also, it has a dedicated sports mode to support you in your physical activities.

Other health-focused technologies include a skin temperature sensor, all-day blood oxygen tracking, stress monitoring, and even handwashing detection for overall health tracking.

From three days to two weeks

Huawei is known for its long-lasting battery life among its roster of devices. Needless to say, the Huawei Watch 3 is equipped with the company’s signature feature.

The smartwatch can last up to three days in 4G mode and even with eSim activated, and can last up to two weeks when you switch to Super-Saving mode.

Price and availability

The Huawei Watch 3 is certainly a premium smartwatch blending connectivity, health management, and productivity in a stylish package. It retails for PhP 18,999 and will be available for pre-order until July 15 on online channels such as Huawei Store, and authorized platforms like Lazada and Shopee. It will also be up on offline channels like the Huawei Experience Stores and authorized retail stores — and it will come with a free Huawei Band 4 worth PhP 1,890.


The Sony Alpha ZV-E10 is a vlogging camera

Among other things



The prospect of owning your very own mirrorless camera became more enticing to people after the pandemic hit and people turned to online jobs to earn living. For some, that meant putting on the digital creator hat. Perhaps seeing the trend, Sony launches a camera that addresses this need — the Sony Alpha ZV-E10.

It’s the first on Sony’s vlogging camera series to feature interchangeable lenses, giving users more versatility. This isn’t the case with the camera’s sibling, the ZV-1. It has a 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor, which means anyone looking to expand their lens selections should look out for e-mount lenses.

Now, about the vlogging part. It’s small, lightweight (around 343g) and includes the side-opening Vari-angle LCD Screen that allows creators to connect external mics on top of the camera.

The new camera also includes advanced video features:

  • Internal 4K movie recording through full pixel readout without pixel binning
  • High bit rate XAVC S™ codec at 100Mbps when recording 4K
  • Slow & Quick Motion
  • High-speed full HD recording at 120 fps
  • Interval Shooting for stunning time-lapse videos
  • Hybrid Log-Gamma (HDR) / S-Gamut3.Cine / S-Log3, S-Gamut3 / S-Log3

A unique feature of the Alpha ZV-E10 is the zoom lever that can operate optical zoom with power zoom lenses and Clear Image zoom with prime lenses.

When pairing the camera with a prime lens, the user can zoom without losing video resolution to maintain full 4K video. The user can also choose from eight zoom speed settings for added creative flexibility.

Taking things further for content creators, the ZV-E10 can be purchased with the optional GP-VPT2BT Shooting Grip with Wireless Remote Commander. It’s a one-handed shooting is simplified with easy to access zoom, record and a customizable button.

The camera can also be connected to your laptop or PC to function as a webcam with the Image Edge Desktop App. A mobile version of the app is also available for easier image file transfer.

Price and availability

The Alpha ZV-E10 will be available in black and white at selected retail shops. The body-only option retails for US$ 698, while the kit lens (E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS power zoom) option retails for US$ 798.

In the Philippines, it retails for PhP 39,999 — that’s a packaged offer for the ZV-E10 and the kit lens. The pre-order also includes two (2) 32GB SD Cards for free.

It’s currently on pre-order in the US and the Philippines.

In Singapore, it will be available in August 2021.

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mWell: new health & wellness app for Filipinos

Because, really, we needed this.




Metro Pacific Health Tech Corporation (MPHTC) is looking to transform the digital health care ecosystem. With what, you ask? Well, with mWell. mWell is a health and wellness app made for every Filipino’s holistic well-being by providing you the medical aid you deserve through a secure digital space.

mWell has partnered with CareSpan, Philcare, Keralty Clinic, board-certified doctors and health practitioners. That way, they can give you access to the best digital medical aid.

For doctors, clinics, and hospitals

Doctors, clinics, and hospitals all over the country are welcome to sign up to mWell. With it, they can set up their own virtual clinic and virtual labs for free. From there, they’ll be able to easily book and manage digital appointments, access patients’ confidential medical records, and issue e-prescriptions.

If you’re a board-certified doctor who isn’t tech savvy, don’t worry. You’ll be given a quick and easy training to be able to access all of mWell’s services so you can immediately digitize your practice and reach more patients nationwide.

For the everyday Filipino

mWell provides everyday Filipinos access to professional consultations, wellness programs, products, and drug delivery services. With the partnership of Medicard, you can book COVID-19 testing services.

Starting August, mWell will let you access e-Pharmacies. From buying prescribed meds and getting them delivered to your doorstep, to buying PhilCare health insurance products for dengue, accidents, and emergencies, they’ve got you covered. They’re even launching nationwide virtual medical missions.

More coming

On September, mWell is partnering with Aktivolabs to let you monitor and track physical activities, sleep schedule, and stress so you can work on improving your health and wellness. And, for PLDT Home customers, you can avail free consultation with mWell doctors. The app is available for Android and iOS.

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JBL Audio Products Philippines Price List

Which JBL audio product is your GadgetMatch?



Looking to buy one of those JBL headphones or speakers? Here are the prices of all the JBL audio products sold in the Philippines, arranged by product categories and price.

Last update: July 2021


Portable Speakers

  • Go 3  — PhP 2,399
  • Clip 4 — PhP 3,549
  • Flip 5 — PhP 6,999
  • Charge 4 — PhP 9,499
  • Pulse 4 — PhP 11,999
  • Xtreme 3 — PhP 16,999
  • Boombox 2 — PhP 23,999

Radio Speakers

  • Tuner FM — PhP 4,995
  • Horizon — PhP 5,995
  • Tuner 2 — PhP 6,299
  • Horizon 2 —PhP 6,299

Voice-activated Speakers

  • Link 10 — PhP 9,999
  • Link 20 — PhP 12,999
  • Link 300 — PhP 14,999
  • Link View — PhP 17,999
  • Link 500 — PhP 23,999

Headphones and Earphones

Lifestyle Headphones

  • Live 100 — PhP 2,199
  • Live 25BT — PhP 3,499
  • Live 200BT — PhP 3,999
  • Live 220BT — PhP 4,199
  • Live 400BT — PhP 5,999
  • Live 500BT — PhP 8,599

Tune Series Wireless Earphones and Headphones

  • Tune 110
    • Wired — PhP 699
    •  Wireless — PhP 1,999
  • Tune 210 — PhP 999
  • Tune 205
    • Wired — PhP 999
    • Wireless — PhP 2,199
  • Tune 290 — PhP 1,490
  • Tune 215BT — PhP 2,199
  • Tune 500
    • Wired — PhP 1,999
    • Wireless — PhP 3,199
  • Tune 510BT — PhP 3,299
  • Tune 700BT — PhP 4,599

Noise-cancelling Headphones

  • Live 460NC — PhP 6,999
  • Tune 600BTNC — PhP 5,499
  • Tune 660NC — PhP 5,599
  • Tune 750BTNC — PhP 7,499
  • Live Free NC+ TWS — PhP 8,599
  • Everest Elite 150NC — PhP 9,999
  • Live 650BTNC — PhP 10,999
  • Live 660NC — PhP 10,999
  • Everest Elite 750NC — PhP 13,990

Everest Series

  • Everest 110GA — PhP 4,990
  • Everest 310GA — PhP 8,999
  • Everest 710GA — PhP 9,999


  • Jr. 310
    • Wired — PhP 1,499
    • Wireless — PhP 2,999
  • Jr. Pop — PhP 1,999

True Wireless Earbuds

  • Tune 115TWS — PhP 4,699
  • Tune 125TWS — PhP 5,999
  • Tune 225TWS — PhP 7,199
  • Tune 300TWS — PhP 8,599
  • Endurance Peak TWS — PhP 6,999
  • Endurance Peak II — PhP 6,999
  • Reflect Mini NC TWS — PhP 8,299
  • Reflect Flow TWS — PhP 8,499
  • UA True Wireless Streak — PhP 8,499
  • Live Pro+ TWS — PhP 9,199
  • Under Armour TWS Flash — PhP 9,999

Professional Headphones

Club Series

  • Club 700BT — PhP 8,599
  • Club 950NC — PhP 13,799
  • Club One — PhP 19,599

Sport Headphones

Endurance Series

  • Run — PhP 1,199
  • Run BT — PhP 2,299
  • Sprint — PhP 3,199
  • Jump — PhP 4,299
  • Dive — PhP 5,299

Reflect Series

  • Reflect Contour 2 — PhP 5,299
  • Reflect Mini 2 — PhP 5,299
  • Under Armour Sport Wireless Train — PhP 11,499

Gaming Headsets & Speakers

JBL Quantum

  • Quantum 50 — PhP 1,799
  • Quantum 100 — PhP 2,399
  • Quantum 200 — PhP 2,999
  • Quantum 300 — PhP 4,799
  • Quantum 400 — PhP 5,999
  • Quantum 600 — PhP 8,999
  • Quantum 800 — PhP 11,999
  • Quantum One — PhP 13,799

Party Speakers & Karaoke

  • PBM100 — PhP 1,699
  • PartyBox 100 — PhP 18,999
  • PartyBox On-the-Go — PhP 20,999
  • PartyBox 310 — PhP 28,999
  • PartyBox 1000 — PhP 57,999


  • Bar 2.0 All-in-One — PhP 10,999
  • Cinema SB110 — PhP 11,999
  • Bar 2.1 — PhP 18,999
  • Bar 2.1 Deep Bass — PhP 19,999
  • Bar 5.1 Immersive — PhP 32,999
  • Bar 5.1 — PhP 42,999

We also have various reviews, news, and feature articles for JBL audio products which you can check out here.

We update the prices of JBL audio products from time to time, so make sure to bookmark this page and check back once in a while.

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