LG Pra.L is a skincare and beauty investment

Like having your own, portable beauty clinic!



No matter how I religiously commit to upkeep my appearance, I always find it difficult to maintain a rigorous skincare routine.

Sometimes, I feel lazy. Sometimes, there’s just a lot of distractions — both in life and in work. Admittedly, my routine is time-consuming that I wish there’s an easier way to apply my skincare essentials.

Thankfully, LG Electronics has LG Pra.L, a beauty brand consisting of products that work like your personal and portable beauty clinic. Their beauty devices let you cleanse, nourish, firm, and brighten your skin — all at the comfort of your home.

Though these may come at an expensive price tag, these beauty devices are worth investing in.

Derma LED Mask

LG Pra.L’s Derma LED Mask lets you achieve radiance for just nine minutes a day. It uses 160 LED lights that encourage cell regeneration to improve your skin elasticity, by penetrating deep into the subdermal layer of your skin.

It also comes with an eye-shield design to protect your eyes from the LED light glare. Don’t worry, it wraps comfortably since it’s made from silicone. It has a transparent visor, too, so you can do something else while you use the mask.

Dual Cleanser

Let me break some news to you: Your skin can still accumulate dirt and excess oils, even if you’re just at home. This is why we all need a good cleanse!

LG Pra.L’s Dual Cleanser provides gentle and deep pore cleansing, thanks to its silicone and fine fiber brush. It washes off dirt and dust you can’t see with your naked eye off your skin. You can choose between light and daily cleanse for 70 seconds (Level 1) or a thorough cleaning for 120 seconds (Level 2).

The Dual Cleanser has a built-in UV light for sanitation, so your brush’s head will be sterilized even when you’re not using it.

Galvanic Ion Booster

Honestly, I’m too lazy to pay a visit to dermatologists. Imagine the time you need to prepare just for stepping out! Thankfully, LG Pra.L has the Galvanic Ion Booster, which helps your skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin — just like any other Ion Boosters.

But it’s a cut above most products since it’s easier to use and it’s packed with technology to make it easier to cleanse your skin and improve absorption of your skincare products. It has Cleansing Mode for deep pore cleansing, and Boost Mode which open pores to deliver your active ingredients from your favorite skincare products.

Carol (our Lifestyle Editor), Chay (our Creative Director), and I, the fabulous MJ, enjoy The Ordinary‘s serums, which are useful for brightening your skin and fading out marks caused by intense breakouts. When paired with the Galvanic Ion Booster, you will be unstoppable in emerging beautiful after your skincare routine.

Total Lift-Up Care

If you’re worried about aging — like losing your skin’s elasticity caused by the slowdown of collagen production — then LG Pra.L’s Total Lift-Up Care is a perfect investment. This device helps you get plump and youthful skin through its three separate functions. First, it has ‘Total Care Mode’ focused on providing an all-in-one treatment with varying intensity, accessible in three levels of strengths.

Then, ‘Tightening Mode’ offers thermal and red LED light therapy to help improve your skin elasticity. Lastly, ‘Lifting Mode’ stimulates your skin tissue and muscles so you can enjoy a face-lift effect.

An investment of the future

If money were no object, LG Pra.L’s beauty lineup is worth buying. Imagine having your own beauty clinic right inside your home! You will emerge beautiful, whenever, wherever.

LG Pra.L currently offers special deals until May 31, 2020. You may check online stores for special deals, and enjoy bundle promotional sets for two LG Pra.L devices at more than SG$ 200 off. You can also get the full LG Pra.L range at SG$ 3,026. It’s available online through authorized retailers at,, and

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YogiFi is a yoga mat that corrects your form in real-time

Your personal yoga instructor



Many of us are coming up with new routines as we stay indoors. If you’re finding it hard to find a physical activity that you can do in a limited space, yoga is something you can try.

Practicing yoga may look easy, but doing it right can be pretty challenging, especially when you’re only following a YouTube video. YogiFi is an AI-powered yoga mat that provides guided instructions and real-time corrections on your poses.

The sensors on the mat tracks your yoga sequences and tracks your vitals before and after each session. This lets you track your progress so you can feel more motivated the next time you hit the mat.

It comes with a companion app that offers 25 programs. You can select your personal trainer and set your goals.

YogiFi is live on Kickstarter and is currently available for backers at US$ 199.

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Peloton vs excuses: Mind tricks that can help you squeeze in a workout

For those struggling to keep a routine



If anyone tells you that having a personal gym at home will remove all barriers to working out, they’re lying.

The Peloton bike packs an insane amount of tech that should help me stay on track, so I should have no excuses not to exercise, right? With it I can do live and on-demand spin classes, strength training, yoga, even meditation and sleep courses. Having it at home also means not needing to make time to travel to the gym. And yet, despite all of this, I still find reasons to shun fitness on the daily.

If you’re like me who typically gets a good week of workouts and then hits a slump when life happens, I’ve compiled some tips that you might find useful. Here are some ways I tricked myself into working out more regularly whenever I struggle to do classes on my Peloton.

Find the time that makes sense for you

After doing your workouts for a while, take note of when you enjoy it the most. For me, sweating it out in the morning works best. If I tell myself that I’ll workout later in the day, it just never happens. I’m just not someone who enjoys exercising in the afternoon or evening as much.

Make it habit

While some people make plans, I just tell myself that I’ll work out everyday and figure it out later.

Peloton has workouts that are as short as 10 or 15 minutes. Even when pressed for time, 15 minutes is just that — 15 minutes. 

Those days I end up not exercising I would just consider recovery days. Our muscles need time to rest after all.

Take a scenic ride

Another trick I do is telling myself to do 10 minutes of a scenic ride. This is an option on the bike if you don’t feel like doing a class. You can ride at your own pace while the monitor shows beautiful landscapes and cities.

What usually happens when I do this is I end up doing an additional 10 minutes of arm workout. Often, I’ll feel warmed up and ready for a regular class afterwards.

Warming up at my own pace without any pressure to perform gets me in the right mindset to actually do a full workout. There are lots of other warm up rides available, too, but they’re usually pretty tough. Picking something that has no pressure eases me in.

Low impact doesn’t mean low effort

When I discovered the low impact ride, I wondered why I hadn’t been doing them all along.

I’m an old lady, or at least my body feels that way. I’ve gotten injured a few times riding the bike: the tendonitis in my thumb flared up, and the muscles that aren’t used to being used so much protested.

You still get a great workout when you choose low impact, but you’ll never achieve a personal best — and that’s perfectly okay.

Put the leaderboad away

Now we’re going to dip into the tech side of things. The leaderboard pushes you to get your personal best, which is great. But when I don’t want to work out, I’ll tell myself that a 45min class will be more doable if I take the leaderboard away. As a competitive person, I always get horrified at my performance when I check it because I don’t push myself nearly as hard apparently.

Pick a class with a gimmick

Peloton offers so many kinds of classes with different genres of music. I’ve done Guns N’ Roses as well as Madonna rides. Jess King has a show tunes series, and there are rides with a DJ.

Whenever I don’t feel motivated to exercise, I think of it as entertainment first and that’s how I trick myself into doing a full workout.

Save classes that made you feel good

When you save classes that made you feel good, you’ll be reminded of that feeling when you see it again on the monitor.When struggling to pick a class, I choose from a bunch of saved classes that I don’t mind doing again.

If I can’t bring myself to face a new challenge, doing one that I’ve already smashed is the best way to go!

Lower the instructors voice

If you have classes where you loved the soundtrack, save them and then choose to have more music and less instructor. It’s amazing how much having motivational music blasting helps.

Forgot how to change the audio mix? Hit the volume button on the right hand side of the display and then change the mix. You have to do it each time as it always resets back to an even mix of music and voice.

Find more tips and tricks on how to maximize your bike here.

Do a class with weights

Doing weights is challenging, but it gives your legs some rest. A 45-minute class is sometimes better than 30 minutes because I know I’ll get breaks to do weights.

Pick your feel-good instructor

Sometimes, picking an instructor that fits your your mood is all you need. When I just want to do a feel good class, I pick Cody because he’s like my gay best friend and his classes are always entertaining. Seeing instructors have a bit of a hard time with the workout is also the energy that motivates me to give the workout everything that I got.

Should you be taking workout advice from someone who struggles with working out? Probably not. Was this entire article about how to work out a little less hard? Maybe.

It would be unfair to say that fitness isn’t a big part of my life. I actually spend a lot of time thinking about working out more than working out itself. It’s one of my favorite past times.

Keeping a consistent workout routine is what I’m struggling with right now. These mind tricks have at least helped me get my ass on the bike and squeeze a workout in even when I don’t feel like it. And for someone who isn’t a disciplined fitness freak, that’s all that matters.

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Nike’s ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ campaign will help you stay active at home

Let’s get physical!



Photo by Form Fitness

When gyms are out of reach and when your home doesn’t have any equipment, how do you continue your pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle?

In a time when we absolutely need to stay at home, Nike runs its ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ campaign so we can still get physical.

Nike’s goal is to help everyone stay active, positive, and healthy — even when we’re all miles apart. Through their microsite, Nike shares tips and tricks tackling self-care, modified workouts, nutrition, and meditation.

For those who want to feel connected, Nike hosts community workouts through Instagram Live. Local Nike athletes, trainers, and coaches lead live-streamed sessions — whether it’s HIIT, Hip-hop dancing, or power yoga. Schedules are updated weekly, so it’s best to check it from time to time!

Schedule for May 25-29, 2020

If you just want to focus on your own workouts, Nike Training Club can be a great companion. The app houses free workouts you can do at home, which will help you with strength, endurance, and mobility. There are also guided yoga sessions, in case you’re into that.

Personally, I enjoy Nike Training Club’s bodyweight exercises, and I’ve been using their Bodyweight workout plan. In case you didn’t know, you can create a workout plan (and modify it to your liking) so you can commit yourself to an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Nike Training Club app is available on the Play Store and App Store.

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