LG Pra.L is a skincare and beauty investment

Like having your own, portable beauty clinic!



No matter how I religiously commit to upkeep my appearance, I always find it difficult to maintain a rigorous skincare routine.

Sometimes, I feel lazy. Sometimes, there’s just a lot of distractions — both in life and in work. Admittedly, my routine is time-consuming that I wish there’s an easier way to apply my skincare essentials.

Thankfully, LG Electronics has LG Pra.L, a beauty brand consisting of products that work like your personal and portable beauty clinic. Their beauty devices let you cleanse, nourish, firm, and brighten your skin — all at the comfort of your home.

Though these may come at an expensive price tag, these beauty devices are worth investing in.

Derma LED Mask

LG Pra.L’s Derma LED Mask lets you achieve radiance for just nine minutes a day. It uses 160 LED lights that encourage cell regeneration to improve your skin elasticity, by penetrating deep into the subdermal layer of your skin.

It also comes with an eye-shield design to protect your eyes from the LED light glare. Don’t worry, it wraps comfortably since it’s made from silicone. It has a transparent visor, too, so you can do something else while you use the mask.

Dual Cleanser

Let me break some news to you: Your skin can still accumulate dirt and excess oils, even if you’re just at home. This is why we all need a good cleanse!

LG Pra.L’s Dual Cleanser provides gentle and deep pore cleansing, thanks to its silicone and fine fiber brush. It washes off dirt and dust you can’t see with your naked eye off your skin. You can choose between light and daily cleanse for 70 seconds (Level 1) or a thorough cleaning for 120 seconds (Level 2).

The Dual Cleanser has a built-in UV light for sanitation, so your brush’s head will be sterilized even when you’re not using it.

Galvanic Ion Booster

Honestly, I’m too lazy to pay a visit to dermatologists. Imagine the time you need to prepare just for stepping out! Thankfully, LG Pra.L has the Galvanic Ion Booster, which helps your skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin — just like any other Ion Boosters.

But it’s a cut above most products since it’s easier to use and it’s packed with technology to make it easier to cleanse your skin and improve absorption of your skincare products. It has Cleansing Mode for deep pore cleansing, and Boost Mode which open pores to deliver your active ingredients from your favorite skincare products.

Carol (our Lifestyle Editor), Chay (our Creative Director), and I, the fabulous MJ, enjoy The Ordinary‘s serums, which are useful for brightening your skin and fading out marks caused by intense breakouts. When paired with the Galvanic Ion Booster, you will be unstoppable in emerging beautiful after your skincare routine.

Total Lift-Up Care

If you’re worried about aging — like losing your skin’s elasticity caused by the slowdown of collagen production — then LG Pra.L’s Total Lift-Up Care is a perfect investment. This device helps you get plump and youthful skin through its three separate functions. First, it has ‘Total Care Mode’ focused on providing an all-in-one treatment with varying intensity, accessible in three levels of strengths.

Then, ‘Tightening Mode’ offers thermal and red LED light therapy to help improve your skin elasticity. Lastly, ‘Lifting Mode’ stimulates your skin tissue and muscles so you can enjoy a face-lift effect.

An investment of the future

If money were no object, LG Pra.L’s beauty lineup is worth buying. Imagine having your own beauty clinic right inside your home! You will emerge beautiful, whenever, wherever.

LG Pra.L currently offers special deals until May 31, 2020. You may check online stores for special deals, and enjoy bundle promotional sets for two LG Pra.L devices at more than SG$ 200 off. You can also get the full LG Pra.L range at SG$ 3,026. It’s available online through authorized retailers at,, and

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LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier: Price, availability in Singapore

A must-have smart accessory during this trying times



LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier

LG first unveiled the LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier at IFA 2020 and now it’s available for purchase in Singapore.

The the LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier can be your go-to mask as we navigate life under a pandemic. It employs two Total Care Filters similar to the HEPA filters used in the company’s home air purifier products. The filters not only purify air coming into the lungs, they also filter exhaled air just as effectively.

LG’s wearable air purifier allows users to take in clean, filtered air with its Dual Fans and patented Respiratory Sensor. Meanwhile, the Respiratory Sensor detects the cycle and volume of the wearer’s breath and adjusts the dual three-speed fans accordingly. The fans automatically speed up to assist air intake and slow down to reduce resistance when exhaling to make breathing effortless.

Watch our LG Puricare Wearable Air Purifier Video.

Pricing and availability

Pre-orders for the wearable air purifier are now available through official LG Lazada and LG Shopee stores for SG $229. The wearable air purifier will also be available at authorised retailers Best Denki and COURTS from January 15, 2021.

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Lora DiCarlo brings in innovative, heated vibrators at CES 2021

Inspired by the human warmth




Sex tech company Lora DiCarlo showcased a new lineup of innovative, heated vibrators at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. Meet Drift, Tilt, and Sway, dubbed as “The Warming Collection”.

Inspired by human warmth, the new model mimics the heat we experience from our partners’ bodies. Lora DiCarlo used a nylon-based thermally conductive polymer and its WarmSense Technology, simulating body temperature.

Through this innovation, these gadgets internally heat up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and use three vibration patterns with seven intensity settings for one-of-a-kind pleasure. Despite the heating technology, these devices are completely waterproof up to one meter.


Perfect for beginners, Drift is a curved, handheld bullet vibrator with an ergonomic design, ideal for G-spot and clitoral exploration.


Next in line is the dual vibration plug Tilt. It’s the versatile, middle child in the new lineup, designed to please all genders and anatomies. It simultaneously stimulates your G-spot and clitoris, or your P-spot and perineum.


Sway is a wand-shaped dual vibration warming massager. Its dual-ended design can be used internally or externally, with or without a partner.

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CES 2021

Skagen decks out the Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch

Classic with a modern twist



Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR

Fossil Group decked out the new Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch. It evokes a classic appeal due to its traditional look, yet it’s packed with smartwatch functionality.

Skagen’s Jorn Hybrid HR focused on style and health, allowing customization through its dials, functions, and display while its heart rate sensor tracks your wellness and activity.

You can monitor your steps, distance, calories, sleep, and personal goals — all on your wrist. If you’re working out, the smartwatch detects your activity automatically, tracking the step frequency and velocity of your movement.

Despite looking stylish for a smartwatch, the Jorn Hybrid HR puts value on fitness. It allows you to dial-up your routine with friends or challenges your group with real-time progress tracking.

There’s also an option to track your outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, and more. Monitor your route via tethered GPS functionality and take a snapshot of your routes through your phone.

Moreover, it has a two-week battery life and charges in just under an hour, so you can focus on your goals and living in the moment.

The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatch comes in five styles with two case sizes — 42mm or a smaller 38mm. It will retail for US$ 195.

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