Musikalikot is the podcast music nerds have been waiting for

A podcast that tinkers with the hows and whys of Filipino music



It’s easy enough to find podcasts where people talk about their favorite songs or discuss the chart toppers. But how about a podcast that tinkers with the hows and whys of Filipino music?

Musikalikot” is the latest series from pioneering podcast network PumaPodcast. Launching on December 16, the show takes an ambitious stab at dissecting the history and inner workings of any musical concept, work, event or phenomenon in the Philippine context.

“Music is so tied to Filipino identity and culture. I wanted to showcase this Filipino musicality as well as cultivate a deeper appreciation for it through Musikalikot,” says host Maisie Joven, a music enthusiast and producer at PumaPodcast.

The first season will feature musicians and music scholars, going from highbrow discussions of how the national anthem should be arranged to pop questions like what goes into a jeepney bass blaster tune.

“This podcast came to life simply because I had a lot of questions about music that I want answered,” she shares. “From my observation, there aren’t as many avenues to study our local music as foreign music. So there’s a big treasure chest of Philippine music we haven’t begun to scratch the surface of, at least in podcasts.”

Musikalikot” will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and other podcast apps starting December 16.

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Scott Pilgrim anime is being produced by Netflix

Story currently being written



I get an anime! You get an anime! He gets an anime! Everyone gets an anime! As of late, Netflix has gone on a remarkable journey of producing anime versions of popular franchises. Last year, the streaming platform produced an anime film for its original series, The Witcher. The company is also set to release a Tomb Raider anime series in the future. Now, a new report is hinting at an anime series for cult film and graphic novel series, Scott Pilgrim.

First reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Are You Afraid of the Dark? showrunner BenDavid Grabinski is reportedly working on a screenplay for the anime series. He is also set to produce the series. Meanwhile, animator Abel Gongora will direct the series.

Currently, Netflix and Universal Studio Group has not ordered a full series yet. However, since a story is coming, the show will likely get into motion once both platform and studio are happy with the proposed story.

Returning to the project, 2010 director Edgar Wright is coming back with an executive producer nod. Likewise, the band members who produced the music in the original film are also ready to return.

Back in 2010, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World amassed a cult following after adapting the already popular manga from writer Bryan Lee O’Malley. Though the film didn’t ascend the ranks of Hollywood fame, it was popular in its own right.

Netflix’s current anime binge is rampaging through its catalog, Besides the aforementioned, the platform is also offering exclusive access to Stone Ocean, the sixth part in the iconic JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime series.

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Spider-Man things you can watch right now

In preparation for Spider-Man: No Way Home




Hype for the latest flick in the Marvel Cinematic Universe/MCU Spider-Man trilogy is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, due to the effects of the pandemic, premiere dates for Spider-Man: No Way Home is uneven across the world.

For those fortunate, the film is premiering as early as December 15. For others, it’ll come as late as January 13, 2022. Here are the premiere dates for our respective readers:

  • Indonesia — December 15, 2021
  • Singapore, Malaysia, India — December 16, 2021
  • USA — December 17, 2021
  • Philippines — January 8, 2022

It’s gonna be tough avoiding spoilers, especially if you spend a lot of time on social media. While a good portion of our readers will get to see the film early, a huge chunk are in the Philippines. To tide everyone, here’s a list of Spidey media you can consume. And no, you don’t need VPN to access these, but you might need to spend on subscription or buy some of the movies outright.


The first of the trilogy starring Tobey Maguire and directed by Sam Raimi.
Available on Netflix, Apple TV

Spider-Man 2

The second installment in the Raimi trilogy and is widely regarded as the best live-action Spider-Man film.
Available on Netflix, Apple TV

Spider-Man 3

The third and highest grossing in the Raimi trilogy. It also features three villains: Hob Goblin, The Sandman, and Venom.
Available on Netflix, Apple TV

The Amazing Spider-Man

The reboot of the franchise starring Andrew Garfield with the main villain being The Lizard.
Available on Netflix, Apple TV

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The sequel also starring Andrew Garfield with Electro and The Goblin as villains. It’s a divisive flick with many praising its visuals but souring on its writing.
Available on Netflix, Apple TV.

Captain America: Civil War

This mark’s the first appearance of Spider-Man in the MCU, now being played by Tom Holland. Here we get a brief origin and a ton of action in the airport battle. If you want more Spidey in the MCU, you can go ahead and purchase Avengers Infinity War and Avengers: End Game as well.
Available on Apple TV

Spider-Man Homecoming

The first standalone Spider-Man film in the MCU. It directly follows the events of Civil War but is a self-contained story about Spidey going up against The Vulture.
Available on Netflix, HBO Go, Apple TV

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spidey is dealing with the after-effects of Avengers: End Game all while trying to get together with MJ played by Zendaya.
Available on HBO Go, Apple TV

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse

Easily the best movie in the bunch, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse brings together Spider people from different universes but the story is centered on Miles Morales and his journey to being The Spider-Man.
Available on Apple TV

Spectacular Spider-Man

In the running for one of, if not the best Spider-Man animated series to ever come across our screens. These are two seasons of wonderful Spidey story-telling coupled with animation that doesn’t show its age.
Available on Netflix

Marvel’s Spider-Man/ Spider-Man PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man_20180904131745

For gaming Spidey fans, this is easily one of the best games to get into. As the cliché goes, it makes you feel like the web-head as you swing through New York and take on bad guys. It’s also a full and heart-wrenching story and is very much a love letter to the character.
There’s a remastered PS5 version as well if you happen to nab the console for yourself. If you can’t play, you can just watch all the cutscenes here:

Available on PS4, PS5

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

This takes places following the event’s of the Marvel’s Spider-Man game. Here, Peter Parker spends some time out of the country, leaving New York in the protection of Spider-Man in training Miles Morales.
Available on PS4, PS5

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

If you’re up for an adventure featuring many Spider-Men, this game will quench that thirst. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions features not only the main Spider-Man but also Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man 2099, and more.
Available on PC via Steam, PS3, Xbox 360

That’s a lot of Spider-Man media to sink your teeth into as you try to avoid the inevitable spoilers that will be posted online. Happy swinging!

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11 reasons fans can’t stop swooning over Park Seo Jun

The Itaewon Class lead actor took the centerstage!



It’s been almost a month and Filipino fans are still over the moon that South Korean actor Park Seo Jun took the centerstage at the Smart Hallyu Hangouts, a virtual meet where they got to watch the interview with the Itaewon Class lead actor. 

During the hangout, Park Seo Jun shared how he misses being with his Filipino fans since his last fan meeting in the Philippines in September 2019, but he still feels happy to be with his fans even just virtually for now due to the pandemic. 

Some most searched questions by the audience about his career and personal life were thrown to the Fight For My Way lead actor that he willingly answered, a few fan messages were read by the actor himself while 2 lucky supporters were given the chance to even have a video call with him. 

Grateful for technology, fans were still able to get to know more about Park Seo Jun, and here are some of the things they discovered about their favorite oppa during the event. 

He treats his Bichon Frise dog as his friend 

We often see Park Seo Jun’s dog, Simba, on his social media posts so he was naturally asked about him. He said that he treats Simba more like his friend than his pet. He even joked that probably in dog years, they are of the same age.  Further, he shared that he doesn’t train Simba to do tricks since he doesn’t want him to be stressed but he definitely loves spending time with him. This really shows his affection for Simba. 

He thinks action on TV shows and in real life are very different 

When he was asked what was his secret as an actor, he said that action in real life and on TV differs in a way that the latter is more like choreography so he has to practice really well. And his secret was he quickly picks up on choreography and he actually enjoys the physical activity. This is also the reason why he played a lot of characters like Fight For my Way that involves a lot of action. 

He’d prefer to visit a vacation spot if given the chance soon 

During the hangout, Park Seo Jun reminisced about his visit to Boracay. So he was asked if he does want to be in a scenic vacation spot or a city when traveling for vacation. He said that it really depends from time to time but if given the chance now, he’d prefer to be in a vacation spot so he can relax. Fans would probably be looking forward to seeing his beach photos if that would really happen especially because of his physique. *wink wink*

His personal goal 

In a segment where Park Seo Jun was asked a question for each letter of his initials, he was asked about his personal goal in life. He said he has many goals but it all sums up to being a good person. They followed that up with a question on what his idea of a good person is.

Park Seo Jun said it’s someone who is a good influence, one who works well and also when it comes to family matters, someone who is a good son or daughter. He shared that he’s not blind to the fact that his fans are influenced by him so he lives up to the role of being a good influencer. 

He likes hanging out with his family 

On the same segment, he was asked where he stays the most at home and he said he likes staying in the living room. He currently lives with his parents so he likes staying there so he gets to see them and spend time with them while eating or watching TV. He makes up for lost time through that since he barely gets to see them when he’s filming a new project. Now doesn’t that show he’s really a good and sweet son? 

He found his role in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim so exciting 

During one part of the hangout, he was shown an excerpt of his role in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and he got so embarrassed. He said that his narcissistic role on the show is the total opposite of his personality. Nevertheless, he found the role very exciting and fun to portray since he was able to try a lot of things and had fun with his character. 

He likes to keep a fun and enjoyable environment on set 

Park Seo Jun was also asked about his romantic comedy Kdrama She Was Pretty and he shared that there were a lot of scenes where they were laughing and goofing around. So he was asked if he’s the kind of person who is laughing all the time or someone who makes others laugh.

He shared that he doesn’t make others laugh because he figured out that when he tries to do so, it doesn’t really come off as funny. But he insisted that he’s still someone who makes sure that the environment on set is fun and enjoyable for the people he’s working with. 

His fans’ love and support gets him going 

Some fans gave really heartwarming messages for Park Seo Jun that he was so moved by all of it. He said that everything that’s been happening to him and he’s been blessed with was made possible because of his fans and that their love and support is what really motivates him and keeps him going. 

He had always wanted to be an actor 

Park Seo Jun was asked in one of the segments what job he would have if he were not an actor. He really pondered about it and wasn’t able to give an answer because he admitted that he wanted to be an actor ever since he was young. But he also said that he’s not closing his doors to doing something else other than acting.

He considers a few things before saying yes to an acting role  

During the hangout, Park Seo Jun’s different acting roles were discussed so he was asked what he considers when choosing a project. He shared that before, it was just character-related but now, he considers if it is entertaining and fun for the viewers and he also thinks it’s important to think about the message it’s trying to convey to the viewers. 

He has two upcoming films

Fans are definitely elated to see Park Seo Jun back on Kdramas or better yet on the big screen so he was asked about his upcoming projects. One he has on the pipeline is his movie “Dream” which they still need to finish filming in England and will be coming out soon. He also has another movie “Concrete Utopia” which he filmed in Korea. He has also shot to global fame having been cast in the upcoming Marvel movie. 

Smart Hallyu Hangouts on GigaPlay App is powered by Smart, the country’s fastest and most reliable 5G mobile network as reported by Ookla, the global leader in broadband network intelligence. To date, Smart has already fired up over 4,500 sites around the country making it the country’s first, fastest, and widest 5G network.

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