2K’s games up for Black Friday discounts

Up to 75% off



Regardless of how you feel about 2K’s newest games, it’s undeniable that they have done everything they could to push forward the franchises they have under their belt. And now, you can get these games at a massive discount.

Whether you’re buying for yourself, your friends, family, or loved ones, you’re sure to save some hard earned cash with up to 75 percent off on selected games.

Here are some of the major titles you can grab for a lower price.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is the fastest-selling game in 2K history. The original shooter-looter packs bazillions of guns and an all-new mayhem-fueled adventure.Blast through dangerous new worlds as one of four brand new Vault Hunters — the ultimate treasure-seeking badasses of the Borderlands, each with deep skill trees, abilities, and customization. Play solo or join with friends to take on insane enemies, score loads of loot, and save your home from the most ruthless cult leaders in the galaxy.

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K20 continues its dominance as the premiere basketball simulation game. And while its MyCareer mode is far from perfect, it’s by far the best RPG-esque experience on a sports game.

WWE 2K20

Play as your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends like Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, The Ultimate Warrior, the Rock and many more in WWE 2K20. The latest game also features a brand new 2K Showcase focused on the story of the Women’s Evolution and an all-new MyCareer featuring both male and female MyPlayer characters together for the first time.


The recently released Civilization VI is now available lets you explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known. You can think of yourself as Senku Ishigami in the animé Dr. Stone when tackling this game.


XCOM 2 is the turn-based tactics sequel to the award-winning XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Taking place 20 years after the events of Enemy Unknown, aliens now rule Earth, promising a brilliant future for humanity while secretly hiding a sinister agenda. As the leader of a guerrilla force facing impossible odds, players must ignite a global resistance to eliminate the alien threat and save the human race from extinction.

Titles and sale times may vary by retailer. Check out the 2K Store or see participating retailers for details. For more information on all titles and 2K please visit



MSI gaming and productivity laptops are 30% off this Halloween weekend

Exclusive freebies are also in tow



On the hunt for the perfect laptop before the holiday season kicks in? MSI is discounting select gaming and productivity laptops by 30% from October 29 to November 2. As a bonus, the brand is giving away exclusive freebies for every purchase of its laptops.

Gaming laptop deals

Discounted gaming laptops from MSI include its beloved GL and GF series. Both laptops cater to gamers who need the best performance without the bulk design commonly associated with gaming laptops. Also discounted are MSI’s Alpha series, its AMD-powered lineup.

  • GL63 (Intel Core i5-9300H + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti; 4GB RAM / 512GB SSD) —  PhP 62,600 + free MSI gaming mouse worth PhP 2,250 (SRP: PhP 72,995)
  • GL65 (Intel Core i7-9750H + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650; 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD) — PhP 60,900 + free MSI lootbox headset worth PhP 6,000 (SRP: PhP 70,995)
  •  GF63 (Intel Core i7-9750H + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650; 8GB RAM / 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD) — PhP 53,200 + free MSI gaming headset worth PhP 3,500 (SRP: PhP 60,995)
  • Alpha 15 (AMD Ryzen 7 3750H + Radeon RX 5500M; 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD) — PhP 54,000 + MSI Alpha lootboox and AMD Jacket worth PhP 5,000

Deals on Prestige and Modern laptops

MSI is also slashing the price of its Modern and Prestige laptops for a limited time. These laptop lineups come in a sleek and minimalist design, packing the latest Intel processors with others having discrete graphics too.

  • Prestige 14 (Intel Core i7-10710U + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650; 16GB RAM / 1TB SSD) — PhP 101,900 (SRP: PhP 119, 995)
  • Prestige 15 (Intel Core i7-10710U + NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650; 16GB RAM / 1TB SSD) — PhP 101,900 (SRP: PhP 119, 995)
  • Modern 14 492PH (Intel Core i7-10510U; 16GB RAM / 1TB SSD) — PhP 69,500 (SRP: PhP 80,995)
  • Modern 14 677PH (Intel Core i5-10210U; 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD) — PhP 52,300 (SRP: PhP 60,995)
  • Modern 15 (Intel Core i5-10210U; 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD) — PhP 45,500 (SRP: PhP 52,995)
  • Modern 14 493PH (Intel Core i5-10210U; 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD) — PhP 43,700 (SRP: PhP 50,995)
  • Modern 14 695PH (Intel Core i3-10110U; 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD) — PhP 34,250 (SRP: PhP 39,995)

These exclusive discounts and perks can be had on all MSI authorized resellers nationwide. Visit their website to know more about the Halloween weekend sale.

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Smart launches GIGA PRO with up to 114GB of data allocation

The telco’s biggest prepaid data offering to date yet



Nowadays, there is a demand for big data allocation as more people use mobile data for work, study, and everything else.  Smart recognizes this demand as it launches its biggest prepaid data offering, GIGA PRO.

GIGA PRO comes with up to 114GB of total data for prepaid subscribers. To be exact, the prepaid promo comes with 24GB of open-access data plus a daily allocation of 3GB for GIGA subscriptions. The whole prepaid promo comes at PhP 999. It is valid for 30 days of use.

There are other offering as well for consumers:

  • GIGA PRO 199 — 27GB of total data (daily 3GB of GIGA subscription + 6GB open-access data, valid for 7 days)
  • GIGA PRO 599 — 57GB of open data (daily 3GB of GIGA Subscription + 12GB open-access data, valid for 15 days)

Subscriptions to choose from

There are five GIGA subscriptions that subscribers can choose from. Through these subscriptions, subscribers can access their favorite apps and sites. These include:

  • Work Pro — Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Google Workforce, WebEx Meetings, GrabPay, Lazada, and more
  • Study Pro — Google Classroom, Google Meet, Microsoft 365, and more
  • Video Pro — YouTube, NBA TV, NBA League Pass, iWant, and Cignal Play
  • Games Pro — Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, and Facebook Gaming
  • Stories Pro — Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter

Smart’s GIGA PRO works regardless of the network. When connected to Smart’s 5G network, however, subscribers who have the latest 5G-enabled devices can even take advantage of faster speeds, real-time streaming, and lag-less gaming experience.

Registering to GIGA PRO is simple. Smart offers two ways to subscribe: one, through the GigaLife app available for Android and iOS; and two, by dialing *123#, choosing GIGA PRO and selecting the preferred promo.

Subscribers can know more about Smart GIGA PRO through their website.

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Smart postpaid plans for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Starts at PhP 900 with one-time fee of PhP 18,600 for Plan S



Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is available in the Philippines right now, but those waiting for the device to come on carrier plans are out of luck until now.  Smart is now offering the budget flagship device on its Signature Plans, starting at PhP 999 per month.

Like other devices on Signature Plans, the device is available on four plan tiers — S, M, L, and XL. Across all plan tiers, there are two payment options for the device. These payment options differ by the amount of one-time cashout and the monthly fee.

Signature Plan S

Payment Option 1 Payment Option 2
Amount of Data 5GB
Texts Unlimited to all networks
Calls Unlimited to Smart and Sun, 100 mins to other networks
One-time cashout PhP 18,600 N/A
Monthly fee PhP 999 N/A

Signature Plan M

Payment Option 1 Payment Option 2
Amount of Data 10GB
Texts Unlimited to all networks
Calls Unlimited to Smart and Sun, 100 mins to other networks
One-time cashout PhP 15,000 PhP 5,820
Monthly fee PhP 1,499 PhP 1,899

Signature Plan L

Payment Option 1 Payment Option 2
Amount of Data 15GB
Texts Unlimited to all networks
Calls Unlimited to Smart and Sun, 150 mins to other networks
One-time cashout PhP 15,000 PhP 4,510
Monthly fee PhP 1,999 PhP 2,299

Signature Plan XL

Payment Option 1 Payment Option 2
Amount of Data 30GB
Texts Unlimited to all networks
Calls Unlimited to Smart and Sun, 300 mins to other networks
One-time cashout PhP 4,100 PhP 1,810
Monthly fee PhP 2,999 PhP 3,099

Plan renewals and new applications can be done via Smart’s online store. Select Smart physical stores are also open to serve customers and subscribers alike. Smart postpaid subscribers will get special discount rates on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE upon renewal of their plan.

Watch our Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review

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