Next HTC phone to combine LG second screen and Pixel camera



CES 2017 ended with no phone announcements from HTC. That’s because the Taiwanese company chose to save its next launch for January 12, which may see the HTC U Ultra and U Play on display.

With only a day left before the reveal, several leaks have already been unearthed for HTC’s first set of phones since the Bolt. While the 5.2-inch U Play with its midrange specs hasn’t gained much interest yet, the U Ultra is building up to be a head-turner.

If rumors are indeed true, the U Ultra will have a secondary screen above its 6-inch main display, similar to LG’s implementation on the V20 and V10. And just like the LG flagships, this additional display should present you with app shortcuts and basic information even when the phone is on standby.

Just as interesting is the possible inclusion of the same 12-megapixel main camera found on the HTC-made Google Pixel phones. Yes, that would be the highest-rated camera shooter in the history of DxOMark — and in the eyes of many users.

Other specs involve one of Qualcomm’s flagship processors, 4GB of memory, Android 7.0 Nougat, and exclusion of the 3.5mm headphone jack, just like on the HTC Bolt.

HTC will put all rumors to rest on January 12 at 4PM (GMT+8) or 3AM EST/12AM PST.

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Source: Venture Beat


It’s easier to get a PlayStation 5 now, Sony says

More supplies worldwide



Still struggling to get a new PlayStation 5? If dwindling console stocks are keeping you down, Sony has announced a reprieve for queue waiters. The company promised that supply for the console will greatly increase ahead of the PlayStation VR2’s launch in February.

Since the console’s launch back in 2020, scalpers and bots have persistently plagued the industry, taking supplies away from most gamers. Over the years, the impact of supply problems gradually dissipated. Today, it’s easier to buy a PlayStation 5, but supply can still be an issue in some parts of the world.

During CES 2023, Sony initially hinted that PlayStation 5 stocks should increase even more this year. Now, Sony is making it even more official. Today, the company officially posted that it’s easier to find one in retailers globally.

For users hunting for the console in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, Sony recommends going to the official PlayStation store to buy one.

To promote the increased supply, Sony has also released a new promotional video for the PlayStation 5’s exclusives set to imitate a news show.

Only a month into the year, 2023 is already looking to be a great year for the platform. Later in February, Sony is set to launch the new PlayStation VR2. The console will also host a flurry of notable exclusives including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, and Street Fighter 6.

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Netflix confirms One Piece adaptation coming this year

Plus a new poster



Netflix continues its huge gamble on anime adaptations. Over the past several years, the platform produced a couple of live-action versions of classic anime shows. To the company’s dismay, neither of the adaptations were received well. Still, the gamble continues to truck on. Netflix has confirmed that the upcoming One Piece adaptation is coming this year.

The live-action adaptation isn’t exactly new. Netflix first announced the title back in 2020 but offered only a few developments concerning the show’s production. Now, we have a release window and a poster.

To be fair, the new poster doesn’t show much except for Luffy’s back. A wider shot shows a bit more including the rears of all the Straw Hat Pirates and a shot of the Thousand Sunny in the distance.

Likewise, Netflix has not shared what the synopsis of the One Piece adaptation will be. Historically, the platform’s live-action adaptations start from the very beginning, taking viewers on a compressed tour through the original anime show’s plot.

That said, the company has a long uphill climb to legitimize its live-action anime adaptations. Despite featuring Willem Dafoe as Ryuk, Netflix’s previous Death Note adaptation quickly receded into a forgettable title. Additionally, Cowboy Bebop was canceled after only one season.

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Finally! Grab users may now pay directly using GCash

Much-awaited partnership



GCash Grab

Grab Philippines and GCash have finally struck a partnership deal that will make payments on the superapp even easier and more convenient.

Starting February, users will be able to add GCash as a direct payment method on the Grab app, making cashless transactions on food and grocery deliveries, car transport, and other services cashless.

Prior to the collaboration, GCash users could only send money from their account to their GrabPay wallet, and vice-versa, causing a bit of hassle switching in between apps on one’s phone screen.

The partnership also means there will be no more transaction fees unlike before when Grab users have to cash in using their credit or debit cards or linked bank accounts.

Grab customers may also avail of GCash exclusive deals, and even get treats when they pay using the e-wallet.

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