The Chainsmokers will launch upcoming realme TWS earphones

Will come with active noise cancellation



Image source: Ishan Agarwal/Twitter

Since last year, a pair of wireless earphones is becoming an essential for every tech company. Everyone has their own version of the wireless wearables. And it’s not just a trend. Most tech companies have turned the device into their own lines, filled with different offerings and designs. realme, one of the companies pursuing a thriving earphones market, is reportedly partnering with globally renowned group The Chainsmokers for their upcoming TWS earphones.

Revealed by infamous leakster Ishan Agarwal, realme has recently created promotional material featuring The Chainsmokers. The promo, an artistic photo of the duo, has the slogan “Noise Off, realme On.” The implications are more than apparent. The unannounced TWS earphones will come with highly coveted noise cancellation features.

Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t reveal which upcoming earphones it pertains to. Outside of the promo, realme is expected to launch two earphones in the future: the Buds Q2 and the Buds Air 2. However, given the slogan’s promise, the unannounced device will likely release for a higher-tier market.

realme already sells the Buds Air Pro and the Buds Wireless Pro, a pair of TWS earphones with active noise cancellation. With that information, The Chainsmokers could potentially launch the sequel to the Pro duo.

Whatever it is, a Chainsmokers partnership is a big thing for the Chinese company. Having a renowned musical duo advertising the upcoming pair is a boost to its marketing.

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The Apple Watch Series 7 is better in every way

Tougher than expected



Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch has been a staple for its lineup since its debut. With yearly updates and the eventual redesign, the Apple Watch seems to get more and more features. Like clockwork, the Apple Watch Series 7 is better in just about every way imaginable than the one that came before it.

Here’s everything new on Apple’s wearable:

For one, the Always-On display is larger. The increase in screen real estate is 20 percent larger than the Series 6, and 50 percent larger compared to the Series 3. And since you’ll be looking at that display a lot, Apple added seven new watch faces to make sure the experience never feels stale. To name a couple, new watch faces are the Contour Face and Modular Duo face.

Fall detection has been helpful when unprecedented falls and slips occur. This time around, Apple has added biking to its list of fall detection inclusions. With these capabilities added to the watch, fitness will give us a little safer experience.

There’s also fast charging included with the new Apple Watch. With the new connection via USB Type-C, the charging speeds of the Apple Watch have claimed to be 33 percent faster than the previous model. The watch can reach charging speeds from zero to 80 percent with 45 minutes of charging. On the other hand, an eight-minute charge will give you eight hours of sleep tracking.


The Apple Watch may be the most exposed product from their lineup. Having to withstand wear and tear when used daily, Apple has started an initiative to make this device sturdier than ever before. The new front crystal is 50 percent thicker than the previous model. With this information, Apple claimed that it will be more crack-resistant without compromising clarity.

The device is also IP6X dust-resistant, making it easier for the watch to withstand environments such as the beach or the desert. They did not sacrifice the swimming durability of this watch as it still retained its WR50 water resistance rating.

Price and availability

All Apple Watch series 7 will be available later this fall, starting at a price tag of Us$ 399.

So, you gotta make sure you pick the color that best fits your style. There are five to choose from: Midnight, Starlight, Green, a new Blue, and Product Red. With also new looks coming from Nike and Hermes, the Apple Watch will simply rock with your style.

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Ray-Ban, Facebook team up to create Ray-Ban Stories

Look sharp and snazzy!



Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban’s foray into smart glasses is looking sharp!

The luxury brand has teamed up with Facebook to launch Ray-Ban Stories — smart glasses that capture photos and videos, listen to music, take phone calls, and even share your adventures directly onto social media platforms!

Make and view content through your glasses

Ray-Ban Stories comes with a 5-megapixel camera, designed to capture steadily across all movements. It has several features seen on smartphones such as HDR, Low Light Fusion, Video Stabilization, and Denoising.

Ray-Ban Stories

The smart glasses also pairs with the new Facebook View app, which is available on iOS and Android, making it easy to import, edit, and share content captured. Then, you can send it to various apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and more.

For those who like to edit, you can save the content to your smartphone’s camera roll. Although, Facebook View has exclusive enhancements to make your content special.

Privacy is still a focus

Smart glasses can raise flags, both for users and the people around them. This is why Ray-Ban and Facebook integrated privacy into the product design.

For instance, there are hardware protections like a power switch to turn off the cameras and microphone. The smart glasses notify people nearby, too, through a shining white light when taking photos or videos. For those who like to be more in control of their privacy concerns, you can customize your experience through the Facebook View app.

Ray-Ban Stories

As per Facebook, Ray-Ban Stories collect only what’s needed to make your glasses work and function. Say, your battery status, your Facebook account for verification when using the Facebook View app, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Price and availability

The Ray-Ban Stories starts at US$ 299 and is available in 20 variations like the iconic Ray-Ban styles such as Wayfarer, Round, and Meteor. Personalization is easy since it comes in five colors with a range of lenses — clear, sun, transition, and prescription.

It’s available for purchase online and in select retail stores in the US as well as Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, and the UK.

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Her GadgetMatch

8 things we love about the new, LG PuriCare mask with VoiceON

No more muffled talking while wearing a mask!



If you found yourself on the fence when it came to the first generation LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, then its latest iteration is set to fully win you over. This time around, the Korean tech giant decided to address each of the issues most people found with the first run of the mask.

Here’s what we’ve been loving with the new version – so far.

Lighter, comfier

At just 94 grams, the LG PuriCare VoiceON is much easier on the ears. I find that I don’t even need the neck strap included in the packaging when wearing it. This says a lot as while I found the first PuriCare mask easy enough to wear, I was dependent on the neck strap. This, especially if I wanted to wear it for a longer period.

The brand promises that the new mask is comfy enough to wear for up to eight hours. I think I speak for everyone when I say I still prefer to be mask free but the fans on both sides of the mask do help.

Sleeker design

Same as the first generation LG PuriCare mask, the new one also has two HEPA filters on each side. These powerful filters clean the air you breathe, making sure there are zero nasties going into your lungs. In the first version, the HEPA filters went into compartments located at the front of the mask. This time around, those compartments were placed at the back, giving you a smoother surface.

It takes a bit more technique to get the filters in but nothing too difficult.

The sleek design also makes it even easier to match with any of your outfits, taking it from a quick workout, doing your errands, and even to something that’s a little formal for the evenings.

Talking made easy

One of the common issues people had with the first version was how it muffled one’s speech. This wasn’t much of a concern to me as my speaking voice tends to be on the louder side. So if you’re someone who’s got a softer voice, this one’s for you. No need to speak a little louder and strain your vocal cords throughout the day.

Just a quick press on the power button activates the VoiceON feature. The mask, through AI, is able to detect when you’re speaking. It only amplifies your voice and there are no weird breathing sounds in between.

If you’re a Star Wars fan then you just know this feature can actually make you feel like an improved version of Darth Vader. A version that has a clearer register.

Color choices

And speaking of Darth Vader, the new LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier also comes in black. But should you prefer this colorway, you must act fast once they become available again. Units get snapped up pretty quickly. 

Friendlier to the environment

During our review of the first LG PuriCare mask, we already mentioned how the pandemic has been rather brutal to our environment. There’s just so much more waste nowadays, especially when it comes to disposable masks. The new iteration of this technology takes eco-friendliness up a notch by opting for biodegradable packaging.

Increased battery life

Lighter doesn’t mean less powerful. The battery life was also increased from 820 to 1000 mAh. You can wear the mask longer before you need to grab the USB-C cable it comes with for a quick charge. You need about two hours for a full charge, just like the first version. I was able to take the mask around the Metro as we did errands on a Saturday – from 11am to 3pm – and it did not conk out on me. I did have the VoiceON feature off most of the time.

Bluetooth connectivity

One of the mask’s new features is how it can be connected to your smartphone through an app. It will help you track your breathing and even provide you with product maintenance information. As of this article’s publication, the app isn’t on the Philippine versions of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. But here’s to hoping we get it soon enough!

Maskne protection persists

Like its older brother, the new LG mask continues to protect my skin from irritation. It also makes sure my skin can breathe. Medical masks make me so oily because of the heat and their material can irritate my pores. With this type of technology, I get to feel a little fresher despite the mask and shield combo.

Do take note that like its older brother, the new LG mask needs the inner covers changed every day and the HEPA filters once a month. It’s an added expense but it’s something that’s considered as an investment in your health and well-being.

Is this your GadgetMatch?

If you’re someone who’s tired of maskne and uncomfortable masks, then this is something for you. Especially if you intend to talk throughout the day – it makes sure you’re both heard and protected. You can snag your own LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier with VoiceON at their official stores on Lazada and Shopee.

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