Report: iPhone 8 sales doing better than iPhone XR’s, iPhone X to make comeback

All’s not well with 2018 iPhones



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Despite arriving to strong early demand and positive reviews, Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup — consisting of the iPhone XS, XS Max, and more budget-friendly XR — is apparently struggling to appeal to consumers.

A report by The Wall Street Journal tells us that Apple has plans to cut iPhone XR prices in Japan due to poor sales and people preferring the even more affordable iPhone 8, which came out a year ago. This aligns with earlier reports of the same nature.

In addition, Apple may be bringing back 2017’s iPhone X after initially canning the model in favor of the updated iPhone XS and XS Max. While this is mainly because of weaker sales by the latter, the other reason for supposedly bringing it back is to fulfill the OLED panel orders from Samsung.

Samsung has been Apple’s OLED provider since last year, and that contract entails a certain number of panels to be produced and shipped. The iPhone X’s production is cheaper, and will allow the company to hit the quota much sooner.

In turn, this signals the possibility of the iPhone X making a comeback in certain markets. If Apple manages to significantly lower the price from the original US$ 999 — which is how much the newer iPhone XS cost at launch — this could be a viable alternative for higher-end smartphone seekers.

This brings us back to the iPhone XR: Where will it get placed in lineup? With the iPhone 8 becoming the true budget option and the iPhone X turning into a much better deal, the iPhone XR will have to find a market beyond simply being the colorful option.

This isn’t the first time Apple is bringing back an older model to fill in certain needs. To the company’s credit, it’s great at supporting older iPhones, keeping them in the iOS update loop for years after their launch — something Android manufacturers have been awful at.


Zelda sequel Tears of the Kingdom has a release date

Priced at $70



Barely more than a month into the new year, 2023 already looks like a phenomenal year for gamers. A lot of upcoming games are looking like exciting additions to everyone’s to-play list. Though we already knew the title is coming this year, Nintendo officially announced the release date of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

After revealing a flurry of games, Nintendo capped off their recent Direct with the fresh trailer of the upcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild. As was showcased in previous teasers and trailers, Tears of the Kingdom is a much darker vision set in the same world as Breath of the Wild. Ganon (or what looks like a zombified version of the villain) is back to terrorize Hyrule. This time, however, the iconic villain has a voice!

Plus, Tears of the Kingdom adds a lot of verticality by introducing floating terrain and more aerial movement. While the world looks similar to Breath of the Wild, the sequel still has a lot to show players.

Finally, the trailer caps off with the release date. Tears of the Kingdom will launch on May 12. Preorders have already begun for the title. Additionally, dedicated fans can also get a Collector’s Edition which includes a SteelBook, a poster, an art book, and a pin set. The release also coincides with the launch of a new Amiibo to commemorate the launch.

Priced a bit higher, Tears of the Kingdom will sell for US$ 69.99.

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Nintendo adds Game Boy titles to Switch Online

And Game Boy Advance



Nintendo Switch Online is the gift that keeps on giving. More than giving players the ability to play online, the subscription service also offers subscribers a gallery of classic games from bygone eras. The feature remains one of the most convenient ways to play old titles from the NES and the N64. Now, the service is adding Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles.

Announced during the most recent Direct, Nintendo has announced that several titles from the Game Boy and the Game Boy Advance are now playable through the subscription service. While all subscribers will have access to the Game Boy titles, Game Boy Advance titles will come only with Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscriptions.

The starting lineup of Game Boy titles include Tetris, the original Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX and Kirby’s Dream Land. Meanwhile, Game Boy Advance titles will include Super Mario Bros. 3, Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, and WarioWare, Inc: Mega Microgame$. Games included will come with local and online multiplayer, if applicable.

Nintendo will continue to add more titles to the roster throughout the year. Since the Game Boy generation is one of the company’s biggest, expect a ton of announcements as the roster fills up. (We’re still holding out hope for the classic Pokémon games.)

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Twitter expands character limit to 4,000 characters

But not for everyone



Despite the traditional limitations, the platform’s users have always found a way to express themselves beyond Twitter’s character limits. Whether broken through extensive threads or third-party sites, strict limitations don’t exist anymore. Now, Twitter is essentially getting rid of the character limit by introducing its biggest expansion to date.

Announced today, Twitter will allow users to post tweets with up to 4,000 characters. That’s a gigantic leap from the original 140-character limit and the expanded 280-character limit in 2017. But, of course, some good things come with a price.

Not everyone will have access to the new feature. Currently, only Twitter Blue subscribers in the United States can create tweets of up to 4,000 characters. Besides original tweets, subscribers can also quote tweet with the same expanded limit.

Thankfully, the new feature will not inundate everyone’s feeds with an ocean of text. Any tweets going beyond 280 characters will be cut off with a “show more” prompt.

Through the past few months, the platform has changed a few fundamental elements before Musk took over. Most importantly, Twitter Blue, the platform’s paid subscription service is now much more expansive. Among other things, subscribers now get the coveted blue checkmark attached to their profiles. Now, they also get a massive boost in capabilities when it comes to tweeting.

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