Galaxy S21 pricing accidentally leaked in Europe

It’s pricey



At this point, it’s inevitable. Someone was going to leak the Galaxy S21 pricing eventually. For months, several sources have slowly revealed details about the upcoming flagship series. With the official launch just a week away, the world will certainly see the series in its entirety before the event. Now, we have an idea what the different variants will cost.

Today, a Belgian carrier, Voo, accidentally revealed the Galaxy S21’s pricing on its site. Thankfully, a leaker managed to take a screenshot of the pricing before the carrier took it down.

According to the leaked pricing, the regular Galaxy S21 will cost EUR 849 (or approximately US$ 1,044). On the other hand, the Galaxy S21 Plus will cost EUR 1,049 (or approximately US$ 1,290). Finally, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will retail for EUR 1,399 (or approximately US$ 1,720). Of note, however, the leak reveals only the 128GB base variants. The higher-tier variants will push this price even further.

Compared to last year’s Galaxy S20 launch pricing, the first two Galaxy S21 variants are slightly pricier by around US$ 100. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is much more expensive. But these are obviously prices in Europe. International prices might vary on launch day.

Still, if these prices are true, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a huge step apart from the pack. Samsung has a lot to justify for an exorbitant price tag. If anything, the premium version is expected to come with S Pen support.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S21 series on January 14.

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OPPO partners with Amazon for Web Security

OPPO looks to upgrade its cloud



OPPO, one of the known phone manufacturers chose Amazon for its cloud storage system. The Amazon Web Services (AWS), is the world’s leading cloud service. With AWS, OPPO is now capable of providing smartphone users with secure data storage services. As a result, users can conveniently store photos, videos, contacts, notes, and
important data in the cloud.

To support this functionality, OPPO utilizes AWS’ global infrastructure in Singapore, France, and India to introduce the cloud-based services. This includes Amazon Aurora (a relational database built for the cloud) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

 Improved privacy

The latest ColorOS 11 is based on Android 11. The operating system helps ensure user security through features including OPPO’s Private System, Private Safe, and Personal Information Protection. Private System allows users to create a separate system account in which apps and data run independently of the original account.

With Private Safe, users can keep their important data private by securing the data within an encrypted space behind a password, making the data unavailable to apps that have access to other media.

For situations where apps require users to grant access to personal information, OPPO’s Personal Information Protection allows users to send out a blank data form to the app, and access the app without disclosing personal information.

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iQOO 8 might get a 160W flash charger

Might launch soon



iQOO 7 Legend

iQOO is reportedly bringing in a 160W flash charging solution with the upcoming iQOO 8. Since the vivo brand’s debut, iQOO has pushed for the best available specs for its smartphones. Previously, the company promised charging solutions above 100W. If the current report proves true, the iQOO 8 is a massive leap for the smartphone industry.

Crazy charging solutions aren’t new to Chinese smartphone makers. Over the years, the world’s biggest Chinese companies have engaged in a race to develop the fastest charging solutions. Just recently, Xiaomi built a 200W fast charging solution, touting a full charge in just eight minutes. However, though the race has put out impressive numbers, it will still take a while before these incredible chargers become the norm especially since some are reportedly degrading smartphone batteries.

According to a series of rumors from a Chinese publication, iQOO is already gearing up for a publicly available 160W charging solution. However, take it with a grain of salt. The rumor supposedly comes from an iQOO 8 marketing prop that confirms “flash charging” is coming to the series. The prop doesn’t indicate the charging solution’s power, though.

It might not take long to confirm or deny this rumor, though. iQOO is slated to launch the iQOO 8 sometime soon.

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Samsung testing 65W fast charger for Galaxy S22 series

Set for next year



Samsung is reportedly working on a 65W charger for next year’s Galaxy S22 series. Though an upcoming 65W charger was already reported in the past, this is the first time that the charger has made headway towards a release for an upcoming series.

Early this year, Samsung was reportedly working on the 65W wired charger but limited only to the company’s notebook lineup. At the time, it wasn’t expected to come out for the then-upcoming Galaxy S21 series. With the new rumor, it might instead come for next year’s flagship series.

According to a leaker on Twitter called Tron, a 65W wired charger is being tested for “Rainbow RGB.” Rainbow is the current codename for the officially unnamed Galaxy S22 series. “RGB,” on the other hand, represents the three variants that Samsung usually launches for the series.

While other companies have experimented with the limits of wired charging, Samsung has stayed on its own lane with paltry 25W wired charging solutions. Though a 65W charger isn’t the best in the market at the moment, it is still a big upgrade for Samsung users.

Given the report’s timing, it’s unlikely that the charger is coming in time for the confirmed Galaxy Unpacked event on August 11. Still, it’s free to dream. If anything, Samsung is still keeping the 65W charging dream alive.

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