TCL’s foldable concepts are unlike anything we’ve seen before

They can fold, flip, and roll!



Are you a believer in the future of foldable smartphones, but not quite convinced about what’s currently available in the market today? 

TCL, a brand best known for making high-end televisions for less, is looking to leverage its display expertise with 3 new experiments that not only hope to pave the way to a future that’s dominated by foldable, bendable, and rollable displays but also to create technology that’s not just novel, but also practical.


We first saw TCL’s “pocketbook concept” (nicknames all my own) late last year but got our hands on a fully working model this January at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. 

A cross between the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Pro Duo – this concept device borrows the same horizontal fold idea, albeit wider on both sides. 

Its shape is reminiscent of a book, some have also compared it to a wallet or passport. 

When opened up, the two folded screens turn into a 7.2-inch tablet with a 2K AMOLED display, but its nothing more than that, at least in its current state. You can’t fold it in such a way that would transform it into a smartphone. 

There is no secondary display on the outside. Instead all you’ll find is a row of cameras and this lovely textured glass finish that makes it look like a multi-faceted precious gem.

This concept devices uses TCL’s new Butterfly Hinge that allows the the device to be folded shut without a visible gap in between.


TCL’s tri-fold concept was born out of the desire for foldable displays to be used for even bigger screen experiences. So instead of just one fold, it folds into 3, transforming from a smartphone about the the size of a Nokia Communicator to that of a 10-inch tablet. 

It’s the first foldable concept we’ve seen with two separate hinges. One folds inward, the other outward. One side uses TCL’s Butterfly Hinge, the other an older hinge design TCL first showed off a full year ago called the Dragon Hinge – which forms an accordion like tear drop shape when folded shut. 

While it become one hefty smartphone when folded and doesn’t stay put as firmly as a regular tablet when unfolded, the idea of being able to fit a 10-inch tablet in your pocket is pretty amazing. 

TCL’s General Manage of Global Marketing Stefan Streit says, “the idea is to go in a direction where people won’t have to bring multiple devices.”     

Rollable display

Of all the design experiments, for me personally, the TCL’s rollable display is most exciting.  And that’s possibly because I’m still waiting for that smartphone that folds into a tube of lipstick like Samsung teased 7years ago.

Unlike the other two devices, or any other device that’s leveraged bendable display technology up to this point this TCL concept does neither has a hinge, nor does it fold. 

Instead, internal motors allow the display on what looks like a regular smartphone to expand to become a 7.8-inch tablet. Imagine physically stretching the phone apart to make it bigger and then squeezing it back together to shrink it. 

Instead of a hinge mechanism these motors furl and unfurl the rollable display, tucking part of the display away and out of sight when not needed. 

At our briefing we were only showed a mock up that you have to manually stretch yourself – but we were showed video of an actual working prototype that does this automatically with the push of a button.

Pricing and availability

TCL stresses none of these concepts are ready for primetime, and are instead investments in finding the best, most practical use cases of this technology. Streit calls it “a long term play” in TCL’s new smartphone business, which marks the launch of its new flagship lineup in the US this week. 

If and when TCL launches its own foldable or rollable smartphone – we’re told to expect it to be priced competitively, matching TCL’s philosophy of offering great displays at more affordable accessible prices.




Samsung The Premiere: Price, availability in the Philippines

It’s an ultra-short throw 4K projector



The Premiere

First unveiled in late 2020, Samsung The Premiere has finally made its way to the Philippines.

The Premiere is Samsung’s ultra short-throw projector. It can sit almost directly below the wall and still project images accurately. The leading variant throws a gigantic 130-inch projection with a peak brightness of 2,800 ANSI lumens. The lesser variant, however, can still throw a 120-inch projection. As mentioned above, both variants can support 4K resolution.

Inside the software, The Premiere supports a new Filmmaker Mode, allowing users to display films in the same configuration as the director intended. The device can also mirror mobile devices.

Once powered up, it’ll function pretty much like any other Samsung 4K Smart TV with its array of apps and the Tizen UI.

Price and availability

The Premiere LSP9T is priced at PhP 449,999 (PhP 365,999 Net Cash) and the LSP7T is priced at PhP 319,999 (PhP 259,999 Net Cash)

Both projectors are available to order on Samsung’s website or at any authorized Samsung TV dealer nationwide. For a limited time only, you can receive a 130” motorized electric screen (worth PhP 24,000) and a Samsung Q900T Soundbar (worth PhP 56,999) with every purchase of The Premiere.

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Google will automatically start enrolling users for two-fact authentication

More safety for everyone!



Google has announced that it will automatically start enrolling accounts to two-factor authentication (2FA). The safety mechanism is highly dependable and adds an additional layer of security, in case your password is compromised.

It will ask users already enrolled to confirm they are who they say they are. And soon, the company will automatically get all users to have two-factor enabled. So, if you see 2FA activated on any of your Google accounts, this does not necessarily mean that your password was weak.

“We’re starting with the users for whom it’ll be the least disruptive change and plan to expand from there based on results,” Mark Risher, Google’s Director of Product Management, Identity, and User Security told Motherboard in an email. “Our ultimate goal is to get everyone into a more protected and secure state by default.” 

According to Google, searches for “how strong is my password” shot up by 300% in 2020. But even long or complex passwords cannot be trusted. Google has explained in the blog that 2FA is one of the best ways users can protect their accounts and save them from password breaches. The step is welcomed by cybersecurity experts as cybercrime is consistently on the rise and our digital accounts are extremely sensitive.

What is 2FA?

Usually, you log in with just your username and password. With 2FA, a six-digit code is required to successfully login, despite having the password. The six-digit code can be sent to your registered mobile number, alternate email, or a 2FA app like Google Authenticator. The system also generates a few backup codes, which can be used if you lose access to all three available channels mentioned above.

Along with the 2FA, Google also said that it has introduced a new feature in Chrome called Password Import. As the name suggests, it’ll allow users to import passwords from third-party sites or password managers.

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Legion 5, Legion 5 Pro, Legion 7 launches in the Philippines

Unleash gaming savagery



Lenovo Legion has a lineup of three new gaming machines that definitely deserve your attention. These are the Legion 5, Legion 5 Pro, and Legion 7.

The new arsenal embraces innovation by providing better resolution displays, AI-bolstered thermal cooling, and framerate customization, and the power to completely immerse gamers or face difficult tasks at ease with the AMD Ryzen 5000 H-series Mobile Processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Series GPUs. Users can work hard during the day and play harder at night with the savage performances

AMD Ryzen 5000 H-series Mobile Processors

The new Legion 5, Legion 5 Pro, and Legion 7 are among the first notebooks equipped with the AMD Ryzen 5000 H series Mobile Processors. These are the only processors in the world to have 8 high-performance cores suited for ultrathin gaming notebooks. Powered by AMD’s new Zen 3 Core Architecture and the world’s most advanced x86 chip technology, the processors combine incredible efficiency, elite performance, and long-lasting battery life that will keep gamers playing more for years to come.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Series GPUs

Accompanying the AMD Ryzen 5000 H-series Mobile Processors are the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 Series GPUs developed to bring the ultimate gaming performance. These graphics cards are jam-packed with new internals such as the award-winning NVIDIA Ampere architecture, 3rd Generation Ray Tracing Cores, 2nd Generation Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors to give gamers and content creators the most realistic graphics ever along with cutting-edge AI to fine-tune art to the smallest detail. They also feature NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 Technology that also uses AI to accelerate the laptop’s performance when playing games. Booting up Cyberpunk 2077 with DLSS Technology, for example, boosts performance by up to 60 percent.

Smarter Technology by Lenovo

The Legion 5, Legion 5 Pro, and Legion 7 come with the Lenovo Legion AI Engine that currently supports the top-16 AAA games and enables them to be played as smoothly as ever. The engine combines the best-in-class hardware, software, and machine learning to overclock PC performance. Upon booting up a game, the Legion AI Engine automatically detects and routs the most-ideal Thermal Design Power (TDP) settings to the CPU and GPU to achieve the maximum frames per second (FPS) in games. It also uses machine learning in other games to continuously tune gaming performance for maximum results.

The new Legion lineup also utilizes AI in the Coldfront 3.0 thermal management system to keep the temperature inside cooler as gaming action heats up. Coldfront 3.0 packs an intelligent intake system that allows for an increased airflow of up to 18 percent as compared to the last generation by using turbo-charged dual-fans and quad-channel exhausts with vapor chamber technology. Together with the help of efficient thermal conduction materials, Coldfront 3.0 moves huge volumes of air through components to dissipate heat rapidly and allows for optimized performance and all-day mobility with long-lasting battery life.

The world’s first 16” QHD gaming notebooks

Both the Legion 5 Pro and Legion 7 are the first gaming laptops in the world to come out with 16” Quad High Definition (QHD) displays, allowing them to have a taller and clearer (2560 x 1600 resolution) 16:10 aspect ratio. Combined with up to a 165Hz refresh rate, 100 percent sRGB, and 500 nits of brightness, gamers are treated to a cinematic-like experience that also assists in competitive games. The larger display raises a gamer’s sightlines and provides a better field of view, so they’ll detect enemies faster. Moreover, both displays of the Legion 5 Pro and Legion 7 have 3ms response times and can come out VESA DisplayHDR 400 Certified and with Dolby Vision  and NVIDIA G-SYNC support.

Nahimic Audio

The new Legion lineup’s Harman speakers are now optimized with Nahimic Audio. Designed for gamers, Nahimic gives a competitive edge with 360-degree audio and features such as Night Mode with smart volume reduction, and Sound Tracker that visually points out a sound’s source and direction in a game. Nahimic Audio also enables crystal-clear video calls with its background noise suppression feature, and it also comes with Sound Sharing that allows the streaming of audio from a PC to two different headsets without the need for audio adapters.

Reinforced Support

Lenovo’s upgraded Vantage software is also bringing the speed in the Legion 5, Legion 5 Pro, and Legion 7. They now come with the Vantage Smart Performance Services solution that reduces PC downtime by scanning, detecting, and removing traces of spyware, malware, and adware. Gamers can also use the new solution to significantly reduce lag and latency issues while playing online multiplayer games through its ability to fix network and access issues.

Aiding the Lenovo Vantage in enabling seamless play among the new devices is their 3-Year Premium Care warranty service that’s bundled together with the notebooks upon purchase. The service consists of solutions that provide an advanced and tailored level of care that reduces downtime, increases efficiency, and keeps customers moving. Included among the offerings that users of Premium Care can enjoy are a 24/7 direct hotline to Specialized Senior Technicians, comprehensive hardware and software support, and an Annual PC Health Check.

Pricing, availability, and promo

From the week of April 30 and onwards, gamers can get their hands on the Legion 5 Pro that has a starting price of PHP 84,995. The notebook is available in Storm Grey and comes bundled with a free Legion Recon Gaming backpack (PHP 2,995) upon purchase.

The Stingray White and Phantom Blue Legion 5, on the other hand, will be available within the quarter with a starting price of PHP 74,995, while the Legion 7 in Storm Grey is expected to hit local stores in the early first half of 2021 and will start at PHP 139,995. Both notebooks will also be bundled with a free Legion Recon Gaming backpack.

To celebrate the arrival of its new gaming lineup, Lenovo is holding its Legion Ultimate Upgrade Promo. From May 7 to May 31, 2021, customers who purchase participating products are entitled to a Legion Upgrade Pass that can have up to PHP 66,995 worth of gaming freebies.

Every purchase is eligible for one Upgrade Pass and to claim, customers must visit and provide purchase details.

Customers will then receive a promo code equivalent to their Upgrade Pass, and this will randomly select the Upgrade Pass color that they’ll get. The colors and their corresponding freebies are as follows:

  • White Upgrade Pass – Legion Pilipinas Jacket
  • Bronze Upgrade Pass – One of the following: Legion H300 Headset, Legion M600 Gaming Mouse, Legion K300 Gaming Keyboard, or Legion H600 Headset
  • Silver Pass – One of the following: Lenovo G25-10 Gaming Monitor, Legion Y25-25 Gaming Monitor, or Lenovo Q27q-10 Monitor
  • Gold Pass – Either Legion 5 or Legion Phone Duel 1

For the full mechanics of the Legion Ultimate Upgrade Promo and the complete list of participating products, visit Customers can also submit their promo codes to Lenovo through the same link.

Lenovo Legion’s new lineup of gaming notebooks are available at official Lenovo Legion stores and Lenovo Authorized Resellers nationwide. Visit get in touch with the nearest store. The devices are also available online through the Lenovo Legion Flagship Store at Lazada.

This is a press release from Lenovo Legion Philippines

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