When you talk about phones costing less than $200, lots of compromises come to mind, like having a low-end camera or plasticky body. The Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime has none of that, and even goes beyond what you’d expect from a budget-friendly smartphone.

Actually, the Redmi 4 Prime costs way below $200, making its feature set all the more impressive. You get a long-lasting battery, a pair of surprisingly great cameras, and an efficient processor you’d normally find on phones twice its price.

We reviewed the phone shortly after it was released late last year, but felt that it deserved more attention, being the super smartphone it is; hence, here’s GadgetMatch’s video review of the Redmi 4 Prime.

In China, it retails for $133 and you can find it on sites like GearBest.com for just $169 with minimal international shipping fees. Watch the embedded video, decide if it’s your GadgetMatch, and then place an order before stocks run out!

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