Android Q will have Face ID and screen recording

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Last year, Android Pie launched to tepid applause. At the time, most Android users were still waiting for the previous year’s Android Oreo update. Half a year later, the same story continues. Android Pie has only started to trickle down to consumers within the past few months.

Still, despite Android’s abysmal distribution, life goes on. Google is already developing Android Q. More details are gradually coming out as we near the traditional launch period. Currently, the early build has confirmed a system-wide dark mode.

Now, a newer build has revealed more upcoming features. Based on 9to5Google’s digging, Android Q will come with facial recognition, screen recording, and easier emergency contacting.

Facial recognition has been a feature for some Android phones already. Sadly, Android’s current version relies on image processing: scanning the image of a face, rather than the face itself. As such, the version is easily bypassed by pointing the correct photo at it.

Based on the new APK, Android Q will finally implement support for a more secure dot projector. Currently, Apple already uses the technology for its Face ID feature. Although Apple is already the first, Google’s own implementation will surely increase the system’s security.

Additionally, Android Q will have improved screen recording. Usually, Android phones need third-party software to record the screen. Only a handful of phones can record using pre-installed software.

Finally, a more accessible emergency contact button is coming to Android. Right now, the button lies in the lock screen. Its current location is still the most tactical, offering a discreet strategy during emergency situations. However, the button is hard to access if you’re already on the home screen. As such, Android Q will add another button on the home screen.

In the coming months, Android Q will likely launch more revolutionary features. However, today’s leaks are already painting an optimistic future for Android. If they get it out to a lot of phones this time, that is. Now, who wants some Android Queso de Bola?

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A high-fashion Honor 20 Moschino version is happening

First look at the theme here



The Honor 20 is coming soon and as the launch date draws near, we find out more details about the elusive device. Our latest news on the matter confirms that there will be a version of the Honor handset that fashion house Moschino worked on.

Supposedly even more high-fashion than the Honor View 20 which Moschino similarly worked on, the Italian fashion brand was said to have been given more creative control on the back design of this upcoming phone. Moschino was left in charge of the color, theme, material, and finish– and we see a little preview of this handiwork with images that surfaced today.

The Honor 20 Moschino Edition will come with a matching case and purse. Pictured above, the simple red Moschino theme and that chain detail on the it makes me think it’s going to be a device ladies will enjoy. Although we don’t exactly see the phone on the images, I bet it’s going to be one heck of a looker.

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Huawei is offering promotional battery replacements for select older devices

An opportunity for cheap repairs



Huawei Mate 10 Pro | GadgetMatch

If you have an older Huawei phone or tablet lying around with a busted or aging battery, you might want to take advantage of this offer. Huawei Philippines will have a “Battery Replacement Event” for one month.

From April 27 to May 27, Huawei users can have their devices’ batteries replaced for only PhP 799 at all Huawei Authorized Service Centers nationwide. You can check the nearest one in your area through this directory.

However, the promotional battery replacement is only applicable to these selected models:

  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 10
  • Huawei Mate 9
  • Huawei P10 Plus
  • Huawei P10
  • Huawei P9
  • Huawei Nova 3i
  • Huawei Nova 2i
  • Huawei Y6 2018
  • Huawei MediaPad T1

Of course, the program has certain terms and conditions. Most notably, a customer’s device is entitled to only one battery replacement. Also, the battery replacement fee will not cover any other issues that the device might have. You can know more about the battery replacement event here.

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Honor loses a prototype phone, offers a EUR 5,000 reward

Lost in Germany



Losing a smartphone is too easy in today’s world. Falling out of your pocket, a smartphone can come crashing down to the pavement, into an open drain, or into the hands of a thief. Today, lost and found offices are filled with smartphones. If you’re unlucky enough to lose one, it will likely cost you a new smartphone, at most. As easy as it is, losing a smartphone is expensive.

However, an Honor marketing employee named Moritz Scheidl has made a case for the most expensive smartphone loss in history. On April 22, Scheidl boarded the ICE 1125, headed to Munich, Germany. He was on vacation with his family in Dusseldorf. As is custom, he carried an Honor 20 Pro prototype, testing the unit before its launch later this year.

Upon reaching Munich, Scheidl reached into his backpack, trying to charge the prototype. To his surprise, the smartphone was not in his bag. He notified his superiors immediately. Soon after, Honor Germany’s official Twitter account tweeted a lost and found poster confirming the debacle.

In the tweet, Honor Germany is offering a sweet EUR 5,000 (or approximately US$ 5,578) reward for the prototype’s return. Additionally, the tweet adds in more detail about the prototype’s appearance: it came in a gray case. To Scheidl’s credit, he immediately performed a remote device wipe after learning of the loss. For any finders, the prototype is either a free EUR 5,000 cash grab or a perfectly new smartphone.

Despite the official post, online commenters have also expressed doubt, calling the whole issue a marketing stunt. Likewise, pundits have also said that other publications will likely pay more than EUR 5,000 for the lost phone. Regardless, Honor is adamant about getting the phone back.

Currently, the Honor 20 Pro is scheduled to launch on May 21 in London.

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