#AskGadgetMatch: How do I improve my phone’s battery life?



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Suzie asks on Twitter: Hi! My phone's battery doesn't last me a full day. Is there a way to improve battery life without getting a new phone? Thanks in advance!

Michael Josh VillanuevaMichael Josh: There are many ways to conserve power like lowering brightness or turning off WiFi, Bluetooth or LTE. But, I’d hate to suggest any of that, as it comes at the expense of usability. While phones are getting faster and more powerful, battery technology hasn’t quite caught up yet. Instead manufacturers have resorted to improving charging speeds. For now your best bet is to carry around a power bank, seriously.

Monch LopezMonch: This may come as a shock to you, but the Facebook app is a battery hog on mobile devices. Your phone’s battery life (and storage) will benefit greatly from deleting the app. Don’t worry; you can still access your account via your phone’s browser, just as you would on your computer. Another tip: Turn on battery-saver mode when you’re not using your device or while it’s in your pocket.

Chay Lazaro
 Chay: Turn off Background App Refresh on the iPhone for power-hungry apps like Snapchat and Facebook. Just load the stories on your feed manually when you open them. Some settings tweaks may also help, including reducing screen timeout times and turning off keyboard sounds and vibration. Oh, and keep your phone cool, it drains faster when it’s hot out.
Miko Migrino
Miko: If you’re using a phone with an AMOLED screen, you actually have more then one option. Using a black wallpaper helps. Switching to dark modes in apps like Feedly and Textra can also lessen the number of pixels that light up the screen, saving you battery.

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