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It’s finally here, our Silver Play Button from YouTube. Creators the world over are awarded this plaque upon surpassing 100,000 subscribers.

Our YouTube Channel crossed the 100K threshold last March ahead of our June target!

Some of you may not know this but GadgetMatch started on YouTube back in 2014, so this accomplishment is extra special to us. We’ve already got our sights set on the Gold Button handed out to channels with over a million subs.

To celebrate, here are some GadgetMatch YouTube trivia:

Our first video was published on September 3, 2014 and was shot, edited, and posted from Berlin, Germany.

Our most successful video was our Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hands-On with over 7.5 million minutes watched, 1.5 million views, 23K likes, and 2K comments.

Our biggest audiences (in order) are the United States, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Thailand.

The most memorable video we ever shot was How to Make a McWhopper. Shot during our early days, it was our way of proving to ourselves that we could react fast and work quick. From idea to publishing, the video took about just an evening to put together. While it may not be the usual video, it still has a techie twist at the end of it.

The unboxing video that took the longest to shoot was our Zenfone 3 Ultra Unboxing which was shot over a course of three days because of our ambitious setup. The cocktail we used as a prop had to be made several times over, and was eventually frozen so we didn’t have to re-make it.

Our favorite review video to make was our iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Review which we shot on location in Singapore over a course of two days. We often go out of our way to make sure each video is as comprehensive as possible, and for this particular video, we hunted down one of the only establishments in Singapore that had wireless charging built into its tables just so we could show off the new iPhone’s wireless charging abilities.


GadgetMatch rolls out new batch of wallpapers

We have more!



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Last February, GadgetMatch launched its first set of wallpapers. Since then, people have been asking for more. Matchketeers, GadgetMatch’s community of fans, supporters, and tech enthusiasts, are requesting to have another batch, so here they are!


This was our wallpaper used during Computex 2018. Entitled Perspective, it is about being interconnected as seen in different angles. Early this June, hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world came together to showcase the latest in technology, and we were proud to be a part of it.

“Perspective” on an ASUS VivoBook S13

This wallpaper is available for both mobile and desktop. Excited for more? Check out the next page!

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GadgetMatch strikes again at Computex

For second straight year



June at GadgetMatch means temporarily moving our entire base of operations to Taipei for Computex!

It’s our second year as an official Media Partner and we’re pulling out all the stops to bring you a well-rounded look at the biggest tech show this side of the planet.

Dive straight into for a rundown of all the latest announcements as they happen. Headlining this year’s show is ASUS with possible new laptops in tow and possibly a gaming smartphone; that’s happening in back-to-back events on June 4 and 5. 

This year we’re also keeping a close eye on InnoVEX home to plenty of global startups and the best place to go for up-and-coming tech.

As usual, our Instagram page is the best place to go for for all the behind the scenes highlights. Event live updates will be on Twitter.

And you will not want to miss our daily Recap Show on Facebook hosted by Joshua Vergara and featuring many of your favorite tech YouTubers.

For the first time at Computex, GadgetMatch will also be handing out our Best of Computex Awards. We will be announcing the winners on our website on June 7th.

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GadgetMatch Online Store is now live

All the merch you need!



You asked for it, you got it!

After rigorous training, brainstorming sessions, and sleepless nights, we are happy to announce that we are finally launching the official GadgetMatch Online Store where you can get all the GadgetMatch-branded merchandise that we’ve been sporting the last few months.

Producing merchandise alongside content is not easy, and our factory elves are still on vacation, so we are launching the store with only one product for now.

Introducing: GadgetNotch

2018 is a tremendous year for innovation. Ever since Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we’ve seen smartphone after smartphone with the greatest feature ever invented: the notch.

GadgetNotch is handcrafted with love using artisanal upcycled vegan material sourced from Middle Earth

Here at GadgetMatch what we care about most is YOU, the consumer. So we thought, why don’t we give the world — the universe rather — the experience of a brand-new 2018 smartphone?

For an introductory price of US$ 9, you can make your phone great again. With a few clicks, you’ll be getting your very own GadgetNotch right at your doorstep.

GadgetNotch is handcrafted with love by independent artists around the world using artisanal upcycled vegan material sourced from Middle Earth. It will cling to your phone without leaving a permanent trace, the same way you clung to your ex before finally moving on. It will come in black and white so it’s compatible with every smartphone ever invented.

Shipping is also free for orders above US$ 90, so do your Christmas shopping early and get one or two for your friends and family.

So, is this your GadgetNotch? It’s way too early to tell; we will be waiting for YOUR full review.

Our R&D team is also working hard on a version that’s compatible with feature phones like the Nokia 3310. We will let you know as soon as we are ready to roll out.

So you don’t miss any of that, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, like our Facebook page, follow @GadgetMatch on social media, and make your daily habit.

Until the next great idea. Thanks for dropping by!

… and Happy April Fool’s Day! If you had a good laugh, share this article with your friends without spoilers so you can spread the LOLs!

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