Galaxy for the Planet: Samsung’s tangible climate actions

Minimizing impact on the environment by 2025



Climate change is real. Technology giants have been committing to sustainable platforms to reduce environmental footprints over the years to come. It’s not just Apple, Google, and Netflix — Samsung is taking charge through tangible climate actions across its business.

The South Korean giant unveiled Galaxy for the Planet, the sustainability platform for its Mobile Communications business. The initiative aims to reach its targets by 2025 and evolve its commitments to address new challenges over the years.

What does Samsung hope to achieve?

At GadgetMatch, we’ve discussed the importance of a circular economy, where Dell has been leading the charge.

Samsung is taking its own steps, investing in eco-conscious materials for its products to foster circular economy. The company hopes to use various recycled materials across all its mobile products by 2025. Of course, the phone maker promises to take strength, aesthetics, and durability into consideration.

Not just that, the South Korean company aims to incorporate eco-conscious solutions into its product packaging. We all know how plastics dominate every device package, which is why Samsung is working on eliminating single-use plastics from product packaging. Samsung plans to replace unnecessary resources and materials to commit to its goal.

Energy-saving to the fullest

Energy-saving technology has been distinct across all products produced by the technology giant. From airconditioning systems, smart televisions, and other appliances — Samsung prioritizes energy efficiency and reduced power consumption.

Furthermore, Samsung holds the crown for the most energy-efficient in the mobile industry, significantly reducing the standby power consumption across its smartphone chargers to 0.02W. To achieve zero power standby consumption, Samsung will reduce it below 0.005 by 2025.

Zero waste to landfill

E-waste populates our landfills, which is why Samsung is minimizing waste generated at its mobile worksites. The commitment is to divert all waste by 2025, while also practicing sustainable efforts to reduce e-waste on a global scale.

Some of its endeavors were optimizing product lifecycle, improving product design processes, and promoting initiatives like Galaxy Upcycling, Certified Re-Newed, and Trade-In programs.

Check out Samsung’s sustainability progress through their 2021 sustainability report.


This is what the Nothing phone (1) looks like

And when it might launch



Since the inception of the company, Nothing has drummed up consistent hype for its products. The ear (1) carried a notable air of mystery before its launch. Now, all eyes are on the company’s next launch, its first smartphone called the Nothing phone (1). As the supposed launch window approaches, more and more details are coming out for the device. With a new report now, we know what the phone (1) might look like and when it will launch.

The first nugget comes straight from Carl Pei’s mouth. Speaking to Wallpaper, Pei and Tom Howard, Nothing’s head of design, both confirmed that the device will have a transparent rear. The company is reportedly proud of the different components inside the phone, especially the camera and wireless charging coil.

To show off the hardware, Nothing placed a transparent rear, showcasing something that users don’t usually see. It’s a design philosophy that the company has followed since the ear (1).

On the unconfirmed side of things, the phone (1) will supposedly launch on July 21, according to German publication AllroundPC. However, the publication doesn’t confirm whether the date pertains to the launch or the start of sales.

Other sources have also speculated that the phone will use the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 for its processor. If anything, Pei and Howard have both confirmed that the device will have a Qualcomm chipset.

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iPhone 14 series reportedly delayed by China lockdowns

One model is lagging behind



The iPhone 14 series is coming this year. However, if you’re eagerly waiting for the next major entry from Apple, you might have to wait a little longer. Ongoing lockdowns in China have reportedly delayed the development of the unannounced lineup.

As first reported by Nikkei Asia, Apple is asking its manufacturers to pick up the pace in the development process. Currently, China, especially Shanghai, are getting stricter with COVID-19 policies to control any potential resurgences of the virus. Naturally, that means more lockdowns, potentially affecting Apple’s partners in the country.

According to the report, the iPhone 14 series, which supposedly has four models, is currently in the engineering verification testing (EVT) stage. During this process, the manufacturer figures out the mechanical parts needed for the manufacturing process. They also figure out how much the process will cost for Apple.

Unfortunately, one of the four variants is taking longer in this stage. Apple uses different manufacturers per model, a good way to diversify the portfolio. The delayed model is handled by a manufacturer in Shanghai, one of the most affected by the recent lockdowns.

As such, the model is three weeks behind the normal schedule. The EVT stage normally concludes by the end of June. If a model misses the deadline, the delay might have implications for the launch of the final product and the supply down the line.

Apple usually launched the next iPhone series around fall of every year.

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OPPO, i Light Singapore partner anew for Isle of Light

Annual light festival set for June 2022



Sightseeing at night in Singapore has just become more colorful with OPPO and i Light Singapore’s partnership.

The tech company and light festival collaborated for a multi-sensory light art installation at Lightwave: Isle of Light, empowered by OPPO. The installation is a highlight of the festival’s lineup this year, which includes 20 artworks and an array of programs.

Unlock your senses

Visitors, both tourists and locals, will be treated to an alternate universe every evening at the Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk from June 3 to 26, 2022.

There will be five unique zones with immersive features:

  • holographic projections
  • illuminated motion-capture graphics
  • shadow play
  • light beams
  • unique light art showcase

The timely tie-up between OPPO and i Light coincides with OPPO’s launch of their latest flagship, Find X5 Pro in the island.

Powered by OPPO’s very own NPU MariSilicon X chip, the Find X5 Pro is capable of 4K Ultra Night Video — the first time for an Android smartphone.

Ticket pricing, schedule, promo

This year’s i Light Singapore will be held from June 3 to 26, 2022 from 7:30PM to 11PM daily, and up to 12AM on Fridays and Saturdays.

Tickets can be purchased from Klook at SG$ 8.00 on weekdays and SG$ 10.00 on weekends. Bundle tickets are also available.

What’s great is up to SG$ 6,800 worth of prizes are also at stake, including tickets to watch the 2022 Wimbledon Championship in London.

i Light Singapore started in 2010 as an annual celebration to bring people together while shining light (pun intended) on art and sustainability.

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